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a collection by GayWhale · last updated 2017-06-01 17:50:21
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posted 2017-06-01T17:50:21 by GayWhale

This was deep. It made me think. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. 

posted 2017-06-01T17:49:10 by GayWhale
posted 2017-06-01T17:48:51 by GayWhale

I played this game awhile ago and I enjoyed it despite the smut scenes. There are many original characters, they were all so nice that I had to hesitate to choose. Fun plot, nice characters, and awesome romance! 10/10

posted 2017-06-01T17:44:53 by GayWhale

I loved this short love story! It makes sense that Time/Space/Nil all go together to create one universe. This vn made me think and feel emotions. 10/10 

posted 2017-05-31T18:43:01 by GayWhale

I loved this sequel! There were plot twists, and secrets revealed. This sequel was exciting and fun to play despite being unfinished and abandoned. I enjoyed it! 10/10

posted 2017-05-31T18:41:59 by GayWhale

I liked the art style that was presented in the game; the plot is completely original. The characters had their own quirks. This game was an absolute delight to play. 10/10!