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Complete/Feedback not given

An arcade game about blowing up robots

Can't run game without it looking like a motion picture film development. Self-proclaimed brainlet developer has no idea how to fix this yet.

Text bugs in this demo don't allow me to progress further unless I'm going to play the lottery.

Breed, buy and sell a lot of cute cats in your teapot shaped canon house!

I'm not the intended audience for this memetic game. This demoday really needs a purge of memes.

Fast paced action shooter for android. Ayy lmao.

I'm really not playing this so called mobile 'game' again.

are you anime enough to save the planent ????

I don't think I'm the target audience for current day 'memetic' posts and games that read just alike.

Avoid the wolves and bring pie to Grandma

Feedback unneeded due to cute description. I have also asked for confirmation for feedback to no avail as no response was given.