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The games I downloaded and played

a collection by Votar · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:13
posted 2016-05-12T16:45:04 by Votar

It's exceptionally innovative. Because No Man's Sky is yet to be released.

And now for real: I would love to see this experience on my screensaver. On autopilot. Other than that I think you should try it, and I can imagine myself coming back to it, as it's quite calming.

The sounds are terrible too.

posted 2015-10-23T17:38:37 by Votar

It was hilarious to dash into those spikes 30 times in a row.

The game offers lack of saving, so that you can fully experience the rage when starting over. I played it with one friend and it was something on the level of Octodad co-op. Imagine playing with 4 of them.

"Something appears to be wrong..." - game and me after first swap.

posted 2015-10-23T17:32:55 by Votar

I shot my friend with orbital 360. In school. On a lesson. Whatever.

I say this game is FUN. But maybe not with capital letters, because it's really missing two features. Suicide. Achievement for suicide. That's what I would love to see.

Despite missing key features (suicide), we spent lots of hours minutes in this fantastic game. I really am waiting for an update.

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posted 2015-09-26T08:44:00 by Votar

Snaking games are my favourite. But this game...

Well, it's more about ocelooting if you are Player 2.

And the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system has made it's appearance once again. How unexpected.

posted 2015-09-26T08:34:35 by Votar

We played it. And there was much rejoice.

Diamond Chicks is a stable and reliable PMC, witch has been sabotaged by evil XOF unit. Your task as men in charge is to evacuate all your fellow chickens, before they sink along with your Mother Base.

Dunno if it was planned, but the game quits after score showing. It's funny though.

Also, I noticed one MGS:V reference. You know. The dark hair of protagonist.

posted 2015-09-23T14:55:17 by Votar

Those are some repetitive mazes my good sir. The graphics I mean.

Really gives off that 95 feel. And I know what I'm saying here.

posted 2015-09-23T14:52:55 by Votar

Might I say this date was... hot?

- "It should be, that's what the title says, Votar."

I didn't get the puns.

posted 2015-09-23T14:50:31 by Votar

It's hard.

I never got to be the royal. Oh well. Sad times for peasants are approaching.

This game I'd recommend to people who like challenges. Is it the game itself or the graphics. I won't say it wasn't fun though :)

posted 2015-09-23T14:47:30 by Votar

I never wanted to say this, but I miss my dollar.

Well, the game has great potential as a next-gen multiplayer FPS. And it would be nice if I liked coffee. But I don't. Also, it scared me.

posted 2015-09-13T15:03:00 by Votar

To be frank, I still don't understand the games story. It had confusing graphics sometimes too.

But once you start making whole-map cities and crush your opponents with massive armies... well it's still confusing. Fun though. And I assume it offers pretty long gameplay since I didn't finish it yet.

The game offers you god's job position with varied powers, terraformation or magical destruction. Generally similar to titles like Black and White or The Dust. But different. Simple and easy, great for internet-less evenings. Although it offers some multi-player features I didn't get to see those yet.

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posted 2015-09-13T14:54:11 by Votar

That was sooo.. CPU intensive. I did not expect that of game with 16bit looks :D

Spider (the Fox) lives in pretty cool universe - floating islands, floating waterfalls, floating boats and of course: sign seeds.

The game has lot of potential as a platformer, but it still has quite a few bugs and it's really hard to operate with fixed camera. And the story is short.

But I liked it.

posted 2015-09-12T11:58:17 by Votar

I think I did something wrong there...

posted 2015-09-12T11:51:28 by Votar

Concept similiar to "Monaco", but in 3D. I assume it would be a good tactical with friends in team.

Community sucks though. I mean, why would you kick people who ask how to play in broken english? On guest account? Like a noob? :P

posted 2015-09-12T11:47:39 by Votar

I liked the motive of being put back into cell every time you do something wrong.

posted 2015-09-12T11:45:49 by Votar

Chaotic, much chaotic! The game was fun though. Along with my friend we tried to understand the controls for quite a while by pushing each other to the void.