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Mods for The Sims 4

a collection by roBurky · last updated 2019-03-19 21:52:18

This is a collection of mods I have made for The Sims 4.

All of the mods I make for The Sims 4 aim to improve on the emotions system in some way. Whether to make emotions more meaningful, moodlets more balanced, or managing moods more challenging. The hope is for you to empathise a little more with your little computer people, and find it a little more fun to play out their lives with them. Everything in the game is touched by emotions, so small changes to these systems can have big effects on how the game feels.

Support and updates
If you like these mods and would like to support my work on them and other mods like them, please consider supporting me through my patreon page.

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A mod to let your sims feel more human
roBurky says

Meaningful Stories is a mod pack that redesigns the moods and emotions system of The Sims 4. This collection of changes big and small aims to allow your sims to feel more human, to make the events in their lives feel more meaningful, and to turn managing their lives into a more interesting challenge.

A mod to control sims' fat and muscle changes
roBurky says

What it does
This mod is a bundle of tweaks and options for you to control the fat and muscle changes of your sims through a handy in-game settings menu.