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HomeTeam GameDev

These games were created by online team members in HomeTeam GameDev. We're a group of about 100 people around the world building games together since October 2015. Anyone can apply to join HomeTeam GameDev to make games with us.

We recognize these members as Game Changers, for contributions to community freeware projects 8 or more weeks per quarter – or, if they join mid-quarter, 2/3 of weeks since they started (min. 5 commit weeks).  We began this tradition in 2018, i.e. not including 2015Q4 - 2017Q4:

Current Game Changers from Q3 2021 (July-Sept), by number of quarters
15x: Randy Tan Shaoxian
14x: Charlene A., H Trayford
12x: Vince McKeown, Brian J. Boucher
11x: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)Vaan Hope KhaniStebs
8x: Michael "Misha" Fewkes
7x: Tylor AllisonBilal A. Cheema
6x: Ian CherabierTyler Funk
5x: Gabriel Cornish, Will McKay, Cassidy Noble
4x: Jeremiah Franczyk, Ashleigh M., Philip Greene
3x: Kyle Black, Fahad Muntaz
2x: Filipe Dottori, Patrick McKeown, Luis Montaña, Jonathan Peterson, Antti L.
1x: Michael Monty Tanner, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Armando Navarrete,, Rob Tunstall

Past Game Changers, by number of quarters
11x: Jeff "Axphin" HanlonKornel
7x: Jaime RivasBrian Nielsen
6x: Gonzalo DelgadoTerrence McDonnell, Caspar "SpadXIII" DunantJustin ChinAlan Zaring
5x: Simon J HoffizJeremy KenyonMichelly OliveiraAndy King, Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu
4x: Rémy LapointeRyan MalmClayTaetoRoc Lee, Allan Regush
3x: Anthony JuarezVignesh RameshBarış Köklü, Praneil Kamat, Bjorn The Fire, Grygoriy Kulesko
2x: Rami BukhariAndrew MushelKise, Chris Markle, I-wei Chen, Marcel van Dijk, Carl Hughes, Sergio Ferrer, Andrew Hind, Kyle Knutson, Ryan Cahela
1x: Trenton PegeasDan LazarDan Dela RosaErik VerlageJeremy JacksonDominick Aiudi, Nicholas Polchies, Luke Piazza, Daniel Xiao, Derek Miranda, Himar Gil Hernandez, MrPhil (Philip Ludington), Tyler Pelaez, Zac Bogner, Rikard Åkesson, Maimi Boucher, Rutger McKenna, Simon Donohoe, Carson Sanders, Catherine San Luis, Lexi "LexiGameDev" Kunkel, Cyriel De Neve, Thomas Brandoli, Ygor Dimas, Trolzie, Brian Dieffenderfer, Daniel Viruet, NotNaut

Links above lead to itch collections showcasing released games worked on by that member, in most cases with notes about their involvement.

Although we develop games in HomeTeam, that is not our main purpose. We exist mainly to develop new developers–supporting people practicing their applied skills in multiple roles, gaining real experience in teamwork and leadership, creating demonstrable evidence of planning and follow through. All these games you see below are a byproduct of the week-to-week growth by these Game Changers above, and our other members, year-round.

Retro Shmup. Blow up the moon!
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Developed May 16 - Oct 10, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, spawn system and related custom editor, crude underlying game engine (AABB collision, animation, graphics layers, entity management), lava dragon boss functionality, initial version of powerups, enemy AI, two player support, second player AI, ground waypoint patrols, stars/lava backgrounds (not including rocky crust), moon depth map (final), adjustable shot length code, additional integration and misc. bugfixing, background animation support (used for lava and space), volcano: Chris DeLeon

Level design (all stages), implementation for octopus boss and mega frog boss, level select stage art, powerup distribution authoring, level select hover effect, randomized player ghost colors, laser shot tuning, debug health cheat, level transitions after bosses, clearing of scene for boss fights, death counter for testing, shot visibility improvements, powerup decay timing, boss health bars, hit flash boss fixes, better player respawn, lava boss phase escalation: Michael Monty Tanner

Parallax background heightmap effect, real-time distortion ripples, retro cluster explosions, higher detail player sprite, Island stage background, wiggling tentacles, better enemy bullet graphic, player soft reset, spawner bug fix, webaudio compressor, procedural ground unit spawn (used for testing during development): Ryan Malm

Level music (Space, Lava), space level boss (art, design, and code), player speed powerup feature, smaller alien enemy, multi-stage boss support: Armando Navarrete

Logo, combo system, pixel font, scoreboard animation, high score storage and display, gamepad support, hit flash for enemies and bosses, rocky crust for lava level, destroyable buildings, ripple tint, speed trail, title clouds/background/details, powerup timer bars, support for non-server testing: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Level music (Island, Moon), score system, music integration, powerups cheat, level selection text improvement: Justin Davis

Player graphic tilt while dodging, bomb sight dynamic prediction, player temporary invulnerability flash and related functionality, early level select menu fixes, debug cheat key implementation, help menu bug fixes: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Octopus boss art, defensive ring feature plus related art, original boss spawn implementation: Sergio Ferrer

Moon stage background, alien drone, laser shot, sounds (shoot variations, splash, dive, croak), shadow clone powerup, original waves background test, midboss plane prototype (unused), moon depth map prototype, adjustable shot length art: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Various enemy sprites (Dimo, Azmo), surface track editor improvements, frog tank / turret automatic selection: Vaan Hope Khani

Controls help menu, laser powerup collision improvements, initial title screen, original loading screen, text for level select, laser testing cheat: Stebs

Enemy health, spawning bugs fixed, ground culling fix, level switch issue repaired: Baris Koklu

Fire dragon head graphic, octopus boss laser source fixes, Firefox compatibility fix: Eddie Ward

Ground space frog, early moon and space level editing: Patrick McKeown

Powerup art (multishot, extra bomb, shadow clone), swooping Pineapple enemy: Ashleigh M.

