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Tags Compatible Environment and Item Sprites

This is a collection of 32x32 (or some multiple of 32x32) that are compatible with, a virtual avatar-based meeting app or metaverse world that feels like a cross between Zoom and Pokemon!

If a tileset is here, I've made sure it's cleared by the creator to use for personal/commercial projects and is NOT locked to RPGMaker.

2D 32x32 tilemap pixel top down kitchen sprites - stove, fridge, sink, microwave, etc
Tree Pixel Art Assets for the Sunny Land Series
Various trees and rocks for your decoration needs!
Night City Street 2D Background Tiles for your projects

This one's real pretty.

Free japanese inspired bullet train tiles

This is 48x48, so only use it if you know how to resize tilesets.

Free Tropical Medieval City Game Tileset for 2D video game
Collection of pixel art vines for climbing, or using as ladders
Spritesheet for a pixel art DDR Machine

Not super sure if this is 32x32, but so cute!

Might not be 32x32, but pretty.

Might not be exactly 32x32? But really cool!


These might need to be resized for Gather, I'm not sure.

A set of crystals and ore nodes perfect for decoration and/or mining!

✨Pretty rocks✨

Use this 32x32 shooting/platforming gamepack to create an adventure game

This one has some cool kitchen-area assets with a unique cartoonish look.

Pixel Art Sprites

These trees are really pretty, although I'm not sure if they're all multiples of 32x32. Let me (GVguide) know if there are any issues uploading them to Gather.