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Visual Novels

a collection by breadslam · last updated 2017-05-12 20:31:57
A remediation of The Odyssey in a modern setting
Visual Novel

More of a kinetic novel than a VN, per se, but admirable none the less. It's based off a modern poem retelling of Homer's Odyssey. That's enough for my nougaty nerd center to recommend this game without hesitation.

A visual novel about integration, group behaviours and integration.
Visual Novel
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A neat little visual novel/social simulator all about becoming the "Dancing Queen" young and sweet, only seventeen Read the developers' warnings before jumping in. 

Three nights. Two detectives. One killer.
Visual Novel

detective makes a game about detectives. Unsurprisingly, it brought in a lot of neat design choices and has a cool storyline too. Plus, it's free. Is there anything better?

Created in 48 Hours for #asylumjam
Visual Novel

Made for AslyumJam in 48 hours; won my heart in under a minute.

Romanceable non-human boys await!
Visual Novel

You can date a dude with a piano for a head or a tiger or a zombie or a lantern fish guy. There's a demon and a robot in there somewhere too.

(Psst. This is just the demo.)

What happened in that forest of death?
Visual Novel

It's like Battle Royale, but it's on your computer with great extra content and without the resultant depression. Win-win.

Will you form a covenant?
Visual Novel

If you're into a retro styled, Megami Tensei-esque romp with kickass music, look no further.