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a collection by clyde · last updated 2019-01-14 02:07:41
Architectural God Simulation
First Person Virtual Exploration World
the night is young
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clyde says

The full 2-dimensional range of mouse-look allows the player to fine-tune the perspective-angle reflected by divisions designated by position in 3-dimensional space. It works very well.

I found myself enjoying the discovery of beautiful symmetries and then moving away from them with subtle mouse-movements to a new symmetry, trying to remember my path with visual cues, and then navigating back. It's quite beautiful and I enjoy how the visual space is navigable in what feels like an additional dimension.

Dream-inspired falling simulator
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Toy for making moving sound/shape assemblages
clyde says

There is a wide spectrum of colorful, planar sculptural forms worth witnessing here. The soundscapes suggest various physical textures and urgencies.

Ever wanted to see what the inside of a black hole looks like?