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HomeTeam GameDev

These games were created by online team members in HomeTeam GameDev. We're a community of around 100 people making games together remotely since October 2015. Each quarter we tally which members participated at least 2/3 of the weeks during those 3 months. We refer to these consistent contributors as "Game Changers."

Click on any name to learn more about that member's progress in learning game development. Anyone can apply to practice game development with HomeTeam GameDev.

Current Game Changers / Consistent Contributors:
More than four years -
23 quarters: H Trayford
21 quarters: Vince McKeown, Randy Tan Shaoxian
Four years or less -
15 quarters: Ian Cherabier, Tyler Funk, Michael "Misha" Fewkes
14 quarters: Gabriel Cornish, Stebs
Three years or less -
11 quarters: Luis Montaña, Patrick McKeown
10 quarters: Armando Navarrete, Michael Monty, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Grygoriy Kulesko
Two years or less -
8 quarters: Barış Köklü, Patrick J Thompson
7 quarters: Patrick Moffett, Jonathan Peterson
5 quarters: Syed Daniyal Ali, Neil Urwin
One year or less -
4 quarters: Chris Lange
3 quarters: Brandon Paul, Christian Gabbianelli
2 quarters: Jason Timms
1 quarter: Justin Montgomery

Former Game Changers:
16 quarters: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)
15 quarters: Tyler Allison, Charlene A., Vaan Hope Khani, Brian J. Boucher
14 quarters: Jeremy Kenyon
12 quarters: Cassidy Noble
11 quarters: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant, Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon, Kornel, Ashleigh M.
10 quarters: Gonzalo Delgado
9 quarters: Bilal A. Cheema
8 quarters: Terrence McDonnell, Simon J Hoffiz, Fahad Muntaz
7 quarters: Andy King, Jaime Rivas, Brian Nielsen, Will McKay, Justin Chin, Ryan Malm
6 quarters: ClayTaeto, Rémy Lapointe, Jeremiah Franczyk, Alan Zaring
5 quarters: Johan Östling, Nicholas Polchies, Kyle Black, Michelly Oliveira, Philip Greene, Liyi Zhang, Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu
4 quarters: Vignesh Ramesh, Roc Lee, Cooper Willis, Jared Rigby, Dan Dela Rosa, Kyle Knutson, Sergio Ferrer, Rob Tunstall, Allan Regush, Rohit "n4rwal" Kumar
3 quarters: Kise, Dan Lazar, Abhishek @akhmin_ak, Anthony Juarez, Praneil Kamat, Cameron Button, Chris Markle, Simon Donohoe, Bjorn The Fire, Antti L., Colton Henderson
2 quarters: Erik Verlage, Jeremy Jackson, Trenton Pegeas, Rami Bukhari, Andrew Mushel, FightEXP, Chad Linthicum, Evan Sklarski, Drew Beardall, Filipe Dottori, I-wei Chen, Marcel van Dijk, Carl Hughes, Andrew Hind, Ryan Cahela
1 quarter: Dominick Aiudi, MrPhil (Philip Ludington), Joshua Yee, Tor Andreas Johnsen, mike dg,, Luke Piazza, Daniel Xiao, Derek Miranda, Himar Gil Hernandez, Tyler Pelaez, Zac Bogner, Rikard Åkesson, Maimi Boucher, Rutger McKenna, Carson Sanders, Catherine San Luis, Lexi "LexiGameDev" Kunkel, Cyriel De Neve, Thomas Brandoli, Ygor Dimas, Trolzie, Brian Dieffenderfer, Daniel Viruet, NotNaut, Nic Barkdull, Samuel Axon, Ryan Young, Ryan Kevin Atienza, Erin Weaver, Paul Naser

Though we build games in HomeTeam, we are not a studio, so making the best games we can is not our top priority. HomeTeam exists to help members practice and get practical training, as well as hands-on experience on original team projects that release on schedule. The freeware games below are a byproduct of how our members are exploring and developing their potential year-round.

We'd also like to acknowledge our Community Ambassadors: Chris Lange, Vaan Hope Khani, Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte), Michael "Misha" Fewkes, Simon J Hoffiz, Johan Östling, Patrick Moffett, Gabriel Cornish, Abhishek @akhmin_ak, Ashleigh M., Cassidy Noble, Tylor Allison, Jared Rigby and Michael Monty

Save the Universe
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Developed Oct 8-Feb 11, 2024

Project lead, core gameplay, character models and all animations, player control and navigation, enemy behavior, in-game UI, underlying state machine functionality, camera, health system, additional level design, assorted bug fixes, writing, prisoner system: Syed Daniyal Ali

Castle structure (layout including parts - ground, columns, stairs, roof, windows, crates), castle materials (dark/light masonry for walls and floors, wood planks, banners), background skybox, waving banner shader, enemy stairs fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Music (lute, soulful background), sound effects (punch, kick, step, armor fall, climbing, weapon swings and strikes, wind blowing and birds chirping): Patrick McKeown

Player movement fix, enemy and player footsteps integrated, responsive menu layout, pause toggle, experimental audio code (not in release): Hamza Saleem (Scapegoat)

Main menu buttons, menu highlight outline, scene loading setup: Tyler Funk

Jump input hookup, state normalized time bug fix: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Minor camera bug fix, map seam adjustment, minor enemy particle effect tweak: Chris DeLeon

Probuilder integration and hotspot texturing: Bilal A. Cheema

Developed Jul 23-Dec 10, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, Project lead, core gameplay, road spline system, overall track and landscape, main rewind functionality, controls, replay spectator, vehicle select, result screen, models (hypercar, road segments, town building, deciduous/PCG tree), UI gauges, paint color support, base map functionality, controller rumble, sound (menu navigation, muscle car tires, gear change, additional engine audio, tired skidding, shifting), Blues tune, flares, audio menu functionality, various bug fixes and asset integration, loading screen: Patrick Moffett

