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a collection by JOBOPESA · last updated 2022-05-15 03:15:11
Free Gameboy, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Color Palettes for Aseprite
A script for Aseprite to convert a sprite to an isometric one
Adds a batch export option to the File dropdown of Aseprite
A simple plugin to set the project's frame duration to the specified frame rate
Aseprite UI Light and Dark theme
Just a little cheat-sheet for dithering patterns
A theme inspired on a OC made by me
A green and purple theme to match the aesthetic of ShinySeabass' art.
A 4 color palette used for GBStudio and Aseprite
An aseprite extension with flexible saturated palette inspired by the gameboy.
A mod to the default theme that makes the layer bar more readable at-a-glance.
A aseprite extension with lospec Archer-a palettes for those who like, and dont wanna redownload each time.
This is a theme for Aseprite based on Atari console colors
A green, white, and black theme to match the aesthetic of SodorArt's Twitch layout.
A purple and pink theme to match the aesthetic of Taro's art and Twitch layout.
A simple non-fancy theme for Aseprite
A custom dark theme for Aseprite with accessibility improvements. Free fonts included.
GB Studio Palette for Aseprite - v. 1.0
An easy-on-the-eyes red theme for Aseprite
An aseprite extension with the 145 Game Boy Bootstrap palettes
Scripts to snapshot work & create time lapses in Aseprite.