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HomeTeam GameDev

These games were created by online team members in HomeTeam GameDev. We're a group of about 100 people around the world building games together since October 2015. Anyone can apply to join HomeTeam GameDev to make games with us.

We recognize these members as Game Changers, for contributions to community freeware projects 8 or more weeks per quarter – or, if they join mid-quarter, 2/3 of weeks since they started (min. 5 commit weeks).  We began this tradition in 2018, i.e. not including 2015Q4 - 2017Q4:

Current Game Changers from Q3 2022 (Jul-Sep), by number of quarters
19x: Randy Tan Shaoxian
18x: H Trayford
16x: Vince McKeown
15x: Vaan Hope KhaniBrian J. Boucher
13x: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)
11x: Tylor AllisonMichael "Misha" Fewkes
10x: Ian CherabierTyler Funk
9x: Gabriel CornishGonzalo Delgado
8x: Cassidy Noble, Ashleigh M.
7x: Justin Chin
6x: Luis MontañaPatrick McKeown, Fahad Muntaz
5x: Armando Navarrete, Michael MontyRodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Grygoriy Kulesko
4x: Johan Östling
3x: Patrick J Thompson, Rohit "n4rwal" Kumar
2x: Patrick Moffett, Liyi Zhang
1x: Jared Rigby, Colton Henderson, FightEXP

Past Game Changers, by number of quarters
15x: Charlene A.
12x: Stebs
11x: Jeff "Axphin" HanlonKornel
9x: Bilal A. Cheema
7x: Simon J HoffizJaime RivasBrian NielsenWill McKay
6x: Ryan MalmAndy KingJeremiah FranczykTerrence McDonnell, Caspar "SpadXIII" DunantAlan Zaring
5x: Kyle BlackJeremy KenyonMichelly OliveiraPhilip Greene, Barış Köklü, Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu
4x: Rémy LapointeClayTaetoRoc Lee, Rob Tunstall, Allan Regush
3x: Abhishek @akhmin_akAnthony JuarezVignesh RameshPraneil Kamat, Simon Donohoe, Bjorn The Fire, Jonathan Peterson, Antti L.
2x: Cooper WillisRami BukhariAndrew MushelKise, Chris Markle, Evan Sklarski, Drew Beardall, Filipe Dottori, I-wei Chen, Marcel van Dijk, Carl Hughes, Sergio Ferrer, Andrew Hind, Kyle Knutson, Ryan Cahela
1x: Syed Daniyal AliTrenton PegeasDan LazarDan Dela RosaErik VerlageJeremy JacksonDominick Aiudi, Nicholas Polchies,, Luke Piazza, Daniel Xiao, Derek Miranda, Himar Gil Hernandez, MrPhil (Philip Ludington), Tyler Pelaez, Zac Bogner, Rikard Åkesson, Maimi Boucher, Rutger McKenna, Carson Sanders, Catherine San Luis, Lexi "LexiGameDev" Kunkel, Cyriel De Neve, Thomas Brandoli, Ygor Dimas, Trolzie, Brian Dieffenderfer, Daniel Viruet, NotNaut, Nic Barkdull, Samuel Axon, Ryan Young, Ryan Kevin Atienza

Links above lead to itch collections showcasing released games worked on by that member, in most cases with notes about their involvement.

Although we develop games in HomeTeam, that is not our main purpose. We exist mainly to develop new developers–supporting people practicing their applied skills in multiple roles, gaining real experience in teamwork and leadership, creating demonstrable evidence of planning and follow through. All these games you see below are a byproduct of the week-to-week growth by these Game Changers above, and our other members, year-round.

We'd also like to acknowledge our Community Ambassadors, a new role to offer internal feedback about HomeTeam operations to shape changes that better serve members:

Cassidy Noble, Tylor Allison, Jared Rigby, and Michael Monty

Special thanks to past Community Ambassadors: Simon J Hoffiz, Johan Östling, Patrick Moffett, Gabriel Cornish, Abhishek @akhmin_ak, and Ashleigh M.