Explosion bug fix, different depth map per state: Kyle Black

Flying enemy spark, frog tank sprite, level editor access to segment spawn width adjustment: Cam Newton

Player 2 controls, ground enemy fire, level debug skip functionality: H Trayford

Fire snake sprite: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Fire dragon head contrast improved: Gabriel Cornish

Alternative player 2 sprite: Jonathan Peterson

Intro story text: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Initial sound functionality: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Practice commit: Guillermo De Leon & Tim Chase 

3 Powerful Hover Mechs with an objective to obliterate hostile entities on Mars.
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Developed July 18 - Oct 10, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, main mech development (models and functionality), level design, portal weapon, building models, enemy mech AI, night mode, minimap, Mars textures, muzzle flash, emissions effects, lighting, in-game cursor, camera functionality, projectile pooling, orthographic setup, shield bar, additional weapon sounds, assorted bug fixes, culling optimization, low shield warning, quality settings: Bilal A. Cheema

Gameplay music, menu music, forcefields shader, explosion effect, aim improvements, laser shaders, editor script bug fix, explosion pooling, hitpoints system, crater models, fire and smoke effects, additional building, music manager: Will McKay

Boost feature functionality, UI, AI waypoints support, sound manager, initial sound integration, start menu, assorted code/warnings cleanup, menu fade, menu colors:

Laser fence, grid wall, additional rock model, shield pickup, power pickup, pick up rotation, building repair, Calamity homing rockets, sound and music toggles, controller settings menu: Filipe Dottori

Initial prototype functionality, original design co-lead for weapons and mechs, trigger and camera design, spaceship model, aim functionality: Nouman Waheed

Sounds (shield pickup, low shield warning, ion cannon, EMP, power pickup, rifle, rocket, bomb, portal, building destruction, enemy cannon), several rock models: Patrick McKeown

Calamity rockets sound: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Selection sound: Philip Greene

A student life plus dungeon exploration narrative inspired by Persona and Harry Potter.
Role Playing

Developed June 6 - Sept 26, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, JRPG battle/spells/leveling system and related authoring, most character (student, professor, and monster) models and animations unless otherwise credited, non-procgen environment layouts, UI functionality, friendship and lectures/exams writing and systems, character party change feature, minibosses and bosses, many bug fixes, main writing except where noted below, passage of time calendar and related systems (club, friendships, and sleep), scene transitions, various decoration models in the castle and dungeons, hallway students, stat tuning, save and load, locked door descriptors, fail state handling, progress locks, dungeon cutscenes and theming: Cassidy Noble

Procedural generation of all dungeons (hospital, city, boat, clouds, courthouse, and forest), including treasure, enemy, exit, and advancement portal placement, all music (including exploration, every battle song, dungeons, friendships, and all other scenes), FMOD integration and related audio functionality (transitions), assorted bug fixes, portal spawning: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Wendigo model and related animations, skull biker (model, animations, implementation), system-wide font replacement, occlusion data, fixes to z fighting, tile and floor patterns, static environment optimization, worldspace shader adjustment with related environment material assignments, improved the moon, door script interaction fix, staircase lights, second floor lighting touchup: Tyler Funk

Randomized bookshelf, worldspace shader with rock/wood materials, gothic pillar wall, chalkboard, fluffy cloud effect, Harper's Cloud Castle area, magical pause buttons, chandelier, public domain paintings integration, house logos integration touch up, star and cloud skybox, lighting and related material adjustments for baking in majority of scenes, stone door arch, UV mapping of assorted meshes for lighting, title screen background scene, title menu improvements, optimizations, floor torches, font selection, dungeon tutorial system: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Item and battle inventory implementation, store functionality, chest functionality, chest reward notification, recovery items for magic and health, inventory bug fix, pause menu: Luis Montaña

Friendship related scene animations, props, and implementation of Rhys, Harper, and Jameel: Ian Cherabier

Sounds (Takuhe, Chupacabra, Menuhene, Chessie, Bigfoot, Jackalope, Loveland Frog, Pukwudgie, Van Meter and Salem Witches) and related implementation: Rob Tunstall

Name entry screen improvements, improved debug functionality, controls menu, tips for tutorial, playtesting notes, stone step integration, UI click sound hookup, door audio, classroom dialog voice (wah wahs), wand sound: Stebs

Models (picnic table, basic and fancy stairs, chair decoration, altar, additional fountain, candelabra): H Trayford

Cauldron smoke effects, title screen, timeline fade, button animations: Brian Nielsen

Classroom and treasure chest for Charms class, tower for outside castle: Gabriel Cornish

Navmesh movement system: Batu Aytemiz

Rain effects, hospital models: Trenton Pegeas

Lyle and Specter Dialogue, Skye Dialog Tree: Jeremiah Franczyk

House logos: isogramc

Fountain model: Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Twin-Engine Danger Racing
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Developed July 4 to Sept 12, 2021 

Project lead, core gameplay, AI, checkpoint system, track design, minimap, audio integration, hover movement, models (cockpit, cactus, additional rocks), skybox, menus, lap counter UI, fir and spark effects, rock and ground textures, drifting, results screen: Brian J. Boucher

Engine model, collision improvements, environment structures, engine break sound, checkpoint system fixes, boost feature, engine rotation, race music: Fahad Muntaz

Victory and loss music: Ashleigh M.

Chase cameras, UI layout, speedometer, damage meter, scene change refactor: Kyle Black

Title music, checkpoint reset functionality: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Rocks modeling and integration: Justin Davis

Engine loop and acceleration sound: Andrew Hind

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

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Developed Jul 18 - Sep 5, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, enemy AI pathfinding, base HUD, original tileset, level design (including tutorial), turn system, sounds (coin, chest), transition effects, chest destruction, dialog system, palette, assorted bug fixes, timer, game over screen: Gabriel Cornish

Sprite animations (player, enemy, princess, old man), tilesets (lava, ice), additional integration support: Daniel Song

Pixelart logo, title particle effects, tiles (stone floor, grass), crisp sprite edges, level number, new font, header animation, intro GUI, narrative setup, town level: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player footsteps sounds, start accept dialog, extra time sprite, camera shake, dialog box improvements: Tyler Funk

Music: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Level 2 design, testing feedback: Nic Barkdull

Intros and additional writing: Drew Smith "Nameless"

Dungeon tiles: Jessica Dominguez

Walking animation sprite flip, static idle animation improvement, shake bug fix: Charlene A.

