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Some interesting Otome's

posted 2017-07-18T21:53:03 by NotAnotherSecret
posted 2017-07-10T03:10:47 by NotAnotherSecret

Oh my.... I've played the other Magical Otoge and I simply can not wait to see the finished version of this (and maybe future? Please) games. Especially the sequel to Magical Otoge Anholly..... You owe us batensan. You hear me?

posted 2017-07-10T03:08:29 by NotAnotherSecret

Ohh my Konbini Life. How you do not know what you did to my heart and stomach, Amazing laughs for all the creativity! Don't know which starter story I love most! Grumpy Chan is interesting with the store connection. The mystery behind Prince is very intriguing. Then there is Glasses..... Oh Glasses...... This just means I will play all routes when full game is out. Nice touch at the end btw..... Love how you just jump a counter with paintballs. 

posted 2017-07-10T03:05:16 by NotAnotherSecret

IT WAS FREE? Holy. I can't believe this VN was free! Loved it. Went through all the romance options and paths. Loved the gallery! Highly recommend this one...

posted 2017-07-10T03:04:24 by NotAnotherSecret

OOOHHHH YEAH. Okay got to start by saying, amazing. Breath taking story and designs. Beautiful romance. Also no shortage on drama! Love the many paths you can take.... I may or may not have played through all of them in the first or second....

posted 2017-07-10T03:01:38 by NotAnotherSecret

Amazing story. Kept me guessing what was going to happen and didn't let slip much. Great demo, I am looking forward to the full game. Let's hope I play it as soon as it comes out.

posted 2017-07-10T02:59:59 by NotAnotherSecret

A very cute and short (but not too short) game. Great art that made me laugh. Took plenty of screenshots and added them to my happy game memories folder. Also heard about a possible sequel.... just saying.