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Short on Games

a collection by Benladen · last updated 2017-05-12 20:31:56

Short on Games is a monthly collection of small or weird games, with thoughts that total a thousand words or less. You can see an index of games by name here.

Games covered that are not available on are excerpted in the description; games are part of the collection.



Moonlit Tower by Yoon Ha Lee, where what is implicit in ray guns or ansibles becomes mechanical.

The Rats in the Walls by Shilov, a game of static environments in which the avatar breathes.


Real Folk Blues by Jord Farrell, which is mostly a game about how neat it is to watch your character walk.



Crypt Community is probably the closest thing I'll ever experience to the pleasures of owning a fish tank.

Room of 1000 Snakes is an associated tumblr where you can buy "Collectible Jpegs." It's all really wonderful.

Eco Fighters is set in a future where green anarchist teens are the space-faring heroes who save the Earth.



From D, there's something, though, to a potential genealogy of characterization by way of the elision of interaction.



Winterstrike has a gamey way that interaction is always only ever a means is a rich vein of fantastical materialist possibility.

You, Me, and the Cubes is a puzzle game where reproductive futurism is an object of mockery and futility.



In Grassfires of Veldstar, mostly it's just fun to die again and again and work through these microfrustrations. Also it's really cute.

Without knowing much about how [Helix] goes past the first boss, it's hard to say whether Helix is in a way "about" that hidden space or that extra dimension, but it very much seems to be.

In Chain Blaster, you fight the same six or so waves of enemies repeatedly.



Evoland can't be a deconstruction, because it exists within the cultural context of games. Like a brain, it can only chronicle evolution.



Art Game's production is the fail state.

a simple co-op art maker.
Play in browser
Mysterious train exploration adventure - Created for Ludum Dare 30
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two wolves go out for a night on the town
Interactive Fiction
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short driving game about pleasuring your car
Authentic mystery programming near you.
a city appears, its history burnt into the soil