Screen wipe sound: Rob Tunstall

Getting stuck bug fix after talking: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Mute/unmute functionality: Ben Stone

Autoload for scene switching: Kyle Black

2D Space RPG where a dangerous fleet of vampires have begun imposing on your mining operations!
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Developed Apr 4 - Jul 25, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, controls, particles, main HUD functionality, menu system, enemy AI, boss battle, title effect, win mission animation, asset integration, internal docs, animated ship lights, debug menu, save/load, minimap, game zone generation (asteroid fields, points of interest, encounters), item database, inventory system, round summary, mineral drops, mission summaries, background parallax, planet texture, normal maps, missiles, mining barge, dynamic music integration, mission type authoring, escape pod: Kyle Black

Thruster effect with trails, UI animation (HUD initialization, hp/shield hit, home panel, minimap, popup/options from menu, transitions, character panel), label fixes, runway lights, weapon muzzle flash, asteroid damage support, home beacon theme, damage floating text, custom cursors (not used): Kornel

Impaler easy enemy ship (art, hardpoint design, implementation), Stoker destroyer enemy, Vampire destroyer class: Himar Gil Hernandez

Space exploration music, song loops (base theme, impending threat, active combat), sounds (projectile firing, energy weapon, shield charge, metal to rock, rock to rock): Andrew Hind

Medium asteroid obstacle (sprite texture, light occluder, collision), art for mining materials, vanadinite art, item collection, asteroid item spawner, diamond loot, mining laser improvements (flash, continuous damage): Derek Miranda

Muddigger missile, Mantis ship, RCS tweak, player energy and health stats, energy bar hookups, loading inventory fix, character sheet retouch, character menu animation fix, merchant screen UI mockup and functionality, pricing data: Tyler Pelaez

Difficulty options, rare rich asteroid spawn area, pirate attraction to mining, enemy spawn position tuning, support: NotNaut

Healing droid system for hull and shield, mining lasers, laser beam animations: Sergio Ferrer

Compass functionality, compass graphic, player and home navigation beacon connection: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Projectile bomb weapon (art and integration): Fahad Muntaz

Currency UI, save file deletion dialog: Brian J. Boucher

Initial ship and explosion sprites with normals, shaders (for emission boost, animated normals, unlit): Andy King

Original board game (Chess-inspired) with AI
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Developed May 30 - July 25, 2021

Project lead, original board game design, core gameplay, computer player AI and related optimizations, piece art, table art, win and lose conditions, sounds: Vaan Hope Khani

Tutorial integration, menu toggle, instruction improvements, tooltip correction: Farah Rizal

Input refactor, UI fixes, reset button, button graphic, turn change: Vince McKeown

Debug display, goal tile contrast change, AI help, turn menu options: Chris DeLeon

Dashboard layout update: Patrick McKeown

Team letter indicator: Filipe Dottori

Arena Shooter with weapon modifications. A collaborative project for HomeTeam GameDev.
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Developed May 2 - July 18, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, main controls, weapon bob, step sounds, low health heartbeat feedback, teleport sound, main weapon features (scattershot, ricochet, rapid fire), store UI, outline shader effect, hub scene, occlusion culling, player death, settings persistence, menu font selection, gamepad support, custom sliders, assorted integration, html5/webGL related support fixes, minor optimizations: Tyler Funk

Charger enemy AI, navmesh integration, AI wander behavior, AI line of sight and facing limitation, enemy, destruction effect, ranged enemy support, enemy spawn fix, explosion and laser sound, player hurt sound, damage feedback effect: Ian Cherabier

In-game health and other stylized HUD, healthpack functionality, player health system, mousewheel weapon change, different reticle per weapon, dash recharge, UI-related bug fix, healthbar animation: Anna Rossetti

Skullboom arena level, baked lighting, material palette, low poly environment primitives, floorboards/trim/beams, player speed tuning, jump pad zones, input refactor, coin/click/tick sounds, shot trails, main menu polish, screenshake: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Small enemy models (charger and second ranged), robot skull decoration, ice elemental gun, portal model: Gabriel Cornish

Facing Portals level, fire element sound, jump tuning, jump sound hookup: Jeremiah Franczyk

Soundtrack (Arena and Dubstep): Simon J Hoffiz

Ice projectiles with trail, fire gun, fire bullet: Charlene A.

Player gun model, large enemy robot model: Cassidy Noble

Player jump, currency system, save/load functionality: Barış Köklü

Main menu UI, camera alignment improvement: Ben Stone

Portal (including ripple effect and teleport functionality): Audrey Margolis

Health pick up model: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Basic projectile sounds, audio manager, gunshot integration: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Pause menu with immortal mode and fire delay options: Luis Montaña

A VR Remake of Duck Hunt
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Playable in-browser, or download the apk to sideload on Quest VR

Developed Apr 18 - July 18, 2021

Project co-lead, core gameplay, VR optimizations, VR & webGL control methods, crosshair, target launcher, city scape ambient sounds, explosions, laser sight, assorted models (core/initial city buildings, bush, clouds, tree wall, guard rail, streets, office, shop, cars), base slow motion support, muzzle flash update, VR reload tweak, assorted bug fixing, road traffic, green duck, moon terrain changes, difficulty progression tuning, level endings: Ryan Cahela

Project co-lead, models (animated duck, gun), cloud placement, base muzzle flash, spline bird paths, audio system, main audio (spatialized quacks, flaps, gunshots, duck death, nature, wind, reload, space ambiance, egg attack), adjustable flight time, collision adjustment, basic health system, cartridge reload system, game event system, object pooling, dry fire, level win/lose manager, duck dive bombing attacks, egg destruction, distance-based scoring, purple duck, shot spread, moon level, text fix, VR pause support: Roc Lee

Art (additional city buildings, truck, balcony, grass model, duck egg, mothership egg, earth and moon), grass system, core UI, mouse input fix, fonts selection and integration, main menu, lose screen UI, fog, city health billboard: Philip Greene

Menu music, city jazz music, slow motion score event, gun reload, scoring fix, minor bug fix: Filipe Dottori

Pause menu, score pop up and animation, power  up system, debug system, bug fixes, level 3 difficulty progression, additional flight paths in levels, difficulty tweaks, score distance color cue, slow motion powerup:

Player score sign, flight paths, duck spawn script, health bar: Will McKay

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

An adventure RPG which lets you choose the story you tell in 1612 Japan.
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Developed Feb 28 - June 20, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, overall plot, dialog editing, main art (characters, environment, items), majority of dialog and inventory code, combat score system design, initial save/load support, NPC wander, sword animation, outfits, story quest props, character naming, history research, end of game illustration, forest and shine layouts, destroyed village design, chapter titles, item descriptions, oversaw playtesting, numerous bugfixes: Bjorn The Fire

