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a collection by ted · last updated 2017-12-10 21:54:03
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ted says

I decided to revisit Scratch and create a simple grid-based RPG.

The "code" can be seen by clicking "see inside" on the project's page.

Code solely focuses on simple animation, 4-directional grid-based movement, and collisions.

ted says

Inspired by The Stanley Parable by Galactic Cafe. Made with GameMaker.

Actually was supposed to be an RPG copy of the original game. Scrapped because project was too big.

Animation is bugged heavily, but doors and movement and collision works quite decently.

ted says

Attempted to make a Pong game using GameMaker.

Movement and collision is okay, but couldn't figure out how to make CPU hit the ball properly and not miss the ball by a pixel every time.

ted says

Inspired by Emily is Away by Kyle Seeley. Made with GameMaker.

You can only input your answer for one question. Development stopped after that.

ted says

Inspired by Super Hexagon by  Terry Cavanagh. Made with GameMaker.

There's a place to sit and never get hit by the pellets. Other than that, this prototype is completely playable.