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MarsOwnsTheEarth8's Collection

An urban explorer finds an abandoned house and ends up with a spider boyfriend. (18+!)
Interactive Fiction
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Come along to the Fancy Pants Gentleman's club where you could meet the Dandy of your Dreams
Visual Novel
Four Sexy Burly Bara Incubi Have Come to Earth, Are They Good or Evil? Kenta Must *Bond* With One of Them to Find Out!
Visual Novel
Be careful what you wish for.
Visual Novel
help a boy become the world's greatest idol
Visual Novel
Visual Novel|English|Español
Visual Novel
help a highschool girl avoid getting murdered
Visual Novel
help a middle school girl kill her boyfriend
Visual Novel
Romance and murder in the ballroom
Visual Novel
A short, relaxing RPG Maker game.
Talk & trade with forest folk to find your way home!
Visual Novel
The deeper you travel the darker it gets, and you only have your arrows to light the way.