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Games that use my assets

a collection by KaiClavier · last updated 2018-09-02 23:10:48

Here's a collection of games, excluding my own, that use my assets!!

Games in development:

Games without pages:

If you have a game that uses one of my assets, let me know and I'll add it to this list! Thank you so much!

A Dungeon Crawler Without Inventory Screens
Play in browser

Super Text Mesh, Super Game Feel Effects

The Original Overachiever Simulation

Super Text Mesh

Step up to the plate and find out... 🙃

Super Text Mesh

Grab your bronze weapons and guide Odysseus’ high-maintenance crew through a dangerous island in this strategic RPG.
Role Playing

Super Text Mesh

cowboys & demons in the unknown in between

Super Text Mesh

also I did some programming and all audio for this!

Wrangle monsters and find your way home in this mobile turn-based RPG!
Role Playing

Super Text Mesh

Your body dragged before the cyberjudge. The sentence: MAXIMUM DEATH.

Super Text Mesh