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libsuperderpy engine

a collection by dos · last updated 2017-06-20 23:53:28

Games made with my libsuperderpy engine, using C and Allegro 5

Teach a drone how to dance like a spider (GryfJam 2017)
dos says

With Agata Nawrot

Sabotage the evil mastermind's weapon and save the world (TK Game Jam 2017)
dos says

With Marta Głowacka

Retrieve the children! (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 2)
dos says

With Sylwia Smalec

A game where you just attend your standard, typical game jam. (Sensei Game Jam 2016)
Push your Pendolino to arrive to a game jam on time! (Huginn Train Jam)
Duckopocalypse! Game played with one button per player (PGG Jam - ALL PLAY: Accessibility)
The most innovative nothing I've played in years! (Huuuge Game Jam 2016)
An interactive metal opera based on Dziady II - in Polish. (Game Jam w Teatrze 2016)
dos says

With Konrad Burandt and Przemysław Pietrzak

Be a detective on a case of finding love (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 1)
Help Dr. Sauce go back to the future by using ancient technology! (Ludum Dare 36 Jam)
Ensure that the computer is fine! Based on real events from Slavic Game Jam 2016
Teenage Modem User Simulator (Slavic Game Jam 2016)
Send Internet Explorer back in time! (0h Game Jam 2015)
Fix conflicts and save the world! (Jam w Teatrze)
dos says

With Konrad Burandt

Save the kids with fun! (Ludum Dare 33 Jam)
Control your controls. (More is Better Jam)
Protect your artistic integrity! (Ludum Dare 32 Jam)
Throwing Wives is Magic!
Become Derpy Hooves and fight with muffinzombies! [unfinished prototype]