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Inspiration Dump

a collection by MintGlow · last updated 2022-11-04 08:40:35

Read blurbs! I aim to one day make my games as good as these (or even better!) and be a great dev :D

Other games/shows not on (now you can tell my tastes. Please recommend me more anime):

* Erased (so glad it was my entrance into the anime world)
* Danganronpa Series (exposure to VNs and... those characters tho)
* School Days (wow I'm not sure actually)
this is literally just my anime list now
* Steins;Gate (second entrance into anime world, so good but I need to rewatch to remember why)
* Made In Abyss (dude that atmosphere and music)
* The Promised Neverland S1 (sat at the edge of my seat x1000)
* My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes)
* Coraline (how did I forget to include this? It's beautiful, and the story is so immersive omg I rewatch it every other Halloween since 2012)
* Super Paper Mario (ahhh~ I need to replay it for the third time someday)

Even though I try to seem cool, I'm actually really simple. For example, I see a cute/scary anime thing, I click. I don't know how to read. Probably not the best for someone who wants deep stories.
Again, please recommend me things if you happen to chat with me ;;

Gay girls playing baseball and falling in love 2
Visual Novel

incredible representation and messages!!

UNDERTALE's parallel story
Role Playing

best character development, OST, issue awareness, nostalgia, and fun

(atm I prefer Undertale, but the creator doesn't have it on, so this will have to do!)

a love story between time and space
Visual Novel

cutest concept and backstory (and this dev right after DDLC inspired me to try Ren'Py out. Anyone can do it!)

Sharply dressed demon girls.

divine music bops and the art style is super snazzy and sharp

I'd like to make some kind of puzzle/interactive game like this with more puzzles/interactivity than dialogue, but still character Owo

Will you write the way into her heart?
Visual Novel

best twist and pacing formula, it is simple, but it gets your typical visual novel story done right

... but it also was my first visual novel I think? XD