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stuff i unequivocally recommend

a collection by Thaddeus · last updated 2016-12-25 08:26:14
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posted 2016-12-25T08:26:14 by Thaddeus
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posted 2016-10-16T03:29:16 by Thaddeus

Scratches that rarely-catered-to higher-dimensional itch.

Definitely makes the wait for Miegakure that much easier (while, somewhat paradoxically, increasing anticipation).

posted 2016-02-03T06:34:25 by Thaddeus

the [intimacy/trust/passion] of consent

posted 2016-02-03T06:31:41 by Thaddeus

Takes me back to when I first came across Pol Clarissou's 'Even the Stars.'

Whether bound by the scale of a full-lived life or by the slow diminishment of an O² gauge, life is [a journey/choice(s)]—limited though [it/they] may be. You w[a/o]nder, you perceive, you feel, and—if only for yourself in the world of your mind—you decide.

posted 2015-12-08T06:36:07 by Thaddeus

Lost near-to all my Strangethink games in a hard drive apocalypse.

Once more, I have access to [sight/sound]scape abstractions that--rather than muck-slogging toward the ultimately flaccid goal of shinyslick graphical realism--fly singing triumphant, heirs to the abstract manic beauty of beeps and bright vectors of the earliest eras of videogames.

The above paragraph holds for all Strangethink gamespaces I have wandered thusfar. This is the one that has art galleries. As in meatspace, you will not experience the same gallery twice... though it is more literal here. Joyed to be back.

posted 2015-11-07T22:42:42 by Thaddeus

cruising the universe.

that's living

posted 2015-10-22T07:56:21 by Thaddeus


monument all

posted 2015-09-01T01:55:44 by Thaddeus

ugh... brutal
but in a good way

posted 2015-09-01T01:53:56 by Thaddeus

feels like the way life feels