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Past #iHunt Zines

An app in the #iHunt universe for people willing to kill other people for money. Fun times.
WeHelp is disrupting the occult! Need a seance? An exorcism? There's an app for that.
Fumbl is an app in the #iHunt world where humans can hook up with monsters.
Ever wonder where hunters get their weird hunting tools? Want a cursed vase that summons dinosaurs?
Sometimes the dead come back to finish their tragically-ended stories. Meet them here.
Usually we kill monsters. Sometimes we kiss them. This zine is for those times.
A book full of monsters—enough to fill a neighborhood.
We're celebrating moms. Both hunter moms and monster moms. Check it out!
University Living in the Gig Economy
About Boomers on the hunt, and a special holiday episode of #iHunt!
A weird experiment for Valentine's Day, supernatural romance author Lyzzy Burns takes over for a bonus zine!!!
It's the 90s. Dot com bubbles. Vampires with awful lace clothes. Bad drugs. Nu Metal. True horror.
Exploring the demonic and devilish in #iHunt
Old hunters ingest the bodily fluids of monsters to gain an edge on the hunt, and become monsters themselves.
This #iHunt zine takes inspiration from Silent Hill.