Racer AI (navigation, avoidance, crash correction, hit response), difficulty tuning, assorted bug fixing (esp. related to freeze bugs, rewind feature), in-game menu custom button styling, addressed subtle exploits, rewind feature improvements, UI features (finish line indicators, race position), voice acting (radio station intros, AI racer barks), advanced visual logging, variable resolution support, map and minimap improvements, build configuration: Justin Montgomery

Music (orchestral, chiptune, rock, country), sports car model, guard rails, many rock models with textures, rain (particles and sound), pine trees with variations, square flag: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Dynamic engine sound, base commuter AI: Fahad Muntaz

UI color pallete, Options menu setup, button styles, font integration (PassionOne): Michael Monty

Clock tower, main menu, button bindings fix: Tyler Funk

Village area track, mountain terrain features: Brian J. Boucher

Skidmarks: Neil Urwin

Alpine Hotel model: Cooper Willis

Diamond road sign model, road signs (public domain): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Pause menu: Tom Schultz

Playtesting: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)


Developed Jul 23-Nov 19, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay (player movement, weapons, splash damage, resource pickups, inventory system, added pickup items), environment development (spawners, game world design, additional level design), core gameplay UI, audio (gameplay music composer, integration, music manager, additional sounds), enemy AI (enemy types, enemy behavior, created encounter triggers and listeners, scatter shot and piercing damage), main menu, pause menu, performance optimization, save/load of player preferences: Brandon Paul

Brutal fortress level, vfx (scattershot, ice blast, steam, fire barrier, shot impacts), pickup material improvements, lighting, environment pieces (animated lava, pipes, railings, arches, ramps, small stairs, walls, doors, concrete barrier, keys, light trim, walkways, rocks, ceiling lights, rocky walls, sharp corner, reusable ceiling modules, gear, curved stairs), textures (pressure-plate, amber light, amber trim, concrete, dark steps, tech greeble, stone tiles, grate walkway, warning strip, several concrete texture variations), skybox, crosshair: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Quadruped model and materials, bonefrog enemy: Patrick J Thompson

Models and materials (item spawner, enemy tower, fireball, tower enemies, 3 health pickup variants): Armando Navarrete

Models (animated hands, key, ammo/potions, beacon): Cassidy Noble

Barrier demon animated model, audio bark for barrier enemy: Tyler Funk

Sounds (pickups, attacks, doors, speed pickup, portal), menu music, ammo UI, grace jumps and enemy drops: Zach Rouhana

Sounds (enemy explosion, hitscan damage), audio bug fix, collider trigger fixes: Stebs

Shield and health models: Gabriel Cornish

Enemy initial projectile support: Neil Urwin

Gameplay music performance (guitar and bass), used with permission: Loren White (non-member)

An exploratory game where you can collect exotic plants, build art pieces, and relax. Beginner expedition into UE5

Developed Oct 1, 2023 - Jan 28, 2024

Project lead, core gameplay, quest goals system, main design for scene, interface, end/pause screens, plant harvesting UI, scene cleanup, snow biome, fauna placement, preview mode, inventory tracking for build materials, plant growth and interaction focusing on maturity indicators, harvesting requirements, planter box upgrades, visual maturity cues, earlier building and inventory design, interface widgets and focus system, normals fix, planter box, LFS testing: Chris Lange

(Changes mostly implemented in C++ and working locally, however due to integration issues are not in the final release) Seed and plant implementation, UI for plant description, UMG build integration, plant needs and destruction, stats code, folder organization, additional map touch up: Christian Gabbianelli

Footstep sound integration, shell actor/material, configured project to compile automatically at startup, build script and git hook, bug fix for interaction target change: Tyler Funk

Exotic 3D plants and related glow effect, snow weather, alien grass, item pickup and drop system: Armando Navarrete

Music, sound effects (footstep, harvesting plant and seed variations): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Trellis and gnome models: Neil Urwin

Wind and drone sounds: ND Jia

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Developed Mar 26-Jul 2, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, teleportation shader creation, bug fixes, environment design including related props and puzzles (warehouse, recreational, computer, electricity), sci-fi chair and table, click functionality, door model, air control, dash jump tuning, electric floor particles, movement tutorial, button state visual, document/email UI, fade transition: Ian Cherabier

Holo-bridge energy crate placement/movement, power station, elevator fixes, holo platforms in electricity room, electrified floor, power crate interaction, power station and recreational area, storage shelves, holo goggles text, warehouse area dialogue, energy cubes, interactive door switch, warehouse spawn point, pause menu restart option, movable block interaction, additional holo goggles sounds, scan line for holo-goggles, warehouse wall texture, pause menu toggle: Stebs

H.E.L.L area puzzles, checkpoint system additions, forcefields, falling blocks destruction, safe blocks particles, lift animation fix, restricted area sign, holo toggle, basic bot, mute, carryable objects, short beat loop, generic interactions support: Neil Urwin

Music (main menu, warehouse), player jump time grace, sounds (holo-goggles, foot steps), main menu implementation, implemented sounds for movement and landing, sound normalization: Brandon Paul

Corridor scene including lighting and object placement, tablet and document corrections, textures for pause and items, menu font integration, hammer model, functionality for reading computers/tablets and dialogue display: Luis Montaña

Effects for screens and camera, upgraded lab lighting and environment details, title screen decoration, assorted wire and cable models, laboratory wall material, stairs, environment building blocks: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Writing, security cameras, models (doors, phone, office supplies, furniture, door with frame, paper, laptop): Cassidy Noble

Checkpoint functionality and related art, respawn support: Simon J Hoffiz

Door camera transition, holo goggle, additional camera behavior: Patrick J Thompson

Robot vacuum pathing (including door support), shiny crate, scene load fix: Chris Lange

Moving platform, UI crosshair, models (fuel tank, button, shelf): Armando Navarrete

Horizontal lift support, neon pulse, jump speed fix: Barış Köklü

Emission lighting, floor grid: Gabriel Cornish

Playtesting: Stebs, Michael Monty, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Cassidy Noble

