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a collection by kishiberohan · last updated 2017-06-20 10:06:34
free 2017 illustrated monster calendar
Where do angels go when they die?
4 panel comics without text
A short story about (not) dealing with depression and anxiety.
a short comic about love and werewolves
Roller Derby Magical Girls in their first adventure!
a short comic about depression
Two scientists explore ruins they think are abandoned.
Short indie comic
A short autobiographic comic about sleeping.
Concept artbook/Introduction
Ever wonder what "shark attacks" mean for sharks? Find out, now!
a zine made for the self care jam
a short comic about a girl and a deer
Modern faery drama with symbiotic plants and a hint of class war!
Modern plant faeries get into court politics and on each other's nerves!
What else does the universe have in story for Zarah? Wolf monsters? Yes!
A short autobio comic about the time I self-harmed.
Can you prove you exist in a world of imagination?
grotesque monsters from final fantasies i've played
Conclusion to Night of the Werewolf. What secrets does this girl have?
Who are you following?
Goodbye! Goodbye to you, goodbye!
A cold wind whips across the castle walls, something looms on the horizon.
A cute and monstrous story!