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Mundos Infinitos' Fantasy

Solo low tactical journaling game of a warrior trying to escape a misty dark place
Aracnophobia Survival Horror TTRPG
A dark urban TTRPG about the afflicted and the treacherous.
A primitive TTRPG where the strong lead the weak.
A fantasy TTRPG in cold lands.
Role Playing
The war of The Heavens is fought in this world.
A survival horror TTRPG about cursed priestesses.
Loot some dungeons - Lose some friends
A TTRPG about liitle heroes and heroines.
A dwarven communist manifesto.
A minimalistic TTRPG about what should not be eaten.
Betray or be betrayed in the world of dark elves.
Hunt werewolves as a zealous guardian for your vampire master.
A mini TTRPG about lost children in a twisted land.
A plagued city, a supernatural rogue. A TTRPG for one or two people.
If you wish something, travel until you find it.
If you wish something, travel until you find it.
A gothic ero-romance mini-TTRPG with vampires.