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cardcaptorscout's Collection

Fruit Punch!!!! by homosoft for Yuri Game Jam 2015
a very light halloween-themed romance story
A short Yuri visual novel featuring Hana, a delinquent who has a crush on a girl she sees on the train every day.
a bite-sized dark fantasy yuri vn
A Visual Novel about a Virtual Idol
help a middle school girl kill her boyfriend
A visual novel management sim game about a group of friends aspiring to produce their own anime series.
the canceled sequel to Romance Detective
Cyberpunk romance VN
A murder is committed in a secluded mansion, and it's up to you to solve it.
A fantasy adventure, mystery, drama & romance otome visual novel (GxB) with strong Indonesian flavour. (Not a sequel!)
​Lucid9 is a mystery/thriller visual novel where your choices affect the outcome of the story.
A free visual novel / otome game
An otome game about magical girls
A pastry-based otome game that's too sweet for you!
A story about a cheerful girl and the town she froze.
A woman thrown into the future must find a way to fit in to her new reality.
friendship & lesbian relationship visual novel
help a highschool girl avoid getting murdered
A GxG (yuri) visual novel about an assassin and a college girl.
Romance / Survival Sim
Some play for fun, others play to live.
An otome game that allows you to "raise" your own boyfriend by molding his personality to your liking.
two people in a car during the zombie apocalypse
Six contestants, one winner, no escape.
A death-positive game where you play as a mortician tasked with running a funeral home
A BL visual novel about disillusionment, job precariousness and romance in the BDSM scene!
Silly street painting action