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Developed Apr 2-July 2, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, player movement, controls, diggerang, map generation, tile art, particle effects, inventory system, sound code (including compressor), sprite system, collectibles, enemy code (including crawler, tentacle, patroller, bat), debug minimap, damage tuning, screen transition effect, unbreakable bricks, auto-tiles art, ore lifetime, large font, health drops, lighting effects, shield upgrades, treasure details, scoring, upgrades, depth awards, credits display, inventory screen, in-game music, additional player sounds, title screen: Ryan Malm

Player stats (steps, jumps, helicopters), inventory stats (playtime, enemies killed), stats display, gamepad controls, assorted room prefabs (t-intersection, platform, longhallway, stairs left, stairs right, hut, hallway, well, plus, checkerboard, pipe), tentacle monster eyelids, irregular tentacle length, stalagmites, player damage display, sound priority adjustments, randomized collectible and footstep sounds, minimap with arrow icon and depth indicator: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player damage screen shake, falling rocks damage other rocks, map replay, reusable player collider, ore costs for diggerang & helicopter, rock & dense rock tile code, explosive tile cascade, ore bar expansion to 2600 ore, partial tile damage shake, 4-hit conversion for dense ore, tile damage tracking in tilemap: H Trayford

Sound variation randomizer, sounds (player damage, crumbling rock variations, explosions, boomerang flying loop, pickups, shovel to metal): Johan Ostling

Title music: Klaim (A. Joel Lamotte)

Player sprite, unobtanium ore, gems, 90s treasures: Kyle Knutson

Sounds (dirt dig, jump variations, soft landing, health pickup, depth goal): Patrick McKeown

Bones collectible inventory tab, ore display, hjkl movement: Jonathan Peterson

Sprite moving directions, prevented helicopter mode while diggerang is out: Jacob LeCoq

Bone sprite: Chad Serrant

Playtesting: Joel Lamotte (Klaim) and Michael Primo

A procedurally-generated rogue-like turn-based RPG
Role Playing
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Developed July 10-Dec 4, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, ap turn system, level procedural generation, story, combat, environment titles, enemies (art and AI) and boss, talents, charms, door functionality, pillar interactions, player sprites, inventory, fuel system, asset integration, title screen, UI, vfx, assorted bug fixes, help screens, vendor, menu cogs layout: Tylor Allison

Fuel cells, treasure chest art, keys, funguy sprite with animations, rock clutter, door animations, scarab, gem colors, digger bot, bonk weapon, mace and club, crystals, mine props: Vince McKeown

Player armor sprite variations (including reactor green), gem sprite, sounds (gem break, item pickup, player step, motor whir, household devices, boss footstep, currency pickup, failed action, cog use, trap, open ches, door open, vendor transaction, beetle, thump bot, shock, menu action, poke, swing), darker bot variations: Patrick McKeown

Bio floor, giant rat, Rou\'s sprite update, uthoring additional weapon names: Roxcon

Playtesting organizer, translated test responses into action items, organized live testing: Ashleigh M.

Stair picture, crash fix on using unusable item, new gizmo sprite, menu button art: Jonathan Peterson

Sound effects (pokes, hacks, bonks, ice/dark/flame weapons, doors closing, assorted retro fantasy sounds), vine obstacle art: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Title art, game over prompt concept: FightEXP

Menu background cogs: Gonzalo Delgado

In-game options menu toggle, quick slot key hookups: Tor Andreas Johnsen

Brass cog sprite: Johan Östling

Credits scene setup: H Trayford

Early song draft (adapted to a different game): Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Practice commit: Jiho Yoo

Anime Boxing Simulation
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For Mac use the itch app to download the native build

Developed Dec 4 - Apr 16, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, 3D character modeling / textures / animations, enemy AI, fight system, IK support, input handling, boxer movement, music, camera behavior, toon shader experimentation and tweaks, audio system, health and stamina, asset integration, menus, flame effects, match logic, scoreboard, font selection: Patrick J Thompson

Hit collision improvements, background crowd visual, sounds (ring bell, crowd ambient noise, boos, punches, hit oofs, footsteps, menu audio), keyboard control, airburst shockwave, facial expressions (with blinking): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Updated anime/outline shader, rendering pipeline adjustments: Tyler Funk

Boxing ring, crowd state management, punch trail shader: Neil Urwin

Block mechanic (initial functionality): Barış Köklü

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Developed Sep 17-Dec 10, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay. player and boss sprites, melee, dialogue manager, main level design, boss fight,  turret, UI, assorted environment art, knockback, detective elements (murder scene, weapon, related implementation), chains, boss sound, projectiles: Luis Montaña

Docks secret area design, draw bridge, checkpoint system, health pack, toxic water animation, camera zoom on trigger, drawn respawn, fall respawns with delay: Ian Cherabier

Movement tuning, player death, turret bullet collision, dialog box polish (fade, blip), police chatter, Buzztown theme integration, debug cheats, player reset, sounds (jump, hit, death, turret shot, steam whistle): Stebs

Steamdog sprite, steam particles, parallax, environmental decoration (skyline, background pipes, spinning gears, whistle, streetlight): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Buzztown theme music: Zach Rouhana

Camera look ahead, ground tile fill, floor tile variation, player melee sound: Gabriel Cornish

Main menu, robot dog sound, healthpack full feedback, credits screen setup: Neil Urwin

Steamborg sprite with animations, Steamborg functionality (based on Steamdog): Chris Lange

Playtesting: Stebs, Ian Cherabier, Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Topdown 3D action shooter ala Vampire Survivors. Fight against swarms of rogue AI machines and survive!