A procedurally-generated rogue-like turn-based RPG
Role Playing
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Developed July 10-Dec 4, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, ap turn system, level procedural generation, story, combat, environment titles, enemies (art and AI) and boss, talents, charms, door functionality, pillar interactions, player sprites, inventory, fuel system, asset integration, title screen, UI, vfx, assorted bug fixes, help screens, vendor, menu cogs layout: Tylor Allison

Fuel cells, treasure chest art, keys, funguy sprite with animations, rock clutter, door animations, scarab, gem colors, digger bot, bonk weapon, mace and club, crystals, mine props: Vince McKeown

Player armor sprite variations (including reactor green), gem sprite, sounds (gem break, item pickup, player step, motor whir, household devices, boss footstep, currency pickup, failed action, cog use, trap, open ches, door open, vendor transaction, beetle, thump bot, shock, menu action, poke, swing), darker bot variations: Patrick McKeown

Bio floor, giant rat, Rou\'s sprite update, uthoring additional weapon names: Roxcon

Playtesting organizer, translated test responses into action items, organized live testing: Ashleigh M.

Stair picture, crash fix on using unusable item, new gizmo sprite, menu button art: Jonathan Peterson

Sound effects (pokes, hacks, bonks, ice/dark/flame weapons, doors closing, assorted retro fantasy sounds), vine obstacle art: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Title art, game over prompt concept: FightEXP

Menu background cogs: Gonzalo Delgado

In-game options menu toggle, quick slot key hookups: Tor Andreas Johnsen

Brass cog sprite: Johan Östling

Credits scene setup: H Trayford

Early song draft (adapted to a different game): Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Practice commit: Jiho Yoo

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Developed Sept 11-Nov 20, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, main dice action and movement behavior, tile pushing, roaming object, sky and stars, happy tree, additional planet, detailed box model, UI, menus, lvl background music mike dg: Better cursor interaction, assorted bug fixes (red dice behavior, missed click handling, removal at character position): Rohit Narwal Kumar

Roll count, Remove tile mechanic, sound (tally, dice hookup), additional vortex effect, improved loading, Better code structure & clean up, improved roll: Kyle Black

Music: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Satellite model: Fahad Muntaz

Black hole vortex effect, tile drop sound: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Planet move sound, ringed planet model and texture: Chris DeLeon

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Developed Aug 7-Oct 30, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, player control, main sprites and related animations (platform, player, enemy, shots), title and intro music, Spanish and French translations, powerups, invulnerability frames, score tracking, parallax backgrounds, UI, intro sequence including images, audio and animation code, sounds (explosion, shot), menu system, tuning, color trails, logo, control remapping: Michael Monty

New jump physics, wall sticking, drop through platform (firing up), save/restore of input and sound settings, assorted fixes (sound menu, high refresh rate input, audio during pause or game over, missiles bug), game over to reset, low pass filter, util functions: Patrick Moffett

Color selection, various fixes (high score freeze, device detection, high refresh rate physics, spawn timers, collectible duration, move consistency, spawn frequency): mike dg

Future music, missile art, collection sound, lose hp sound, rotating shield sprites: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Gamepad, screenshake, particles (dust, smoke, fire, sparkle, glow, explosion), title screen decoration, score initialization bug correction, collision fix, blurry font fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Chinese translation, shield hit noise, pause system: Jared Rigby

Playtesters: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte), Cassidy Noble, Patrick J Thompson, mike dg, Patrick McKeown, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Rohit Narwal Kumar, Tor Andreas Johnsen

HomeTeamGameDev Outpost
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Developed Aug 7-Oct 30, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, interactive tutorial, custom level editor, automated tests, collisions and terrain handling, dog and bopeep behaviours, end-level lorry/truck sequence, UI, key and button navigation, mobile/tablet support, game music, tile art (base field, ditch), art (bopeep, ramp), level design, scoring and stars, menus, event visual effects (particles, pen fence/gate, call, bark-lines), sounds (lorry-driver), hookup of event sounds, bug fixes: Patrick McKeown