Majority of in-game writing, additional playtesting: Cassidy Noble

NPC sprite template parts, Torii arch/gate, blinking animations, falling tree leaves, sakura blossoms, assorted environmental prop art & placement (150+), windy grass, flowers, bugs (dragonflies and butterflies), shadows, dust effects, font selection, start of title menu, undergarment upgrade, fire effects, GUI proportion and position adjustments, save/load assistance: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Village elder granddaughter code, NPC follow, Daimyo movement script, sakura configuration repair, small animation fix, base of audio manager with related functionality (mute, volume slider): Luis Montaña

Father character code, father dialog and sake handoff, village level layout, inventory descriptions UI: Ryan Gaillard

Music (village, darker song), music manager, sync fix: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Komainu statues art, temple archway: isogramc

Pause menu, audio manager control hookups across scenes: Praneil Kamat

Custom cursor and related integration: Ian Cherabier

Title screen play sound effect, additional playtesting: Stebs

Additional playtesting: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Pause functionality: Lane Watson

Special thanks for historical plot/item consultation: Joe Grifferty (non-HomeTeam)

Playtesting (external): Mau 'Xable' Segovia (non-HomeTeam)

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Developed Jan 31 - May 23, 2021

Project lead, initial gameplay, quest authoring, collisions, unvisited areas hidden, door puzzle functionality, instructions, main character code, reference gathering, object interaction, sounds (mana, health, doors, pot breaking, coin pickup, arrow collection), potions (mana, healing), art (ax dwarf with animations, coins, pot), pathfinding, drops (health, arrows, coins), slime enemy, debug cheats, audio code, trap damage, pickups (heart, bow), player health display, object runes, object carrying, Godwin, level design (water rooms, wind rooms, town interior connections), tiles (wooden floors, benches, altar, church parts, dresser, cabinet, bed, painting, money box, bridge), store NPC art (alchemist, fletcher), music integration: Vince McKeown

Asset system, enemy AI, expanded custom level editor functionality, sprite sheet loader, art (player sprite), grid system double door, tall sprite support, animation features, camera code, display optimizations, chest opening, collision improvements, entity definition tables, UI code, equipment menu, mouse control, melee animation, goblin loot drops, loot table, breakability, arrow attack, 9-slice support, dialog box system, button art integration, button frame colors, quest screen, text wrap, npc interaction, magic attacks, pit variants, particle systems, shops (alchemist, fletcher), healer interface, assorted bug fixes, wall traps, poison, reset button, chasm, elder NPCs, storyline setup, loading fade, additional level design and related art (incl. church, cellar, caves), gem respawn: Tylor Allison

Sprites (sword, fire wand, tunics, chest, heart pieces, goblins, windows, mana drop, button frame improvements, stairs, buildings, spear gate animation, burning village, majority of tiles), color palette, text draw code, basic map editor (core functionality, layers, painting), initial title screen, CSS style, font selection, level design (goblin cave, temple, entryway, dungeon design, fire puzzles), teleport, additional music (shop): Kyle Knutson

Dungeon music: Alan Zaring

New puzzle level, final dungeon, sounds (slime movement, player hurt, all goblin noise): Vaan Hope Khani

Sound integration, alternative floor tile asset: Grygoriy Kulesko

Breakable vase (sprite, destruction behavior, animation): Cam Newton

Dark wall tile and green growth variant: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Mana regeneration: Filipe Dottori

Compile credits, minor git state assist: Chris DeLeon

Practice commit: Robin Scott

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Developed Apr 18 - June 27, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, laser functionality, camera improvements, ground asset, testing/debugging functionality, initial laser visual, optimizations, assorted project organization to simplify collaboration, difficulty tuning, UX improvements for better game feel, raw sound samples, target hp display, UI styling, assorted bug fixes, turret roof animation: Grygoriy Kulesko

Asteroid model, bacterion model, improved laser visual, asteroid explosions, enemy spawn/wave system, heatwave functionality, sky background, heat UI, change to universal render pipeline, heat glow, assorted bug fixes, collision tuning, bacterion burning: Filipe Dottori

Auto turrets, bacterion functionality, bacterion orbs attack, asteroids motion and targeting, settlement HP functionality and related UI, end of round bonus, scrap currency, scrap reward popups, wave completion message, turret purchase and upgrade, upgrade tool tips, shield powerup and related upgrade support, responsive UI scaling, laser damage can be upgraded: Will McKay

Turret tower and related models/texturing/rigging/rigging, laser ball: Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Sound fx manager, game events, start menu logic, game intro, programmatic animation, camera shake:

Laser sounds, powerup acquired sound, gameover sound: Vaan Hope Khani

Voxel city skyscrapers, heatwave visual, game over screen, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Pause menu: Rami Bukhari

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Developed Aug 30 - Nov 29, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay, main Rovey animations (idle, walk, jump, fall), camera control, conveyor belt, lava launcher, waypoint system, moving platform support, spring pad, bounds detection, player health UI, alien egg, caledera scene and related model, title to options transitions, persistent menu options, jetpack bar, ship animation scene, story skip, checkpoint placement, pause screen: Tyler Funk

Models (rock, volcanos, dead tree, dead grass variations, reeds, lollypop plant, trees, tentacle enemy, spiked vine, big leaf), initial jungle environment, tutorial scene, skybox, wind effect (tree, grass), jungle lighting: Marcel van Dijk

Jungle/swamp level design, jetpack particles, story screen, space background, flip platform feature: Jeremiah Franczyk

Additional player animations and related integration (landing, knockback stagger), jetpack control improvements for series of jumps:  Bjorn The Fire

Bouncy castle (level, related models and materials, rainbow, pickups placement), bubble blower, beacon beam, additional conveyor work, navigation arrows, lava (texture, splash particles, lavafalls), projected platforming shadow, initial player particle systems, typewriter script: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Music (lava, swamp/jungle, forest): Simon J Hoffiz

Spaceship textures, swamp stump, lava platform, poison flower pod, bouncy castle lighting: Ulises Zamora Montes

Player sound design, lava monster, advanced music system, sound integration: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Metal platforms, grass and dirt platforms, temple model, collectible model: I-wei Chen