HomeTeamGameDev's first released Unreal 5 game

Developed Apr 16-Jul 30, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, enemy and boss AI, player movement, main gameplay UI elements, main menu, health system, sounds (abilities cooldown and laser), particle effect for plasma rifle, turrets, main enemy spawner, enemy damage, trash robot animations and integration, experience pickup model and emissive shader, player level and skill selection, concept art, styled menus, night map, visual effects and sound effects for abilities and environment, gameplay balancing, additional sound cues, level design (including lighting and environment decoration), assorted bug fixes: Tyler Funk

Player level up system, timer/cooldown component, internal test map area, bomb ability, bombs explode, pooling optimization, enemy physics improvements, base projectile, disc destroyer ability, simple napalm trail ability, gravity vortex ability, ability screen appears on level up, experience bar setup, loot drop: Christian Gabbianelli

Satellite robot enemy and projectile models, Destroyer Disk ability model, Napalm boots material and flame trail, napalm damages enemies, auto fire toggle for primary ability, time freezes for boss battle, boss countdown, visual effects (pickup for experience and health, firework, level up, ring around player, floating cross), health booster functionality and model, visual indicator for the enemy range, enemy red light pulse to indicate seeking or angry mode, post-match summary screen, pause menu functionality, kill counter: Chris Lange

Mail robot (sounds for voice and voice attack, projectile), view zoom control, volume settings, audio channel mixes, health pickup improvements (drop chance adjustment, bounces when spawned), player character firing aim, health drop tuning: Patrick Moffett

Main Character Model and materials, UI icons (napalm boots, attack speed, bomb, attack damage, attack speed, tornado, crit damange and chance, weapon piercing, multi-shot, updates for vortex and plasma rifle), napalm boots duration tuning, 7 laser sound variations, ability balancing: Patrick J Thompson

Audio implementation, sound effects and related integration (player level-up, napalm boots, menu sounds, robot sounds), looping sound fix, health pickup functionality, mailbox bot movement: Megan Frazier

Downtown level, drone enemy with randomized movements and tracking, fade feature, zip line feature: Armando Navarrete

Player damage, enemy spawning improvements, sounds (health pickup, metal impact, plasma gun, build turret, robot malfunction): Brandon Paul

Environment models (office divider, hydrant, mailbox, picket fence), ten gradient textures: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Temporary player invulnerability after damage, recolor signal from recent damage: Justin Chin

Mailbox robot with animations, officer sentry unit: Cassidy Noble

A peaceful town puzzle game with a bit of animal crossing vibe. A HomeTeam GameDev project.
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Developed July 4 - Nov 21, 2021

Core gameplay, project lead, AI behaviors, main artist, primary writer, tutorial, UI framework and primitives, performance optimizations, environment design, building/furniture art, NPC and object interactions, pathfinding, fairy/gnome sprites, custom editor, particles, input handling, asset management, hints system: Tylor Allison

Bar assets (including game cards), floor rune relay, rock relay integration, runes, vendor house flower pot update, spark flower animations, mute refactor, stairs, assorted beach shells, electric zap sound, plants (fern, wild flowers, large leaf plant, shrubs), door open/close sounds, rocks: Vince McKeown

Tree, flower pot (including animation), sounds (fairy wings, wind chimes, silver and gold bells, gnome grumbling variations, cheers, sparks), additional sprite integration, gnome chatter, gloom and enlightened walk states, various scenery decoration improvements (vendor, plant variations, seashells, palm tree): Patrick McKeown

Music: Alan Zaring

Initial main menu functionality, options state, button sounds, music and sound volume sliders, door opening sound, additional level editing: Vaan Hope Khani

Pillar activation sound, vendor sounds, gnome sweeping animation, action UI icons: Chris DeLeon

Title screen decoration, minor tutorial editing, lamp post sound hookup: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Story and dialog work (incl. Ciara, the barkeeper), updates to map areas for vendor and tower: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

NPC morale and like/dislike indicators, indicators sprite sheet: Philip Greene

Tinkerer shop sprites: Gonzalo Delgado

Developed Jun 26-Oct 9, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, character animations, toon shader, level design, boss fight, checkpoints, fire hazards, player movement and combat, enemy AI, camera code, door trigger system, dynamic wire color, moving platforms, robot model, conveyor belt, environment models (crane, dumpster, street light, window, street sign, rubble), tutorial UI, audio integration, assorted sounds (crane, battery, jump, flamethrower, footsteps, enemy hit sound), pressure switches, battery model and material with damage variation, song crossfade, destroyable barrels: Patrick Moffett

Final boss music, barrel model with wood textures, cement mixer, boss fight sound, tree model, robot hover sound, shovel model, hardhat, hammer: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Fall damage, hip fire when target locked, slingshot trail effect, shot arc: Cooper Willis

Player healthbar, UI ammo indicator, game over buttons, menu text improvements, updates to loading screen and general UI: Michael Monty

UI scaling, stair collider fix, menu skybox improvement, end game explosion effects, debug cheats functionality, gamepad pause support, better targeting behavior: Mike DiGiovanni

Factory music: Ashleigh M.

Sounds (ammo pickup, slingshot firing and hit), slingshot pebble model, machine whirring loop, material variations for buildings: Chris DeLeon

Health pickup item with related sound: Fahad Muntaz

Health pickup heals player, pause/unpause: Colton Henderson

Grass shader: Rohit Narwal Kumar

Water dripping sound effect: Jared Rigby

Playtesting: mike dg, Michael Monty, and Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Survive the Waves of 'Rude Machines' on a tiny platform.
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Developed May 8 - July 17, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, player weapons, power bar, lighting, main AI states, float bot, plasma attack, destruction particles, player hand models, enemy spawn manager, medium bot improvements, damage sphere, pickup indicators, health regeneration, various enemy tweaks, damage sounds, wave display, decorative effects, game over UI, blue drone, slow motion pickup, asset integration and bug fixes, improved audio system: Bilal A. Cheema

Medium floating bot, rudetech logo, caution decal, small melee/explosion bot model and texture, cylinder bot art, debug spawner: Liyi Zhang

Laser eye with trail, drone guard model and textures, proximity AI, muzzle flash particles, directional damage indicator sprite, assorted sounds (including variations for slow mo, shots, robot sound, explosions, hit impacts, jumps, engines, self destruct): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Self destruct enemy behavior, additional work on melee enemy: Syed Daniyal Ali

Score based on survival time, score save/restore, game timer, fall death: Farah R

Drone music: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Sounds (waller attack, idle, and small destruction): Patrick McKeown

Flapping sounds: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Playtesting: Gonzalo Delgado, Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila, Rohit Narwal Kumar, Liyi Zhang, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Tyler Funk, Patrick McKeown