Animated sheep menu backgrounds, decal (flowers, grass, hoofprints) overlay decorating field, tile art (forest, bend, lake, conveyor), tooltip for arrow-keys and integration, sounds (baa with ambient and pen hookups, dog woof), drop shadow for menu text, end-level victory music and integration, sound bug fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Sheep face, tile art (muddy/stuck), menu return sound, guidance on hat movement, scaling canvas, grass art, and end-level road scroll: Chris DeLeon

Rogue dog sprite art, UI button graphic with down pressed version and integration: Gonzalo Delgado

Credits scrolling and refactored text display, maximum score calculation, quit button, early hat wrap, default debugging text: H Trayford

Lorry/truck art (blue and red), hat sprite art, time in-level display: Vince McKeown

Goal/pen tile art: FightEXP

Explained algorithm for sheep roaming: Tim Waskett

Canvas scaling (for phone screens) code from HomeTeam game "Accidental Personal Confusion 5": Nicholas Polchies

Touch event handling code from HomeTeam game "Irenic": Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Playtesting: Klaim (A. Joel Lamotte), Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

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Developed June 12-Oct 23, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, level design, custard flood tide mechanics, player main movements (including ledge climb), inhalation, shake during uprooting, tutorial area, mechanics tuning, UI layout, performance improvements, assorted bug fixes: Grygoriy Kulesko

Player run with cool down, night/day lighting cycle, outline when player is blocked from camera, cone tree models, main inventory UI, air inhale particle effect, inventory slots, player respawn, models (custard volcano and molton candy ball) with related materials, inventory icons, environmental prop colliders: Armando Navarrete

Music (dawn, dusk, day, night, under custard variations, danger), music manager, day/night music transition, audio mixing, webGL audio optimizations, damage music trigger: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Collectibles, UI messages for inhalation, collectible main particles, campfire, initial grappling setup, time control, equipped item box, waffle UI icon update: Neil Urwin

Title scene with controls for storyline, controls window, cookies cereal box, UI glow effect, custard fill transition, waffle wall: Stebs

Aiming cone, test environment, custard collision, car tire and tire stack, C and L brick walls, custard consumption particle, tutorial popups: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Item pickup particles, health bar with food icons, health debug functionality: Simon J Hoffiz

Gamepad movement controls, custard drowning feature, item interaction message: Barış Köklü

Crafting tab in inventory: Ryan Gaillard

Main menu background, controls menu: Cassidy Noble

Date change, time of day improvements: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Grapple hook implementation: Patrick J Thompson

Eyeballs watching from custard with optional time of day sync: Rob Kayson

Inhale sound and related hookup: Rob Tunstall

Custard shader: Andy King

Pause menu toggle, volume slider: Ian Cherabier

Main menu font integration: Gabriel Cornish

Inventory panel count fix: Chris DeLeon

Wild Guns-inspired action
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Developed June 12-Oct 16, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, custom level editor and related UI/format, level design, hitbox collision system, enemy behaviors, assorted bug fixes, general asset integration, title screen, level timer, level names setup: Gonzalo Delgado

Sprite art (donut variants with animations, printer enemy, graves, bushes, rocks, lantern, expresso gangster, toaster bat), visual effects, game over and game win scenes, destroyable props, pickups, item drop, scoring, animation system, boss fight, gun types: Vince McKeown

Player 1 sprite animation (move and shoot), level backgrounds (moon, mountain graveyard), art concepts (character, shot, run, llama side view): FightEXP

Sounds (gunfire and bomb variations, enemy defeated, explosions, printer shots, toaster bat, coffee cup, unicorn brain, player defeated, witch boss), player shot sprites: Patrick McKeown

Player dodge, parallax background, logo, player mode GUI, shot trails, shot alignment: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player sprite walking animation, pause toggle: Chad Serrant

Player 2 sprite (front and side, cape removed): Liyi Zhang

Enemy shot sound effect: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Credits wrap and scroll: H Trayford