Collectibles, pickups in tutorial, collectible counter: Carson Sanders

Mine (model and implementation), roller enemy patrol bot: Trenton Pegeas

Title screen layout, menu mouse control, opening menu sequence: Brian Nielsen

Additional jungle stage decoration: Cassidy Noble

Jet pack tutorial area: Lexi "LexiGameDev" Kunkel

Bounciness system: Kornel

Make Tough Choices as a Game Director
Interactive Fiction
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Developed Feb 21 - May 2, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, choice game engine, spreadsheet integration, art direction, majority of character card art, background pattern, additional writing, assorted bug fixing, initial splash screen, game over, hover button effect, screen transitions: Gabriel Cornish

Lead writer (about 80% of dialog): Cassidy Noble

Stats bars flash when low, NPC blinking effect, animated stat hints, text drop shadow effect, title card animation, advisor feature, random thank you messages, three additional NPCs, additional writing, week counter UI calendar styling: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Dialog editing: Lane Watson

Story for game shipping win state, start of scoring code: Vaan Hope Khani

Audio code, game music, audio barks recording and integration, card flip audio: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Two story cards, week counter UI frame: Simon Donohoe

Initial thank you quotes, additional ending text: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Intern and veteran images: H Trayford

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Developed Jan 17 - May 9, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay and main engine code, base table functionality, Tiled map editor integration, ball/flipper physics,  additional asset integration and assorted bugfixes, layout tweaks, multi-collider object support, planet bumpers with animation, table selection screen: H Trayford

Rocket/space table art (background, star animations, planet sprite, sputnik, rocket, space shuttle), forest table (background, base layout, tree walls, bananas, monkeys, planes), title control tips, ball reset, extra ball score goal, rotating gates (including related additional scoring functionality), target plane spawner, short flipper art, sky table layout variation, better selection arrow (flippers), scroll credits page functionality, menu screen wrap, banana sound: Sergio Ferrer

Atlantis table (including bubbles effect), start song, habitrail (art, implementation, placement), slot machine feature (art, implementation, placement, sounds), title image integration, pause mode, mute toggle, volume controls, ball loss, extra ball support: Fahad Muntaz

VAM Empire table (design, layout, asteroids, starfield, themed playfield components including sound), ball trail improvements, table state persistence, backlit letters with animation, collison and scoring updates, lane trigger updates, blocked sounds repeating too rapidly, additional flipper juice, minor reset fixes, team internal reference diagram, score multiplier feature, light bonus minigame, flipping card fix: Kyle Black

Background songs (atlantis, forst, space table, VAM empire), menu music (honky tonk song, game over), sounds (flipper, ball capture, ball strike, rollover lane), title screen image: Andrew Hind

Rails, plunger art, cloud background (top and bottom), animated bumpers, small bumper animations, 4 color variations for bumpers, font selection and related integration, cyclone animation, plane explosion, pluger animation: Ryan Lewis

Volume preferences save/load, variable canvas width support, additional animation support, game object base class, collision crash fix: Daniel Xiao

Shake and tilt detection, pause tint and tip, default key mapping: Christian de Miranda

Playing card art, card flipping effect, card integration: Brian J. Boucher

One-way gate colliders, plunger gate, game over scene: Benjamin Zigh

Score support, sprite animations, lives reset, restart feature, pause control tips: Vinzenz Sinapius

Score bonus debug cheat: Zarya Rowland Bintz

Initial z-order sort support: Himar Gil Hernandez

Pop bumper sound, full screen toggle: Tanner Chrishop

High Score displayed, High Score persistence across browser refresh: Ashleigh M.

Screen flash: Jason Harrison

Mute feature fix: Derek Miranda

Collision fix: Ben Stone

Cloud looping fix: Farbs

Rotated part alignment fix, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Practice commits: Filipe Dottori, Hamza Sehavdic

Use your trusty rocket launcher to defeat the alien robots holding you and make your way back home
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Developed Jan 10 - Apr 18, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, primary level designer, player controller, rocket launcher mechanics, level functionality, visual direction, enemy grunt model, camera code, sounds (rocket, mech walking, UI, warper), main UI, layout arrows, rendering pipeline fixes, assorted bug fixes, level flasher functionality, item logic, warper enemy, level backgrounds, checkpoints, shieldmaiden deflection, obstacle logic (crushers, sawblades, warp gates, gravity wells, tractor beams, portals, pop bumpers), win screens, warper eggs: Jeremiah Franczyk

Title menu backgrounds, fire trail effects, player motion trail, particle improvements, lighting tweaks, applied game palette for consistency, volumetric dust, grunt laser effect, pascal's triangle collectible art, tech platform texture, environment decals (ladder, light, bolt, panel), boss fight fires, pug boss, warp gate effect, background tint support, webGL build repair, death beam, final boss intro cinematic, final boss implementation, final boss particles, level 24: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Flying mech model, warp monster with animations, heart item art, saw blade art, final boss art, dash and walk animations, additional boss attacks, player cat art, animations for flying mech and heart item: Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Level design (12 and 19), additional design contributions (stages 8, 10, 20), mute functionality, saw script: Luke Piazza

Player rocket launcher, reload powerup model, scifi door model, check point prefab, HUD UI adjustments: Gabriel Cornish

Mech model rig, IK constraints, grunt animation, shield maiden art and rigging: Tyler Funk

Floating bubble effect, glowing shader, alien rocket launcher, additional debug cheats, color material: Marcel van Dijk

Cheat code for unlimited rockets, mech alert animation: Charlene A.

Invulnerability cheat, gravity cheat: Randy Tan Shaoxian

2D art for cat character, storyboard 2D art: Caitlyn Holley

Projectiles collide with player and obstacles, health working: Brandon

Level name shows when moused over in menu, rocket UI image: Chris DeLeon

Pause key: Ryan Gaillard

Turn Based Strategy Game inspired by Advance Wars and Into the Breach
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Developed Nov 1 - Mar 21, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, building and tile art, logo, palette, battle screen, mechs art, zoom functionality, pathfinding, map art, audio integration, dialog system, map editor, power meter, enemy AI, particles, save and load, Zareem and Guru body, Taja faces, assorted improvements and fixes: Bilal A. Cheema

Concept art, body and faces for Hulu, Jonah, and generic soldier, additional Guru and Zareem faces, level design (Great Divide): Kyle Knutson

Level design (maps 4, 5, 6, 7, two faction): Ryan Young

World music, main menu music, UI sounds, action sounds: Roc Lee

Zareem concept art and mock ups, stats screen flow, building and player count: Ashleigh M.

