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FadedFrog's Collection

a collection by FadedFrog · last updated 2019-01-12 14:58:48
Loot, trade, deck-build and uncover the secrets of challenging dungeons!
Card Game
Fast paced 2D action platformer
A turn-based RPG featuring rogue-like storytelling
Explore a flooded world in this tactical RPG
Role Playing
Turn-based tactical RPG focused on storytelling and character customization.
Not even alpha yet - a base building game with elements of Dwarf Fortress, Roguelikes, Warhammer and more.
Role Playing
Take the reins of a small company and grow it into an industrial and financial empire!
Flare is a simple game engine built to handle a very specific kind of game: single-player 2D action RPGs.
Role Playing
Play in browser
A roguelike RPG prequel to Rogue Empire. Find the Orb of Fate or perish while trying!
Role Playing
Absolve your sins and rise up to heaven. Made for 7drl 2017.
Role Playing
Platform physics in 3 lines of code