Developed Jun 26-Oct 9, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, character animations, toon shader, level design, boss fight, checkpoints, fire hazards, player movement and combat, enemy AI, camera code, door trigger system, dynamic wire color, moving platforms, robot model, conveyor belt, environment models (crane, dumpster, street light, window, street sign, rubble), tutorial UI, audio integration, assorted sounds (crane, battery, jump, flamethrower, footsteps, enemy hit sound), pressure switches, battery model and material with damage variation, song crossfade, destroyable barrels: Patrick Moffett

Final boss music, barrel model with wood textures, cement mixer, boss fight sound, tree model, robot hover sound, shovel model, hardhat, hammer: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Fall damage, hip fire when target locked, slingshot trail effect, shot arc: Cooper Willis

Player healthbar, UI ammo indicator, game over buttons, menu text improvements, updates to loading screen and general UI: Michael Monty

UI scaling, stair collider fix, menu skybox improvement, end game explosion effects, debug cheats functionality, gamepad pause support, better targeting behavior: Mike DiGiovanni

Factory music: Ashleigh M.

Sounds (ammo pickup, slingshot firing and hit), slingshot pebble model, machine whirring loop, material variations for buildings: Chris DeLeon

Health pickup item with related sound: Fahad Muntaz

Health pickup heals player, pause/unpause: Colton Henderson

Grass shader: Rohit Narwal Kumar

Water dripping sound effect: Jared Rigby

Playtesting: mike dg, Michael Monty, and Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

A card game set in a tavern of fantasy
Card Game
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Developed May 8 - Sept 4, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, character models/rigs/animations, card authoring, game rules, spell and monster functionality, card movements, majority of card art, base room layout, opponent AI, assorted bug fixing, player UI and related implementation, Hub Area improvements, tutorial book, card buying process, general UI creation, start of save/load system, debugging/cheats, Hub Area light baking: Cassidy Noble

Assorted bug fixing related to core gameplay (self-attack, retry, null checks, defeated card removal, Spear Shatter functionality, Inverted Tarot functionality, projectile improvement), deck saving and loading, pause menu, audio manager with related settings implemented, better card randomness, general refactoring and optimizations, spell target particle trail: Neil Urwin

3D model integration, Kitten of Mercy card art, Card placement particle effects, volumetric fog/steam, candelabra sprites, main game scene lighting, additional materials (fabric, paper, environment, placemats), mug bubbles, card prefab layout touch up: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Wood floor material, environment models (mug, barrel, coin purse, coin), rock wall clean up, animated candle flame: Tyler Funk

Candelabra sprite, Figure Skating Worm art, Vicious Might art: Luis Montaña

Background music, battle card sound effect: Rob Tunstall

Main menu functionality (integrated into Hub Area): Simon Donohoe

Hub Area scene creation, creating player deck functionality: Ian Cherabier

Pillow Fight card and art: Grygoriy Kulesko

Programming assistance, 2D hat sprites (unused): Chris DeLeon

Ice hockey like you've never seen before!
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Developed June 5-Aug 21, 2022

Project lead, gameplay mechanics, 3D models [characters, hockey net, hockey puck], animation rigging, animation (authored and procedural/physics/IK), AI, net, local multiplayer, goalie mechanics, keyboard and gamepad support, scoring and possession rules, camera behavior,  sounds (crowd, hit post, boards bounce, goalie check, possession, puck catch), audio implementation, rag dolls, assorted bug fixing, animation compatibility with instant replay, usability improvements, overtime, controller support: Patrick J Thompson

Slo-mo / instant replay system, scene models (bleachers, rocks, snow banks, grass, side boards, bush, tree, horizon tree line), scene lighting improved goal tender appearance: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Computer controller opponent AI: Neil Urwin

Body check and related input, rink scratches: Tyler Funk

Crowd effect, start menu: Gabriel Cornish

Puck model with variations, crowd reactions: Stebs

Sounds for skating, puck hit, and puck bouncing off boards: Rob Tunstall

Ice tracks shader: Andy King

Puck trail effect: Chris DeLeon

Investigate the Vittsjö anomaly in this 2D pixel-art browser game
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Developed May 8 - July 10, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, level design, player sprite animation, boss fight music, weapons, environment art, boss, saving settings, UI, lighting and goo/muzzle vfx, enemies, voiceover, in-game instructions, aim cursor, elevator, intro scene, asset integration, tuning and bug fixes: Johan Östling