Level design (tutorial map 1, map 2, map 3), writing (level 1 tutorial, character power, win, lose): Justin Chin

Music loop for player CO: Alan Zaring

Rifle mech idle animation, case-sensitive fix: Gonzalo Delgado

Soldier sprites with walk and fly animations: Rutger McKenna

Help menu, button event support, skip to gameplay debug feature: Allan Regush

Audio on/off mute toggle buttons, additional case-sensitive fix: Jonathan Peterson

Question mark animation, improved handling of undefined errors: H Trayford

Handle mech HP reaching zero: Philip Greene

Play a sentient computer "glitch" that must escape the computer before being erased! (classic roguelike)
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Developed May 17 - Oct 11, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay functionality, level generation, turn system, animation code, agents/actors system, FSM v2, actions framework, in-game editor, input handling, UI, optimizations, asset integration, menus, original placeholder art, event debug display, NPCs behavior (LifeForms, Virus, Anti-Virus, Programs, etc.), game end, spawn code, actions (jump, pull, swap, void, take item, repair, copy, others), fog of war, field of view, shadows, camera logic, main palette, many crash fixes and tuning tweaks, inventory, crypto key authoring, loading screen, help text: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Particle systems (glitch, trace, scan, portal, spawn, missile, color, spark, repair, wait, hex spin, lightning jump, fade, explosion swirl, blip edge pathing), procedural tile selection and wall generation, FX randomization, wall tiles art, decrypt/triangle animations, mock ups (tile bg, walls, void, experimentation with negative space/holes, perspective, color tests), color adjustments, moving wall v2, level design concepts art, floor art, NPC wait animation, warm and cool level themes, lots of asset and code cleanup, additional tile type rules, seam fix, take/drop animations, move animations, highlights art v2, laser walls, tile overlay, title screen background: Tylor Allison

Soundtrack (in-game, levels, victory, game over, transitions), all sound effects (jump, gameplay, UI, movement, explosions, decrypt, editor), audio normalization, assorted sound integration: Roc Lee

Description animation and related background, level transitions, character art mock ups and final (virus sprite, slime, life-forms, glitches, program, microcode, anti-virus, virus, additional animations), detailed playtesting, palette tweaks, font selection, texts: Ashleigh M.

Crypto key and crypto file art, items art, Assorted docs images, action and item icons, additional UI and menu art, color corrections, highlight art v1, moving wall art v1: Cassidy Noble

Vector/math code improvements, audio system, one shot audio integration, music stream support, poositional audio, volume controls, mute toggle: Andrew Mushel

Cursor art, including variants and hand icons: Andy King

State machine v1: Allan Regush

Pause menu options: Jonathan Peterson

Patrick McKeown: Item sprites (Memory Trasher, Zip, Thread-Pool, Computer Cluster, Cloner), tool to check items sprites against levels contrasts

Special thanks (practice commit - welcome!), playtesting: Antonio Malafronte

A puzzle-platforming infinite runner, about a boy in Tokyo whose clock didn't wake him up on time
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Developed Dec 20 - Apr 25, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, player movement, world chunk randomization, custom settings encoding, in-game UI, menu, asset integration, main level chunk designer, invincibility time, assorted additional obstacles, tutorial level pieces, ladder, sign translation: 
Praneil Kamat

Art (lamp with puddle, truck, van, ground piece, medium stall, 3 apartments, balcony), sounds (alert, button, jump, life, notify, slide, walk, climb, slide, dash, source chirp), menu music, seed-based score saving: Vaan Hope Khani

Background parallax, suburbs chunk with roof slope, bullet train, 4 level design chunks, particle effects (jump, land, wall grab, wall jump, dash), input tooltip hits, crows, obstacles (railing, stairs), level chunk debug workflow improvements, dash effect, suburbs sprites, menu improvements, lost homework papers: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Input manager, mobile touch support, mobile input art, crate prop: Ian Cherabier

Level chunk authoring (several easy variations): Luke Piazza

Color palette, clouds and related background details: Gabriel Cornish

Parallax background buildings, food stall art: I-wei Chen

Initial player sprite, idle animation, run cycle: Gonzalo Delgado

Floor spike art: Tyler Funk

Level chunk spawning and removal milestones improvements: Brandon

Slide pose implementation, minor support, compiling credits: Chris DeLeon

Playtesting by members in other HomeTeam groups: Will McKay and Deepbluezen

Huge thanks to all our non-HomeTeam playtesters: Ani D (MeowMeow), Awale Ismael, JennyK, Serena, Hinesh, Toni (boywithsoup), TiagoThePenguin

Alien drone exploration
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Developed Jan 24 - Apr 25, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, player movement, camera code, player model, lighting, main environment design, original controls, inverse kinematics setup and tuning, animations, reactor, post processing, greebling, tunnel obstacles, cables, softshape workflow, shaders (vertex color/alpha, crepuscular beams, hologram, pulsing), additional integration: Andy King

Power room setup, door model and related integration, quality settings, interactive menu, input device detection, additional input experiments/tuning, assorted bug fixing, pause menu polish: Zac Bogner

Mute feature, thrust particle systems, powerup implementation, sequence puzzle script, improved animation support, initial options menu including sound mixer, pause key: Antti Lipsanen

Ambient music, sounds (drone hum, collision, menu button, door opening, cable drop): Andrew Hind

Music manager with example layers, music integration: Mark McCorkle

All dialogue scripts: Himar Gil Hernandez

Control panel model/materials, bulbous plant (concepts, model, UV): Tyler Pelaez

Door script: Sergio Ferrer

Test shelf: Ryan Lewis

Demo test scene: Ben Stone

Minor input fix, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

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Developed Feb 21 - Apr 18, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, input refactor, turns system, piece selection and movement, rosary tile logic, main menu structure, end of game, instructions screen design, music and sound effects toggle buttons: Jonathan Peterson

Tile art (rosary/rosette, house, gate, market, temple, treasury), wood background, tile loading, dice art with variations, piece art, sound loading, dice roll sounds, highlights, sandstone texture, pause background fade, pause menu, background selector, music loop & music pause: Philip Greene

Sound effects (piece selection, piece move), piece knockback when landed on, how to play overlay support, instructions screen implementation: Rami Bukhari