A small strategy game playable in the browser.
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Developed Jul 2-Nov 12, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, level editor, central UI code (including buttons, sliders, city panel, workers control), movement and pathfinding, main AI behaviors, level design, base gameplay mechanics, original unit art and environment sprites, options, tuning, music integration, assorted bug fixes: Jonathan Peterson

Battle mode and army creation screen enhancements, city/army UI features, battle map environment details, spawn logic, world view refactor and terrain improvement, unity battle behaviors, audio system, assorted sound integration, pause functionality: Jason Timms

Pathfinding improvements, game logo, movement sprites, sidebar/top bar visual touch up, terrain sprites (mud with grass, mountain tiles, additional foliage), additional UI (create army background, army/city info fixes, help window/button), interaction fixes (menu click accuracy, tile hover warning, sound autoplay bug, better map panning): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Camera unit follow, world entity sidebar and related fixes, button interactions, turn end button, unit selection improvements, unit counter, debug mode URL toggle: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Turn taking code, tile art (forests, town, farm, flags, water), peasant sprite (both team variations, world and battle mode), end turn functionality: Vince McKeown

Music (background, battle, map view), additional map design, battle sounds: Patrick McKeown

Camera pan smoothing, UI layout adjustments, sounds (button hover, click): Gabriel Cornish

Spearman unit variant art: John Fortune

Debug toggle and tile grid visual test: Arnaud Morisset

Playtesting: Luis Montana, Ian Cherabier, Stebs

Amnesiac and l lost in the dark woods you finally reach a disturbing house. Not for people afraid of the dark.
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For Mac use the itch app to download the native build

Developed Aug 7, 2022-Mar 19, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay design and implementation, level design and interior layouts, puzzle design and implementation, UI and screens, story, player movement, item manipulation and examination, lock and key system, sky made more scary, door behavior, ugly wallpapers, slope handling, camera behavior, ladder system, music (background, intro, music box), various game objects mechanics, house collision adjustments, scale improvements, light tweaks, title screen, instructions text, many bug fixes: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Grass shader, models with materials (treasure chest, toilet, sink, chair with comfy variation, clay flower pot, bed, music box) with related integration, sounds (foostep), environment scale reference: Liyi Zhang

Models with materials (lighter, plate, frying plan, mushrooms, torch, candle), flame behavior, lighting experiments, uneven fog/dust, mushroom generator, camera adjustment, lighter and pan integration (with sounds), skitter and dripping audio variations, additional sound integration, held item physics fix: Johan Östling

Models with materials (wood dresser, keys, gold bar, iron cauldron, landern, door, window frame, cardboard boxes, stoven and assorted kitchen appliances), player animated body shadow, house materials (multiple wall types, roof, kitchen surfaces, carpet), sounds (creaking floor, doors, chests, gates), decorative interior model placement: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Spooky music, sounds (unlock door, collision reverb with material variations, nearby steps, crystal ball toggle, light switch, creepy eye watching, mumbling, eye pain flame): Patrick McKeown

Animated models (pine tree, leafless tree, shrubbery) with related materials, tree placement, landscape texturing, shaders (sky gradient, moon to night sky, pixelated screen): Tyler Funk

Glow and fog, interactable highlight shader, scene flow, window and mirror: Kyle Black

Night ambient sound recordings, credits info: Chris DeLeon

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Developed Jun 18-Oct 1, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay programming/design, character animations & models (playable characters [Dani, Raven, Sophie primary model, Tristan, Theo, Phoebe, Erebus], monsters [Cherufe, Miniwashitu and generic monster], all clothing), initial iteration of battle system (attack system, damage system, resurrection code, guard functionality, turn-based mechanics, UI, world & level design, scene transitions, inventory [items, clothing, wands, hats, consumables]), cheats, currency and store system, tuning, intro and ending cutscene, assorted integrations and bug fixes: Cassidy Noble

Full second iteration of battle system - Auto battle system, Targeting system, AoE attacks, battle logic, turns system, abilities enhancements, dynamic AI component, event-driven mechanisms, attack animation hookups, character state management, buffs/debuffs, ability usability from UI, dynamic magic point updates, player targeting fixes, health system refinement, miscellaneous optimizations and fixes: Christian Gabbianelli

Character models with rigging - Sophie 2.0 variation, generic/base woman, animated weapon connection, character details (glasses, cloth sim, hair): Patrick J Thompson

Music (combat, exploration) and related integration, sequencer setup, procedural dungeon generator, key pickup and door unlock functionality and UI, door animation hookup: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Battle stats (health, magic, agility, finesse) including related UI and framework, auto battle spell support, state machine conflict fix, status effect improvement, combat targeting, experience system: Chris Lange

Night skybox, moon with moonbeam effect, raven particles, lava falls, title screen decoration, additional main menu functionality: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Pause menu – UI, animations, volume controls: Ian Cherabier

Various main menu functionality (UI hover, button functionality, help screen): Stebs

Lava improvements (lighting, particles, waterfall layout): Gabriel Cornish

Sounds (rumble, shatter, and swoosh), main menu mute button: Brandon Paul

Player party duplicate entry fix: Neil Urwin


Developed Apr 9-July 2, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, settings, accessibility options, player attribute system, combat system, weapon data, spawn system, scoring system, level data management, item collection system, player money management, sound management, dialog system, text system, shop system, sprite management, player interaction system, VFX/UI feedback, player animations, ammo effects, bonus point sound, volume controls: Michael Monty

Music (pause, intro, outro, game over, cliff, graveyard), sounds (hiss, pick up, game over voice), dialog and related UI, solved input error, pause menu, fog effects and URP package, fog texture, zigzag patterns, torch, tilemap patterns, mode option: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Music integration and improvements (main menu, game over, gameplay), gameover screen sprites, gameover screen particles and labels, cobweb and stalagmite sprites, tombstone sprite: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Game over music, textbox design, sounds for bonus points and max combo: Jared Rigby

