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a collection by ted · last updated 2018-01-11 03:45:39

Games that are in development, completed but not "big" enough to be called a game, or completely scrapped. Not everything you see here will be of decent quality/playability.

ted says

Read devlog for more information.

Play in browser
ted says

I decided to revisit Scratch and create a simple grid-based RPG.

The "code" can be seen by clicking "see inside" on the project's page.

Code solely focuses on simple animation, 4-directional grid-based movement, and collisions.

ted says

Made with GameMaker.

I think my first attempt at an RPG/top-down game.

Animation is bugged heavily, but doors and movement and collision works quite decently.

ted says

Attempted to make a Pong game using GameMaker.

Movement and collision is okay, but couldn't figure out how to make CPU hit the ball properly and not miss the ball by a pixel every time.

Will probably return to at a later time.

ted says

Inspired by Emily is Away by Kyle Seeley. Made with GameMaker.

You can only input your answer for one question. Development stopped after that. Hopefully a start to something, a different game.

ted says

Inspired by Super Hexagon by  Terry Cavanagh. Made with GameMaker.

There's a place to sit and never get hit by the pellets. Other than that, this prototype is completely playable.