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TarAlacrin's Collection of groovy games

a collection by TarAlacrin · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:12
Breath of the Wild meets NES Zelda!
magic wander
Role Playing
Be a Giant! Grow a village into a bustling town! Then destroy it if you want!
FPS LowRez Shooter Version 0.9.1
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I played this game for way too long.
The only critique is that it seems like it takes multiple hits to kill an enemy, but only one hit to kill the main character. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, in the code, it should be addressed so that the player doesn't feel that way, cause it feels super cheap sometimes.

Other than that. Fun game. I really enjoyed storming the beach with tons of soldiers. Each level got progressively less interesting though.

A small game about ascension.
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Short but great game, groovy music, interesting enough mechanics.

I loved the NPC at the start. Despite having hardly any purpose, he had a lot of personality, kinda reminded me a bit of a zelda character.

Really great music again. Wish it was a bit longer, but hey, its just a small proof of concept type game so I don't blame it.

Approach our homunculus.
Role Playing
A short game about the victims of space exploration.

Brilliant environment design. Great worldbuilding too. Good atmospheric sounds. Interresting way of delivering the worldbuilding/narrative through the tombstones. Brilliant environmental design again. Fascinating effect with semi transparent cubes ascending from super high up as like a weird "light ray" effect. Brilliant shader work all around; even just the simple fresnel on the main sphere was cool. I couldn't even quite figure out how it worked. It wasn't Just a fresnel since it mattered which direction you were actually facing. I think it was a fresnel times like, the dotproduct of the facing direction and the object center. Or something loony like that