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18+ yuri/lesbian/have routes or content of them

Earn the respect of your amazon mistress - but who will win your heart?
A yuri/girls' love kinetic novel in the American Southwest
Hypnotize and enslave the whole family with hypnotic music!
A queer romance adventure
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Cute yuri fun in Ecchi Sketch: Draw Cute Girls Every Day!
Yuri visual novel about Victorian maids.
NSFW Yuri Card Game
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A story of a dryad waking from a long sleep...
"Love Ribbon" is a yuri (girl x girl) visual novel about forbidden love between two sisters.
A short adult visual novel created by Pitch8.
An adult game made with Unity and 3D art! Help Marcy in keeping her mother's job, doing whatever is necessary!
an erotic interactive fiction adventure
A short Yuri visual novel featuring Hana, a delinquent who has a crush on a girl she sees on the train every day.
twine game. reflections on trans issues and anxiety, with a little erotica thrown in...
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Girls teach themselves each other the place that feels good with a masturbation spree!
stripping dice game
Adult Sci-Fi Visual Novel / Choose Your Own Adventure Game
Version 0.2 of the game, released to the public
(T)wincest dating-sim RPG