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takozh718's Collection

a collection by takozh718 · last updated 2017-08-30 14:09:16
Pixel art assets for a topdown shooter or tower defense game.
Pixel Art Sprites Animations
a tiny pixel font
Handwritten bitmap font
Bunch of fonts you can use
64 16x16 food icons.
Generic swordsman with full animations
Top down RPG template for Game Maker Studio
A pack of 36 weapons using black, white, and 2 shades of gray.
8 direction character, stand & running
Buttons, windows, item slots - fully generic and extensible!
Pixel Art Parallax Background
A concept design on a royal knight.
A simple Tactics engine for GM:Studio
A hero in 20+ costumes and 4 skin tones
Platformer Character with animations
Create a Top Down Zombie Shooter from scratch using GML in GameMaker
First attempt at a rogue like character
Axe bandit sprite with animations
Awesome Skeleton sprite pack (Idle, React, Attack, Walk, Hit, Death)
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