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DURF Collection

a collection by Emiel Boven · last updated 2024-05-13 07:57:00

Everything compatible with DURF, both by me and by other amazing people, in one convenient place.

A combat hack for DURF
A portuguese translation of Emiel Boven's DURF
Esperanta traduko de la regul-ŝpara fantazia rolludo DURF
Seikkailupeli urheille seikkailijoille
An underwater adventure for seasoned adventurer
A dungeon crawl inspired by The Island of Dr. Moreau. Compatible with Cairn and DURF.
Campaigns of Gothic Horror
A Low-HD Dungeon for DURF
Post-apocalyptic mutant RPG
A solo DURF roll and write dungeon crawler
A Dungeon Supplement for DURF, Utilizing the Iconic Ravensburger Board Game Labyrinth
An investigative horror game for bold investigators
A DURF hack with classes and personal adjustments (still under W.I.P.)
A pamphlet adventure set inside a bubble for DURF!
An Anthology Horror TTRPG for DURF
Uncover an ancient threat beneath the idyllic Isle of Keyhaven in this introductory module to OSR play. Made for DURF.
Additional combat rules, weapons & weapon traits for DURF,
A low level dungeon for DURF
A game of the Zombie Apocalypse powered by DURF!
A character archetype for DURF
A Gang Brawler RPG
A toolkit for duet sessions with Durf
A Hireling Supplement for DURF
A relaxing resort that is not cursed at all
A land threaded by rails connecting grim cities. A world of lost gods, terrible angels, feral industry and odd powers.
a DURF supplement. Inspirstion for using Guilds in your TTRPG
An Adventure location for DURF
A card crawl mechanic supplement for DURF
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