Advanced tentacle IK, tentacle eye animation, radio message reveal text based on audio length, player and enemy health systems, baby tentacle monster sprite sheet, player stats, additional player collision debugging, Linux support fix: Evan Sklarski

Mission briefing, rifle sprite, rifle sound, IAT logo, palette, play testing & feedback: Patrick McKeown

Game music: Alan Zaring

Title logo and related animation, player particles, paperclip sprite, enemy hit sound effect: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Music script, pause menu, input fix: Syed Daniyal Ali

Footstep sounds: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Awaken the stone angel and escape the dungeon
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Developed May 29 - Sept 18, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, boss behavior, level design, attack functionality, angel and enemy AI, custom editor (internal use only), dash feature, enemy projectiles, boss, magic doors, minimap, bug fixes, enemy who re-freezes angel, arrow art, enemy respawn behavior, help page, sound integration: Vaan Hope Khani

Angel sprites (stone and living), Item sprites (diamond, color gems, potion), assorted dungeon art (wall tile, door, additional floor tiles), animated shadow sprite: Luis Montaña

Main music: Rob Tunstall

WASD control, temporary invulnerability after damage, game scaling, dashing effect (prototype), Linux support fix: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Logo, fading motion blur effect, particle effects, wall collision fix, attack animation: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Floor variations, character facing based on direction, half heart UI support, wall sliding, wall corner and vertical variations: H Trayford

Player character with animation, hurt sound, boss fight song: ClayTaeto

Main menu, main menu bat animations: Stebs

Mute toggle, extra door art, lava implementation: Simon Donohoe

Small potion with art, pause toggle: Ian Cherabier

Lava floor tile, enemy hit sound: Gabriel Cornish

Canvas centered on screen, tile rotation fix: Winchy

Dashing bug fix: Chris DeLeon

Retro glitch action adventure
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Developed March 21-May 22, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, tile art, map system, collisions, items, bridge feature, level design, inventory, key barriers, minimap fast travel, base enemy mechanics, enemy behavior (bat, bug, enforcer, scrapper polish), camera movement, treasure tile glitch effect, explode sounds, particle system, sounds (player hurt, footstep), custom vector draw code, win state: Ryan Malm

Armor rings, player sabre weapon, enemy functionality (tile eater, scrapper, checkpoint), sprites (bat, bug, spawner, tile eater), various bullet improvements, assorted gameplay tuning, game over: Tylor Allison

Enforcer AI improvements, better mouse targeting, Firefox compatiblity fix, audio bug patched, key carry effect, bridge glitch tweaks, collision debug draw: Evan Sklarski

Sounds (explosions, enforcer), reverb support, sound voice limiting, bit crush: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Exploration music, title screen music, action/combat music: Klaim (A. Joel Lamotte)

Bats stealing keys, slow motion effect, gamepad support, minimap optimization, analog input, additional sounds (scrapper), pixel sharp fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Sounds (tile pickup, hurt, pause/unpause, player captured), initial sound test code: Patrick McKeown

Collision precision fix, dpad movement, animation loading improvements: H Trayford

Practice commit: Syed Daniyal Ali

Bring light back to nature

Developed June 19 - Sept 18, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, player movement, camera behavior, vfx graph particle authoring (including sword effects and energy transfers), story concept, creation of NPCs and enemies, tree models, level design, mountain model, menus, organized playtesting: Justin Chin

Main theme music, world tree music, blue swordsman music, battle theme: Alan Zaring

Grass system with assorted experimentation to evaluate appraoches: Liyi Zhang

Sword swing and related authoring/tuning configuration: Syed Daniyal Ali

Home tree model, skybox, volume profile, borders for shadow cascades: Tyler Funk

Stream effect, boulder model and material: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Ambient resting music: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Atmospheric dust effect: Chris DeLeon

