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a collection by TF Curator, SnepShark · last updated 2022-07-28 10:28:03

Comics, books, music, and other media get added to this collection as long as they have a strong focus on transformation. As for games, those get added to this collection: TF Games - Collection by TF Curator

If you find these lists helpful, follow TF Curator to be notified via the feed whenever a new batch of books or games is added!

a pet themed TF artbook

NSFW. TF pinups, stories, and sequences.

This collection and its predecessors --Injection (free/PWYW), AtomicSynthetic-- total up to 193 pages of high-quality TF sequences, pinups, and stories primarily (though not exclusively) focused on F -> anthro transformation.

A collection of Pоke-themed TF art and comics!

NSFW. Comic collection.

Some adorable Pokemon-themed TFs! There's plenty of slow-burn, wholesome TF, plus a good amount of one-shot latex TF. The Brionne comic in particular is probably one of my favorite TF comics, like, ever.

Maybe being cursed isn't so bad after all.

(Mild) NSFW. Comic.

A very, very cute story from MeltyAutumn. Excellent environmental storytelling, believable characters, and a super fun concept.

Tangled in an old leash, a clutz finds herself becoming more dog like- And very busty

NSFW. Comic.

Bendzz's current focus is Patreon, so future Becumming releases are less likely than they were before. These comics mostly focus on M/F human -> F semi-feral transformation and come with a bunch of sketches. On Itch, you can find Becumming 234567, and 8.

24 page comic by Cavitees (+18)

NSFW. Comic (ongoing).

Joy-Stick issues 123, and 4 (along with additional free material that can be found here: tell the story of Olivia and Amber, two employees at a video game store in a mall filled with TF triggers.

TG and breast expansion are prominent, but a lot of other stuff shows up across the series.

A dinosaur-themed transformation comic!

NSFW. Comic.

A fun F human -> anthro dinosaur comic! The first 10 pages are free at a reasonable resolution on FurAffinity and Twitter. 4 extra pages and higher res images cost $3.

If you want to get the most content for your dollar, buy this on Patreon (which comes with everything else at the $3 tier) instead of Itch. (Itch gives the artist a bigger portion of what you spend, however!)

NSFW. Comic.

Each entry in BlackShirtBoy's Interludes series features a few short, self-contained comics, with a wide variety of transformations included across the series. Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

an illustrated TF story

NSFW. Illustrated story.

A remake of Angrboda's first paycomic, 2013's "Candybombed," now free/PWYW as thanks for the support she has received over the years!

F humans -> anthro candy foxes

Third annual anthology of kinky smut!

NSFW. Short story collections.

Anna sadly passed away in 2021, and while I am unsure whether the money spent on her works will make its way to her family, the numerous stories of joyous inhumanity held within these pages are worth the price to anyone looking for more of her writing. Volume one: link, Volume two: link

NSFW. Comic.

Three short comics where guys turn into bimbonies (portmanteau of bimbo+pony). Check out BimboPhi's FurAffinityDeviantArt, or Twitter first to see if you like how these characters look.

A collection of many fancy doodles done by tgwonder!

NSFW. Sketchbook.

A wide selection of otherwise unseen TGWonder art! If you're a fan of their work, this is definitely worth a look. If you don't ave any experience with their stuff, definitely check out their FurAffinity or Twitter to see if you like their style.

(Mild) NSFW. Comic.

A wholesome NB human -> F human -> mermaid TF comic! Super fun all around, with a constant progression of TF stages throughout the majority of the comic.

NSFW. Doodles.

Assorted sketches and ideas by BlackShirtBoy. There is a tremendous variety of stuff in these, and they're all free!

Corporate bovine transformation story anthology

NSFW. Story.

22,000 words of cow TF, male-to-female TF, cowtaur TF, bimbo TF, bull TF, and collie TF. I haven't read this one, but Kotep's other work is great. You can read that at or on FurAffinity.