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DURF Collection

a collection by Emiel Boven · last updated 2023-02-06 07:50:11

Everything that is compatible with DURF, both by me and by other amazing people, in one convenient place.

GM-less TTRPG about finding a tree root.
An expasion that adds retro-futuristic and sci-fi stuff to DURF (and politics)
A Space Adventure Toolkit for DURF
A solo DURF roll and write dungeon crawler
Encounters & tables for adventuring in DURF
A real world, post-apocalyptic mod for DURF
A wild west setting and adventure for the DURF system
A silly class for DURF and more
A nightmare generating micro-booklet for DURF with a nano-adventure.
Additional rules for handling social interactions in DURF.
A system-agnostic dungeon full of skeletons
A Fishing based supplement for DURF
An adventure site for DURF
modular characterization for DURF
Add on rules for DURF
Eine Mini-Erweiterung mit optionalen Archetypen & Trichter-Charakteren
Ein Rollenspiel für tapfere Abenteurer
A Set of Dungeon based add-on's for DURF.
a group of rival adventurers to keep players on their toes
A Skeleton-Focused Supplement for DURF.
Alternative magic rules, spells & spellbooks for DURF
A DURF micro-supplement
A totally normal tropical resort for DURF
A small planar location for DURF
A short adventure Pop-Up zine for DURF
Faction Rules for DURF
Hex crawl for DURF
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