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Award Winning Quinnipiac Student Games

A shoot em' up where you can pause time!

TimeTekker is a pure arcade shoot em' up where your actions control the speed of time! Use bullet deflection, ninja stars, and slow motion powers to outlast an infinite onslaught of bug creatures!

  • Golden Joystick — Best Student Game, Terminus 2018
  • Best Gameplay, NESGD 2018   
  • Best Use of Time, GameFest 2017

A high paced multiplayer free-for-all!

Project: Action Party is a quick-playing fast-paced local multiplayer party game.

  • Best Gameplay, GDD Showcase 2022
A simplistic, space themed, survivalist RTS

An RTS tower-defense hybrid, Imperius challenges players to carefully balance offensive and defensive strategies by choosing which ships to purchase, when and where to place bases, and how many power-ups to scavenge.

  • Best Overall Game, GDD Showcase 2021
A fun puzzle game
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Brotherhood is a charming puzzle game about family and adventure. Made with puzzlescript.


  • Most Innovative, GameFest 2020

A famous Unity tutorial project takes a surreal, retro turn incorporating spiked bust statues as enemies, randomly generated landscapes, and a tornado. 

  • Best Overall Game, GDD Showcase 2022

A narrative-based archery tower defense game for virtual reality headsets. Gain magical abilities and upgrade tower defenses to repel the invaders from another world.

  • Best Overall Game, GDD Showcase 2022
3D Adventure Mobility Platformer

Explore a mysterious world and gain abilities in the Grey, a stylish first-person platformer where human cannons rocket you between islands floating in the sky. 

  • Best Visual Design, GDD Showcase 202
A Cube Game

Push blocks, redirect lasers, and destroy enemies in this 3d puzzle game that takes place on the six faces of a cube.

  • People's Choice Award, GDD Showcase 2021
  • Intel University Games Showcase 2021
Patties are for everyone! Serve em up!

Keep up with the lunch hour rush by slinging beef patties in this food truck simulator for virtual reality headsets.

  • Best AR/VR Game, GDD Showcase 2022
Your neighbors know what you did last summer...

Dishonor thy Neighbor is a shared-screen, first-person game of attrition and aggression, where furnaces meet evidence with open arms and pans and pillows are weapons of self-defense. 

  • Best Multiplayer Game, GameFest 2018
Interdimensional Dating Sim Action
Visual Novel

Spacetime Liason is an interstellar dating game. Eat a nice meal and engage in deep conversations with potential suitors, but watch your manners. If you talk with your mouth full, make a mess, or handle yourself poorly in conversation, your date might give up on you. 

  • Most Innovative Game, GDD Showcase 2020
A fast paced platform fighter centered around beating your opponent downwards in exciting fashion

Spike your opponent while choosing from a huge vocabulary of actions in this Smash Bros inspired 1v1 fighting game.

  • Best Gameplay, GDD Showcase 2020
Get ready for a battle of biblical proportions!

Rapture the Flag is a team-based multiplayer game where players take control of the forces of heaven and hell, battling for souls of the recently departed. Teams try to capture their opponent's flag in an arena filled with moving walls, spinning pillars, and power ups. 

  • Best Multiplayer Game, GameFest 2017
  • Exhibited at PAX East, 2017