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a collection by TF Curator, SnepShark 路 last updated 2024-01-22 22:33:11

Comics, books, music, tabletop games, and other media get added to this collection as long as they have a strong focus on transformation. As for games, those get added to this collection: TF Games - Collection by TF Curator

If you find these lists helpful, follow TF Curator to be notified via the feed whenever a new batch of books or games is added!

a pet themed TF artbook

NSFW. TF pinups, stories, and sequences.

This collection and its predecessors --Injection (free/PWYW), Atomic, and Synthetic-- total up to 193 pages of high-quality TF sequences, pinups, and stories primarily (though not exclusively) focused on F -> anthro transformation.

Adult Furry Transformation Dystopian Scifi Relationship Drama

NSFW. Novel.

An activist gets herself (along with her boyfriend) sentenced to be turned into thylacines for a de-extinction program.

Focuses on M/F human -> thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) TF. F -> gray fox is also present.

This was written by Marquis Orias, who has quite a bit more work available on his FurAffinity page!

Sapphic Slob's Huge Dog Lovers Comic

NSFW. Comic.

A 12-page macro anthro dog TF comic. You can check out the grayscale versions of the first 7 pages (and the rest of SappicSlob's gallery) on FurAffinity, Cohost (1, 2), Newgrounds or Twitter (1, 2) to see if this is for you!

Also on Patreon.

NSFW. Comics.

BSB's two Furry Fantasies comics focus on a clothing store that sells clothes that cause furry TF.

Furry Fantasies (Human -> anthro fox)

The Shoot (Humans -> anthro dogs)

(18+) Post-TF illustrations of 10 various bimbofied and puppified villagers

NSFW. Imagepack.

A collection of 10 Animal Crossing-themed bimbofication/anthro dog-TF images, a sequel of sorts to Isabuppy Sketch Pack 1 and VagueCreature's free artwork.

12 months of personal art, all in one convenient bundle!

NSFW. Art pack.

All 85 of Keffotin's Patreon sketches from Aug '22 to Aug '23, many of which are TF themed.

You can find her public work on FurAffinity, Cohost, and Twitter!

A collection of P芯ke-themed TF art and comics!

NSFW. Comic collection.

Some adorable Pokemon-themed TFs! There's plenty of slow-burn, wholesome TF, plus a good amount of one-shot latex TF. The Brionne comic in particular is probably one of my favorite TF comics, like, ever.

A massive collection of sketches from 2016 - 2017, containing over 300 pages!

NSFW. Sketchbooks.

326 pages prolific gender-swapped Link artist Brellom's 2016-2017 sketches!

Quite a bit of gender-bending/rule 63 art, though not from a TF-focused lens. Be sure to check out their free work before deciding to buy this. They're on Tumblr primarily, but if you're interested in their NSFW art you'll need to head over to Cohost, Twitter, Pillowfort, or Patreon instead.

A collection of silly furry force fem art

NSFW. Imagepack.

A collection of 15 otherwise unreleased furry feminization pictures and sequences by RushEloc. There's a variety of different approaches to that overarching theme explored here. Checking out the artist's free galleries/Patreon should give you a pretty good idea if this is for you!

A collection of many more fancy doodles done by tgwonder!

NSFW. Imagepack.

A second pack, featuring 120 new tgwonder sketches, sequences, and pinups. They primarily focus on feminine anthro TF and TG, if you'd like to know more before picking this up, check their Furaffinity gallery out first to see if their style is for you!

catgirl transformation comic

NSFW. Comics.

Sortimid recently released all of their older paycomics as pay-what-you-want! They primarily focus on bimbofication, with exceptions in Study Break (F human -> F anthro cat, M cat -> M human) and Joining the Halloween Spirit (M human -> F anthro cat).

Their current paid content can be found here: Patreon

An Illustrated TG/TF novella

NSFW. Book, w/ illustrations. Unread.

A FxF focused MtF anthro cow transformation story triggered by the main character's decision to drink some very fresh milk despite knowing that he's very susceptible to TF.

~20K words, featuring 5 illustrations (one of which is in color).

Tangled in an old leash, a clutz finds herself becoming more dog like- And very busty

NSFW. Comic.

Bendzz's current focus is Patreon, so future Becumming releases are less likely than they were before. These comics mostly focus on M/F human -> F semi-feral transformation and come with a bunch of sketches.

On Itch you can find Becumming 234567, and 8.

Maybe being cursed isn't so bad after all.

