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Great lil' games

a collection by HoneyBree · last updated 2017-10-24 09:43:30
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posted 2017-10-24T09:43:30 by HoneyBree
posted 2017-10-03T20:16:56 by HoneyBree
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posted 2017-09-25T05:53:55 by HoneyBree
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posted 2017-09-24T19:50:26 by HoneyBree

There is so much I love about this little evo sim! I could spend hours trying to perfect my designs biologically and end up with a fitness of 10% just based on my creatures evolving AI, or I could spend 5 minutes making something like a stick with 2 arms and a tail that has a fitness of 20%, (mostly) just like real evolution! My inner biology nerd is squealing with delight :D

posted 2017-09-24T12:00:51 by HoneyBree

Honestly if you don't know about this game already and you use itch.io you're doing something wrong in your life. I'm an expert on doing things wrong in my life, so I should know.

posted 2017-09-24T11:09:26 by HoneyBree

It really shows how dysphoria feels, literally and metaphorically, if you want a more in-depth list on the parallels I noticed just check my rating for it, cause I'm too lazy to copy paste it here.