Font selection and integration, menu title, bit of code cleanup: Ryan Cahela

Gameplay music: Alan Zaring

5 background variations, bug fix during how to play menu, credits screen hookup: Filipe Dottori

Removed pause from menu screen: George Carter

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Fantasy Turn Based Strategy Game
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Developed Jan 24-Apr 4, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, 3D terrain, map editor, combat systems, tile type support, enemy team AI, main UI, save and load, unit data tuning, grass/forest/hill tile models and textures, level design, assorted bug fixes, pathfinding, dialog system, optimizations, minimap, spells, tooltips, AoE attacks, character models, camera movement: Will McKay

Experience points and level up implementation, archer and dwarf improvements, level buff, sounds (hit, death, debuff, magic, attack sounds, UI), audio implementation, input bug fix, music hookup, sound mixing, mute support: Roc Lee

Story outline, plot details and characters, dialog writing and implementation: Jonathan Peterson

Archer unit, title text, armor color script, UI buttons polish: Philip Greene

Unit menu bug fix: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Fort model and textures: Agustín Martínez

Battle music: Alan Zaring

Sand tile model: Tylor Allison

Mute feature: George Carter

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

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Developed Feb 21 - Apr 4, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, map generation, room layouts, collisions, tree and bush placement, landmark system, audio implementation, assorted asset integration, music system, ambient transitions, pirate sail movement, end scene: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Player sprite with animations, buddha landmark and related integration, Fish Ed animation, tilesets (undergrowth, dirt), slim tree art, axonometric template, tree damage states, bush animations, sound loop bug fix: Himar Gil Hernandez

Burping clam animation plus related particles, landmark UI, locations visited HUD, title and in-game pause menus, audio options, improvements to landmark visited logic, pirate ship icon: Kyle Black

Music and ambience (jungle, underwater), tree hit sound: Andrew Hind

Compass feature and related tuning improvements, fixed audio import issue, additional animation integration: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Objects become transparent when blocking player, compass rotation fix, sound loop fix, pirate ship landmark art and related animation: Derek Miranda

Pixel snap for flickering reduction, boid-based bird AI, parrot art: Tyler Pelaez

Bubble effect, bush hit and chop sounds: Kornel

Parrot sounds: Fahad Muntaz

Compiled and integrated credits: Chris DeLeon

Rhythm game. Just vibes!
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Developed Feb 14 - Apr 18, 2021

Project lead, frog images, core functionality, animation loading system, scene diagrams, color palette, fly and bee logic, score panel: ClayTaeto

2 looping songs, joke bug boot animation, frog design update, graphic item separation (art pipeline), font selection and related integration, fly sprite animation, continue button art: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Mute toggle, frog tongue tuning, fly eating and miss sounds, tongue changes based on collision, additional minor bug fixes: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Tadpole scene (plus related art, functionality), victory voice sound: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Bee animation sprite, case sensitive compatibility fix: Charlene A.

Pause menu and related art/functionality: Ian Cherabier

Practice commit: Clemens Reil

Compiled credits, assorted final fixes: Chris DeLeon

Control time! Stop an invasion!
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Play in-browser now, or download for Quest VR (free, side loaded apk)

Developed July 19 - Dec 20, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay, railgun and chain reaction functionality, Quest VR support, time reversibility and related locomotion, assorted bug fixes, additional level design, menu score tally/reset, ship wake effect, water and ground based movement variants, additional voxel buildings: Chris DeLeon

Title logo, menu animations, explosion effects, damage/score text pop outs, post-processing variants per stage, UI scaling, score display, laser effect tuning, particles fixes, skyscraper window lights experiment, optimizations, support for variable ammo limit per zone, high score save/load: Kornel 

Ocean level design, improved waypoint aircraft support, initialization bug fixes, Ocean story text: Ian Cherabier

Audio programming for time dilation distortion (including reversal), target alignment editor extension for level design, city ambient background noise, audio integration: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Chaos Dimension and City level design, piñata model, elephant shading: Jeremiah Franczyk

Modern skyscraper model, non-Quest VR support, VR cannon scope, trench landscape, blimp model, tree model (original and optimized): Tyler Funk

Cartoonish UFO model, WW1 plane models (Spad and Fokker), time-adjustable propellor script, damaged countryside building: Marcel van Dijk

Cinematic text intro feature, chaos dimension concept and foundation (including original temporal variations), rainbow worms, voxel model material optimization, horizon textures (city skyline, hills), trails on certain plane designs, Countryside level main layout, main menu particles cyclone, all story text authoring: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Menu, Ocean and Countryside music: Alan Zaring

Desert/City and Chaos music: Simon J Hoffiz

Models (frigate, F-16, aircraft carrier), textured main cannon: I-wei Chen

Menu to level fade transitions, time rate adjustment tuning, cannon exhaust smoke: Rikard Åkesson

Submarine model, building models for modern city, assorted spacecraft models: Gabriel Cornish

Modular spaceship and texture, standalone skyscraper model, British tank and texture: H Trayford

Models (Brandenburgertor, flying cow): Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Teleport points feature, scene reset, round summary screen: Barış Köklü

Time cannon weapon model: Trenton Pegeas

World War 2 plane model: Ygor Dimas

Cannon and explosion sounds: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Ammo cubes blink when turning off: Brian Nielsen

Additional story Input: Bjorn The Fire, Carson Sanders

A baseball themed JRPG
Role Playing
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Developed Jul 26 - Nov 1, 2020

Project Lead, core gameplay systems, characters and environment art, animations, most UI functionality, story: Cassidy Noble

Music (battle, menu, main, and elsewhere), sounds, audio code integration: Roc Lee

Skyboxes (cloudy blue and red sunset), UI visuals, font selection, additional UI hookups and tweaks, QA testing: Andy King

Additional art concept sketches: Ashleigh M.

