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Bubbly's Favorites

a collection by BubblyOasis · last updated 2019-01-30 14:58:50
Role Playing
Added 48 days ago by BubblyOasis
Visual Novel
Added Sep 06, 2018 by BubblyOasis
Added Sep 25, 2016 by BubblyOasis
A brain-bending puzzle game where you control two characters simultaneous to avoid traps and grab treasure! The developer is even releasing a level creator, so players can create their own challenging maps. Highly recommended for puzzle fans!
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Added Mar 23, 2016 by BubblyOasis

A short game from my favorite animator on YouTube, Jason Steele. This game is a dating sim based on characters from his shorts, specifically Charlie the Unicorn, his most famous creation.

Added Jan 02, 2016 by BubblyOasis

Another gem from a Kickstarter campaign that I backed! This is a short spin-off game from the main story in Night in the Woods!

Added Dec 27, 2015 by BubblyOasis

A short game featuring a side-story to an upcoming game called "Night in the Woods" which I helped kickstart!

Visual Novel
Added Dec 27, 2015 by BubblyOasis

A project that I helped Kickstart and bring to life!

Visual Novel
Added Sep 14, 2015 by BubblyOasis

Do you like cyber punk? What about bartending? Love great dialogue that can swing from hilarious to philosophical in a blink? This game is full of all of this and more. I'm not really a heavy drinker, but man I love serving up cocktails to all the kooky clients who stumble into my bar. Fun visuals, an easy-to-learn interface, and a strong narrative bind it all together.