Combat music: Cooper Willis

Save data manager: Patrick Moffett

Weapon switch sound: Fahad Muntaz

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

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Developed Mar 12 - June 11, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, level generation with related authoring, systems (ability, combat, attribute, mana, traps, audio), base enemy AI, sounds (spikes, spider attack, additional bat attack, game over), assorted art (arrows, dungeon tiles, frog animations, frog spawner, bandaid, candy, attack power), speed boots, game over handling, item drops, font integration, treasure rooms: Patrick Moffett

Environmental art (tree trunk, white and green flowers, rocks, post, coffin, crates, barrels, bush, cave walls, web, furniture, bookshelves, bricks with variations, additional tiles), assorted sprites (armor, archer hood, archer character incl. animations), fireflies (including related post processing), tree collisions, sounds (fireball), texture fog, main menu song, death effect, dust: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Spider (attacks, animations, stun effect, controller), hit flash, treasure chests, sprites (fireball, turret, UI bars, buttons), fireball sound, player stat tracking, health and mana bar functionality, UI buttons, poison status, frog enemy with tongue attack: Michael Monty

Twin stick control, player dodge, bat animation and attack projectile, stats GUI, various stats measurements: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Mysterious cave music: Cooper Willis

Spike trap functionality, spreadshot: Adam Smith

Sounds (bat attack, spider web): Jared Rigby

Player attack icon: Fahad Muntaz

Use the power of your furious feet to kick evil comets into puffs of dust!
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Developed Aug 7-Oct 30, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, player control, main sprites and related animations (platform, player, enemy, shots), title and intro music, Spanish and French translations, powerups, invulnerability frames, score tracking, parallax backgrounds, UI, intro sequence including images, audio and animation code, sounds (explosion, shot), menu system, tuning, color trails, logo, control remapping: Michael Monty

New jump physics, wall sticking, drop through platform (firing up), save/restore of input and sound settings, assorted fixes (sound menu, high refresh rate input, audio during pause or game over, missiles bug), game over to reset, low pass filter, util functions: Patrick Moffett

Color selection, various fixes (high score freeze, device detection, high refresh rate physics, spawn timers, collectible duration, move consistency, spawn frequency): mike dg

Future music, missile art, collection sound, lose hp sound, rotating shield sprites: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Gamepad, screenshake, particles (dust, smoke, fire, sparkle, glow, explosion), title screen decoration, score initialization bug correction, collision fix, blurry font fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Chinese translation, shield hit noise, pause system: Jared Rigby

Playtesters: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte), Cassidy Noble, Patrick J Thompson, mike dg, Patrick McKeown, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Rohit Narwal Kumar, Tor Andreas Johnsen

Ice hockey like you've never seen before!
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Developed June 5-Aug 21, 2022

Project lead, gameplay mechanics, 3D models [characters, hockey net, hockey puck], animation rigging, animation (authored and procedural/physics/IK), AI, net, local multiplayer, goalie mechanics, keyboard and gamepad support, scoring and possession rules, camera behavior,  sounds (crowd, hit post, boards bounce, goalie check, possession, puck catch), audio implementation, rag dolls, assorted bug fixing, animation compatibility with instant replay, usability improvements, overtime, controller support: Patrick J Thompson

Slo-mo / instant replay system, scene models (bleachers, rocks, snow banks, grass, side boards, bush, tree, horizon tree line), scene lighting improved goal tender appearance: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Computer controller opponent AI: Neil Urwin

Body check and related input, rink scratches: Tyler Funk

Crowd effect, start menu: Gabriel Cornish

Puck model with variations, crowd reactions: Stebs

Sounds for skating, puck hit, and puck bouncing off boards: Rob Tunstall

Ice tracks shader: Andy King

Puck trail effect: Chris DeLeon

3 Powerful Hover Mechs with an objective to obliterate hostile entities on Mars.
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Developed July 18 - Oct 10, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, main mech development (models and functionality), level design, portal weapon, building models, enemy mech AI, night mode, minimap, Mars textures, muzzle flash, emissions effects, lighting, in-game cursor, camera functionality, projectile pooling, orthographic setup, shield bar, additional weapon sounds, assorted bug fixes, culling optimization, low shield warning, quality settings: Bilal A. Cheema

Gameplay music, menu music, forcefields shader, explosion effect, aim improvements, laser shaders, editor script bug fix, explosion pooling, hitpoints system, crater models, fire and smoke effects, additional building, music manager: Will McKay

Boost feature functionality, UI, AI waypoints support, sound manager, initial sound integration, start menu, assorted code/warnings cleanup, menu fade, menu colors:

Laser fence, grid wall, additional rock model, shield pickup, power pickup, pick up rotation, building repair, Calamity homing rockets, sound and music toggles, controller settings menu: Filipe Dottori

Initial prototype functionality, original design co-lead for weapons and mechs, trigger and camera design, spaceship model, aim functionality: Nouman Waheed

Sounds (shield pickup, low shield warning, ion cannon, EMP, power pickup, rifle, rocket, bomb, portal, building destruction, enemy cannon), several rock models: Patrick McKeown

Calamity rockets sound: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Selection sound: Philip Greene

Control time! Stop an invasion!
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Developed July 19 - Dec 20, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay, railgun and chain reaction functionality, Quest VR support, time reversibility and related locomotion, assorted bug fixes, additional level design, menu score tally/reset, ship wake effect, water and ground based movement variants, additional voxel buildings: Chris DeLeon

Title logo, menu animations, explosion effects, damage/score text pop outs, post-processing variants per stage, UI scaling, score display, laser effect tuning, particles fixes, skyscraper window lights experiment, optimizations, support for variable ammo limit per zone, high score save/load: Kornel 

Ocean level design, improved waypoint aircraft support, initialization bug fixes, Ocean story text: Ian Cherabier

Audio programming for time dilation distortion (including reversal), target alignment editor extension for level design, city ambient background noise, audio integration: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Chaos Dimension and City level design, piñata model, elephant shading: Jeremiah Franczyk

Modern skyscraper model, non-Quest VR support, VR cannon scope, trench landscape, blimp model, tree model (original and optimized): Tyler Funk