Announcer 1 (energetic) Voice OverJustin Chin

Announcer 2 (serious) Voice Over: H Trayford

Compiled credits, additional support: Chris DeLeon

Special Thanks for code review and structure: Jonas Bötel

Biker platformer, Game Boy style!
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Developed May 10 - July 26, 2020

Project lead, main player animations, level layouts (1 - 3), game and level design direction and execution, camera tweaks, enemy biker animations, alien guard idle animation, core tile set - master spritesheet (bar / highway / area 51), low-res HTGD logo, initial sound effects (incl. pause and unpause / growl and taunt, laser sound effects, explosions and glass breaking), menu border tiles, font variations, collision box authoring, ducking code, item sprites, weapons (chain whip / wheel / handlebar), additional FSM transitions, assorted bug fixes, alien incubators, UFO spritesheet, player climbing and death animations, bar exterior art, enemy placement, enemy wall boss, score hookups, boss design: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Project co-lead, base prototype, collision detection and responst system, tiled editor integration, menu system, UI code, font implementation, enemy (8 enemies) code, canvas scaling, camera movement and deadzone code, player movement, many bug fixes, parallax foreground and background layers, animation system, debug mode, credits display, audio implementation, volume change, stairs movement, multiple player states, level skip and powerup debug feature, optimizations, flying fist art and animation, enemy spit and bullet code, cutscene design and integration, win screen, jukebox functionality: H Trayford

Animations (player falling / thumbs up / idle, walking / and transitions), player FSM implementation, light wood tiles, assorted movement bug fixes, biker enemies animations (attack / walk / swig and spit), credits screen exit functionality: Gonzalo Delgado

Tiles (motorcycle / trash can / moon / stars), enemy mech boss design and animation, background music code fix, title screen sprites (incl. ufo), trash can placement, WASD support, gamepad and mobile touch support, alien mech sprite animations, alien mech code and placement, highway scroll smoothing: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

3 Music tracks (main menu / Level 2 / Level 3), music bug fix: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Level 1 music: Alan Zaring

3 Enemy animations (flyer/crawler/chunky) and related code: Trenton Pegeas

Animation speed tweaks, sounds (player hurt and enemy damage), extra life pickup: Vaan Hope Khani

Mute audio with M key, player jump sound effect: Martina Natale

Level 1 tiles and props (pool table and several shelves): I-wei Chen

Cheat code system: Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Practice commit: Michael Richards

Local multiplayer scooter delivery
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Developed Dec 6 - Mar 28, 2021

Project co-lead (main/design), initial gameplay prototypes, main map layout for city, reference photos, order randomization, sounds (bike, dropoff, trash collision, phone sounds), driving tuning, collision fixing, buildings (pub, apartments, beach hotel), destroyable bins, brake lights, text tips, street signs, majority of building placement, fences, additional input work, NPC car and pedestrian spawning, delivery item models (long pole, fridge, signs, speaker, bag, TV, microwave, washing machine, beer boxes), assorted environment art props, signs, multiplayer phone-style menu support, scene cleanup, traffic system prototype, screen mode transition controls, phone orders navigation, pedestrian masks and hats, more scooter variations, title song vocals and guitar: Stebs

Project co-lead (technical), delivery mechanics, NPC vehicles, camera code, nav mesh setup, order mechanics, countdown, initial light baking, UI & phone bug fixing, scoring, competing delivery NPC AI, pedestrian system, additional co-op multiplayer functionality, additional sound hookups, UI resizing, destructible object particles, physical delivery display, many bug fixes and tweaks, title screen touch up, scene song transition, solved multiplayer timing bug: Cassidy Noble

Project co-lead (art), title logo, vehicles (scooter with riders, bahn bao guy, expat bike rider, taxi, car, motorcycle, delivery truck, van, pickup truck), buildings (shop A, Chip's Apartment), props (street sign, tables, chairs, trees, rat), ground (road and sidewalk variations, crosswalks, grass), GPS arrow, screen UI phases, filler building material, static mesh optimizations: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Project co-lead (audio), main songs (3) with variations, music manager, audio integration, music bug repairs, audio zones, vocal adjustment, intro beat boxing sketch: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

GPS feature, minimap, pathfinding, AI optimizations, pathing node placement: Brian Nielsen

Gamepad input, text message order changes for accepted orders, exposed scooter tuning, keyboard input refactor to new system, local co-op support, input improvements, player selection menu: Barış Köklü

Parked car placement, litter system, LODs (signs, trees, vehicles), baked occlusion optimization placement, filler buildings, hotel restaurant, major performance improvements, sky/fog/lighting, road work props, texture material reuse: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Customer ratings screen app for phone, phone scroll view, review messages based on ratings: Tyler Funk

Generic apartment models, early scene lighting, initial post-processing effects: Gabriel Cornish

2D driving prototype track: Vince McKeown

Sci-fi third person runner
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Developed Oct 4 - Nov 29, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay, vehicle model, thrust vfx, terrain design, environment models (incl. bridge, tunnel, tower, gate), destruction animations, meteorites, post processing, touch screen controls, sky art, toon outline effect, build configuration, defense cannon: Andy King

Music event triggers, main menu music, initial menu functionality, menu button sound, volume slider mapping: Roc Lee

Engine sound and smooth speed adjustment when boosting: Will McKay

Menu UI and animation polish (camera movement, button entry/hover), menu background scene, volume and graphics options, boost UI polish (% indicator), speed indicator: Philip Greene

Boost (including related mechanics, power up, and UI), boost animations (unused): Cassidy Noble

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Witches in Smash TV meets Brave Little Toaster
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Developed Oct 11 - Dec 6, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay, enemy AI & pathfinding, sound code, sounds, waves, broom attack animation integration, lawnmower boss (art and code), pickups, washing machine art and animation, book enemy sprites, lawnmower flame animation, gardening shovel enemy, different gun support, gun spread, ammo limit, gun items, level skip cheat, game reset, rolling credits support, game over scene, death poof: Gonzalo Delgado

Room design and tile art (yard, kitchen, living room, laundry room), level grid implementation, tile layering, subtile support, animated tile support, fridge boss animations and taunts, ice cube animation integration, teapot animation, title screen and related transitions: Tylor Allison

Player and shot velocity fixes, lifebar, lives display, dash ability gamepad support, player animation refactor, broom walk and attack animations: Andrew Mushel

Fridge boss ice cube attacks, fridge attack animation, level 3, TV boss animation and integration: Bilal A. Cheema

Menu icons (potion, pentagram, crystal ball, cauldron, necronomicon): Rutger McKenna

Book enemy animation integration, pause feature including overlay and recovery time: Grygoriy Kulesko

Witch llama concept draft: Ashleigh M.

Mute functionality: Antonio Malafronte

Placeholder description of keyboard controls: H Trayford

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Practice commit (welcome to HomeTeam!): Wesley Stagg

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