(Mild) NSFW. Comic.

A very, very cute story from MeltyAutumn. Excellent environmental storytelling, believable characters, and a super fun concept.

24 page comic by Cavitees (+18)

NSFW. Comic. (Ongoing!)

Joy-Stick issues 123, 4, and 5 (along with additional free material that can be found here: tell the story of Olivia and Amber, two employees at a video game store in a mall filled with TF triggers.

TG and breast expansion are prominent, but a lot of other stuff shows up across the series.

NSFW. Comic. (Unread)

TheTransformistress' longest comic to date, He Was a Skater Girl is a 27 page skateboarding-themed TG comic. The first six pages are currently available in her FurAffinity gallery.

An illustrated story about men, monsters, and lots of paperwork! UPDATED!

SFW. Illustrated book. (In progress)

Gwen might not be great at being a fearsome werewolf, but she is a very good girl! This is a comedic story about a werewolf and a top-hatted monster hunter, written and illustrated by SharkRags.

As of December 2nd, 2022, chapter 4 is now out, with 16 additional illustrations!

24 pages of Gender Bending transformation fun, contains 14 new pages of (mostly smut)

NSFW. Comic.

This is a MtF TG comic by SnickerLewdles.

If you downloaded the original preview back in May, an additional 14 pages have been added, focusing on the intimate scene between the main character and their wife that happens after the TF from the original release, which are now available PWYW as a 2K Twitter follower celebration!

A Brief Anthology of Transformation

NSFW. Comic Anthology.

3 full-color comics and some sketches by LittleNapoleon, Watsup, ComicTF, and Proxer, all for free!

M/F -> feral cobra/mongoose (warning: violence)

F -> anthro rhino

M -> F anthro caribou (plus MC)

24 page comic by Cavitees (+18)

NSFW. Comic. (Sequels: Unread)

RE: PROGRAMMED, a F -> computer program comic by Cavitees, is now free, and with a fancy new in-browser reader! There are three sequels, CYBER-BULLY, TERRY-FIED, and TXT-ME-TERRY.

NSFW! 18+ only

NSFW. Imagepack.

A pack of a few otherwise unpublished Isabelle bimbofication pictures by VagueCreature, acting as potential sequels to this sequence (Twitter mirror, both links are NSFW).

A dinosaur-themed transformation comic!

NSFW. Comic.

A fun F human -> anthro dinosaur comic! The first 10 pages are free at a reasonable resolution on FurAffinity and Twitter. 4 extra pages and higher res images cost $3.

If you want to get the most content for your dollar, buy this on Patreon (which comes with everything else at the $3 tier) instead of Itch. (Itch gives the artist a bigger portion of what you spend, however!)

An illustrated F/F transformational erotic romance.

NSFW. Story. Unread.

Want to read some F/F -> snow leopard/werewolf romance? This book promises to sate that desire.

NSFW. Comic.

Each entry in BlackShirtBoy's Interludes series features a few short, self-contained comics, with a wide variety of transformations included across the series. Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

A 7 Page Bomb TF Comic by HEX BOMB (18+)

NSFW. Comic.

Want to read a comic where a bunch of people turn into cute bob-ombs via very toony TF, before exploding back to being human? Well, this is that comic, haha.
From the main person behind "OUR SPACES WERE NOT MADE FOR US," a worthwhile zine about existing online as a NSFW artist.

an illustrated TF story

NSFW. Illustrated story.

A remake of Angrboda's first paycomic, 2013's "Candybombed," now free/PWYW as thanks for the support she has received over the years!

The sequel is now out, and can be found here!

F humans -> anthro candy foxes

NSFW. Comic.

Three short comics where guys turn into bimbonies (portmanteau of bimbo+pony).

Check out BimboPhi's FurAffinity or DeviantArt first to see if you like how these characters look. If you like what you see there, you're in for a treat.

A collection of many fancy doodles done by tgwonder!

NSFW. Sketchbook.

A wide selection of otherwise unseen TGWonder art! If you're a fan of their work, this is absolutely worth a look.

If you don't ave any experience with their stuff, definitely check out their FurAffinity or Twitter to see if you like their style.

(Mild) NSFW. Comic.

A wholesome NB human -> F human -> mermaid TF comic! Super fun all around, with a constant progression of TF stages throughout the majority of the comic.

NSFW. Doodles.

Assorted sketches and ideas by BlackShirtBoy. There is a tremendous variety of stuff in these, and they're all free/PWYW!

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