Cartoonish UFO model, WW1 plane models (Spad and Fokker), time-adjustable propellor script, damaged countryside building: Marcel van Dijk

Cinematic text intro feature, chaos dimension concept and foundation (including original temporal variations), rainbow worms, voxel model material optimization, horizon textures (city skyline, hills), trails on certain plane designs, Countryside level main layout, main menu particles cyclone, all story text authoring: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Menu, Ocean and Countryside music: Alan Zaring

Desert/City and Chaos music: Simon J Hoffiz

Models (frigate, F-16, aircraft carrier), textured main cannon: I-wei Chen

Menu to level fade transitions, time rate adjustment tuning, cannon exhaust smoke: Rikard Åkesson

Submarine model, building models for modern city, assorted spacecraft models: Gabriel Cornish

Modular spaceship and texture, standalone skyscraper model, British tank and texture: H Trayford

Models (Brandenburgertor, flying cow): Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Teleport points feature, scene reset, round summary screen: Barış Köklü

Time cannon weapon model: Trenton Pegeas

World War 2 plane model: Ygor Dimas

Cannon and explosion sounds: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Ammo cubes blink when turning off: Brian Nielsen

Additional story Input: Bjorn The Fire, Carson Sanders

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Developed Sept 4-Dec 11, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, level design, enemy AI, player movement, camera system, controller support, title screen, modeling (small enemy ship, player ship, apartment, gunship, pickups), UI, hit sound, lasers, shield animation, explosions, texturing, post processing, level transitions, help screen: Jared Rigby

Base enemy, player health system, attack functionality, enemy shot collision, pause menu: Colton Henderson

Main gameplay music, ground turret model, skyline generation, tunnel, concrete, additional obstacle placement: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Final boss music, trees models with variations: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Main menu music, boost sound effect: Fahad Muntaz

Settings Menu, code tag comparison optimization: mike dg

Pickup sound effects, scorekeeper system: Chris DeLeon

Mouse aim: Tyler Funk

Playtesting: Patrick Moffett


Developed Apr 2-Jul 23, 2023

Project lead and core gameplay, boss fights (including animations and functionality), level design tilemaps and terrain, health and damage system, enemy behaviors (aggressive flying robot, tinypassive robot, fast enemy), implementation of spikes and holes, player animations (idle, walk, damage), menu interfaces (gameplay, victory, game over, level select), countdown, volume control, music (countdown delay, "thanks for playing" menu), sound effects (jump, coins, heart item, aggressive flying enemy and robot laser), debugging and optimization: Sergio Ferrer

Garden theme, gameplay camera system look and feel, stomp bug fix, coin animation and physics change, heart item animation, audio system, tongue attack, state machine refactor, frog interactions with fly, boss background and UI components, raindrop attack, debug features, fixed boss position, AI improvements, forest stalk enemy, points scoring, time slowing on stomp, improved FX for bug interactions, garden level fixes, parallax enhancements, level camera added to garden: Kyle Black

Tiny Timmy Lab song, tiny tank, roomba machine, window tint update, tiny car, red and black ants, large bucket hand fist, bucket hand with water and fight stance, sitting & standing sprites for bucket with fist, mushroom monster, additional versions of Tiny Timmy, tiny bot, firefly (art, buzz audio, and additional functionality): Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Aggressive flying enemy behaviour improvements, ant enemies, game over menu, health restoration heart, powerup spawning, coin mechanics including movement and collection, improved enemy behaviour (ground and flying), addition of a flying enemy, boss interactions (bullet collision and health bar), addition of pause state: Dan Dela Rosa

Ant stomp detector adjustment, backyard garden level collision fixes, high scores system, ranking, high scores screen connection to main menu, score sorting and saving, save/load score functions addition: Fahad Muntaz

Aggressive flying enemy functionality and sprite customization, enemy manager debugging, pause menu and key mapping: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Sounds (jump, slingshot, frog croak, robot variations): Jared Rigby

Main menu, menu parallax background effect: Thomas Brandoli

Aggressive wasp spritesheet: Cooper Willis

Battle giant ships in space

Developed Sept 18, 2022-Mar 5, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, main controls, fueler and midsize ship level designs, level select, shield generator functionality, debugging visualizations, overall game flow: Chris DeLeon

Player guided missile functionality, machine gun functionality and visual effects, big and small ship collision/damage setups, AI ship movement additional integration, control inversion menu hookup: Syed Daniyal Ali

Audio lead, WWISE technical integration, sound effects authoring and implementation (including autocannon, player missile firing, explosions, ship engines, shield generator), music looping, linux support fixes and webGL compatibility experiments, machine gun spark effect improvements, rocket collision fix, support for more explosion audio variations, asteroid explosion randomizations: Paul Naser

Cockpit model with animated buttons, player laser (including overhead UI and functionality), laser related sounds, enemy destroyability functionality, collision fixes, missile improvements, forcefield shield handling: Patrick Moffett

Freighter boss scene (including models, functionality, latch sound, mission hookups), targeting HUD: Neil Urwin

Shield and hull damage functionality with related UI, health pickups, boss completion counter functionality and display, weapon UI, asteroid collision damage: Joshua Yee

Enemy ship movement AI main functionality (formations, chase, avoidance, path tracking with speed controls), decision level and navigation logic, fueler boss physics fixes: Maxim Kulkin

Ominous Gameplay Music: Simon J Hoffiz

Menu music: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Hard surface ship models (Orion, Spider), damage alert light effect, satellite: Cassidy Noble

Story and in-game writing: FightEXP

Ally ship (model and code), generated asteroid model, nebula shader, sprite billboarding: Rob Kayson

Turret functionality: Cooper Willis

Ship explosions (small and giant), gas clouds, modular ship turret: Gabriel Cornish

Intro cutscene animation, particle explosion bug fix: Ian Cherabier

HUD, ship barometer display: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Greeble generator, celestial planets, hull materials: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Organic ship model: Tyler Funk

Ship dock spawner functionality: Barış Köklü

Turret mode, invert vertical input support: Jonathan Peterson

Asteroid model variant, including integration: Sergio Ferrer

Asteroid model variant: Jared Rigby

Additional sound effects (enemy shot misses, lock acquired): Patrick McKeown

Pitch/roll support for mouse and gamepad: Ryan Gaillard

Turret firing sound: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Practice commit: Erin Weaver

Pirate visited an abondoned Island,what happened next was unimaginable.
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Developed May 7-Aug 15, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, sea monster, pathfinding, camera, movement and combat, projectiles and explosions, ship sinking, weapon and character animations, enemy bomb throwing, assorted bugs fixed, reward badges, grenade , boat, Dwarf, Weapons, Enemy Art and cloud movement: Syed Daniyal Ali

Weapon aiming improvements, game sprites (sandbags, bamboo, cliffs, barrels, prisoner), base island terrain, player movement fixes,character aiming and movement, weapon enhancements (shell casings, kickback, muzzle flash, player aim), additional playtesting: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player character rigging and character art improvements, background scene (sea, clouds, boulders, rain, fog, waves), inverse kinematic hookup with idle and run animations: Bilal A. Cheema

Intro music, sounds (scream variations, water pouring, pistol, rocket firing, thunder, explosion, reward badge pickup, island nature, sea monster roar and attack): Patrick McKeown

Pistol art, sounds (rain, storm, machine gun variations), badge bug fix: Johan Östling

Tuneable inaccuracy, shots self manage in memory: Paul Naser

Sound effects (laugh, boat), additional playtesting: Jason Timms

SeaMonster/barrels sound tunning and attacks adjustments: Jesmine Hegman

Background music, additional playtesting: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Puzzle, Stealth, Retro
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Developed Nov 28-Feb 27, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, level design, player sprite, decoration tiles, enemy AI, hazards, UI, music (intro / title screen), Flyer and Leaper enemies, collision code, tutorial, cutscenes, asset integration, electric wall fix, pathfinding, level menu, speedrun mode, volume sliders, title screen art, additional sound effects (menus, shots, destruction, pickups, leaper), tuning, transition effects, bug fixes, team internal documentation: Michael Monty

Hunter bot (art and code), Blocker enemy art, blocker bullet, background sound, courtyard music, ending music, turret sound, assorted bug fixing: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Music (prison, processing, armory), tile destruction effects (window, prototype for wall), editor undo/redo: Cooper Willis

Enemy explosions, gamepad support, additional key controls, test level generation: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Options menu, credits screen: Raik Gunnar Bradley

Music track, alternate player movement prototype: Brian J. Boucher

Sounds for electronic wall and window break: Ryan Kevin Atienza

Fixed Linux compatibility issue: Kevin Rangel

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Developed Mar 26-Jul 2, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, models (player tank, beetle bomber, wheel stinger, mechoid), enemy behaviors, level design, wave indicators, wave spawn system, projectiles, various improvements (UI, explosions), game over screen, pause, assorted fixes: Chad Linthicum

Health/timer/score UI, energy projectiles, dune mesh, explosion integration, atmospheric dust, muzzle flash, trail effects, logo sprite, title menu: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Music, missile particle explosion: Patrick McKeown

Smoother start/stop for drones: Johan Östling

Sound effects, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Vehicle arena combat

Developed Oct 23, 2022-Mar 25, 2023

Project lead, core gameplay, volcano terrain, main gun and laser code, player control, missile model, homing missile, geothermal station model, radar, boulder destruction, ocean, volcano effect, collectible crate, weapon UI icons, dust devils, air blast, barrel explosion, cannonballs, enemy car item pickup ability, toxic pool, cooldowns, damage system, acid weapon materials, title menu, end screen: Luis Montaña

Enemy AI core, turret code, models (tank boat, turret, barrels, trees, high caliber bullet, health pack), car selection screen, lava texture and particles, health pack hookup, sounds (missiles, vehicle explosions, barrel drop, sonic gun, turret): Armando Navarrete

20 rock models with 3 textures, road rendering, camera adjustments, environment decoration (telephone poles, grass, damaged road, guard rails, skybox), AI directional sense, AI smoothing, AI waypoints support, boost bug fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Armadillo vehicle model, visual effects (magma burst, engine jet, explosions), armadillo implementation: Patrick J Thompson

Boost pads, destroyable crates, smoke particles, sonic blast attack: Neil Urwin

Weapon switch, inventory, laser hookup: Ian Cherabier

Armored car model, camera behavior, gravel shader fix: Tyler Funk

Base menu UI: Barış Köklü

Laser sound: H Trayford

A card game set in a tavern of fantasy
Card Game
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Developed May 8 - Sept 4, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, character models/rigs/animations, card authoring, game rules, spell and monster functionality, card movements, majority of card art, base room layout, opponent AI, assorted bug fixing, player UI and related implementation, Hub Area improvements, tutorial book, card buying process, general UI creation, start of save/load system, debugging/cheats, Hub Area light baking: Cassidy Noble

Assorted bug fixing related to core gameplay (self-attack, retry, null checks, defeated card removal, Spear Shatter functionality, Inverted Tarot functionality, projectile improvement), deck saving and loading, pause menu, audio manager with related settings implemented, better card randomness, general refactoring and optimizations, spell target particle trail: Neil Urwin

3D model integration, Kitten of Mercy card art, Card placement particle effects, volumetric fog/steam, candelabra sprites, main game scene lighting, additional materials (fabric, paper, environment, placemats), mug bubbles, card prefab layout touch up: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Wood floor material, environment models (mug, barrel, coin purse, coin), rock wall clean up, animated candle flame: Tyler Funk

Candelabra sprite, Figure Skating Worm art, Vicious Might art: Luis Montaña

Background music, battle card sound effect: Rob Tunstall

Main menu functionality (integrated into Hub Area): Simon Donohoe

Hub Area scene creation, creating player deck functionality: Ian Cherabier

Pillow Fight card and art: Grygoriy Kulesko

Programming assistance, 2D hat sprites (unused): Chris DeLeon

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