Patrick McKeown, Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte), Rob Kayson, Cassidy Noble: Playtesters

Repair droid simulator
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Developed Apr 17-Aug 28

Project lead, core gameplay, main/smooth/roomscale VR controls, webGL/non-VR support, custom puzzle system with required part order, win detection, three droid designs including dynamic and spoter droid puzzle, transitions, level switching, lab design, table models (repair, circular, black glass), step sound, prop grab interaction, main menu improvements, integration for blender droid and tesla coils: Fahad Muntaz

Model for robot and related assembly guide book, updated bot screws, blender model and related notebook, notebook opening and hold behavior: Rohit Narwal Kumar

VR hand model alignment correction, teleportation support for improved accessibility, pause menu, snap vs smooth turn support, player collision improvements: Ashleigh M.

Laptop model with keyboard, level puzzle music (with second version), level 3 puzzle, tesla coil model, rock textures, robot arm, repair sounds, robot arm variants, toolbox models: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Start menu functionality, tool wall models: Raik Gunnar Bradley

Flask model, glass material, various glass models, beaker and graduated cylinder: Patrick Moffett

Concrete and wood textures, hand model, scene lighting, additional wall decorations: Chris DeLeon

Puzzle win sound: Jared Rigby

Survive the Waves of 'Rude Machines' on a tiny platform.
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Developed May 8 - July 17, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, player weapons, power bar, lighting, main AI states, float bot, plasma attack, destruction particles, player hand models, enemy spawn manager, medium bot improvements, damage sphere, pickup indicators, health regeneration, various enemy tweaks, damage sounds, wave display, decorative effects, game over UI, blue drone, slow motion pickup, asset integration and bug fixes, improved audio system: Bilal A. Cheema

Medium floating bot, rudetech logo, caution decal, small melee/explosion bot model and texture, cylinder bot art, debug spawner: Liyi Zhang

Laser eye with trail, drone guard model and textures, proximity AI, muzzle flash particles, directional damage indicator sprite, assorted sounds (including variations for slow mo, shots, robot sound, explosions, hit impacts, jumps, engines, self destruct): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Self destruct enemy behavior, additional work on melee enemy: Syed Daniyal Ali

Score based on survival time, score save/restore, game timer, fall death: Farah R

Drone music: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Sounds (waller attack, idle, and small destruction): Patrick McKeown

Flapping sounds: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Playtesting: Gonzalo Delgado, Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila, Rohit Narwal Kumar, Liyi Zhang, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Tyler Funk, Patrick McKeown

A first-person raycast adventure game
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Developed Apr 17 - Aug 7, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, ray casting engine, custom level editor, level design layouts, majority of wall textures, spinning sprite support, collectable pickups, item models (including flashlight, map, table, fire extinguisher, key, TNT, artifact), mouse control, locked doors, spawn position, map names, title font selection, computer texture and objective display, assorted bug fixes, ending story: Brian J. Boucher

Texture seam fix, skybox loop, wind fix, strafing speed normalized, inventory UI and related interactions, sprint input, minimap fix, additional editor input, audio manager, music integration: Patrick Moffett

Scrolling skybox and cloud support, 16 wall designs, variable sky/floor, floor reflection effect, gamepad movement, radar, title background, keyboard tooltip, background fade transition, sounds (click, lock, unlock, open, activate, pickup): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Input key remapping system, controls screen, pause screen, custom font: Drew Beardall

Menu music, cave music: Ashleigh M.

Models (lamp model, blue chair), cave wall texture, wrench render sheet: Cooper Willis

Synthesized snow walk sound, footstep improvements, debug panel: Jared Rigby

Lopez: Wrench art, exterior ambient sound, interior lab sound: Rodrigo Bonzerr

Icy cave wall texture: Cody Crawford

Minimap optimization: H Trayford

Ambient wind: Bastiaan "borsjt" Schaar

Practice commit: Nick O'Connell

Credits panel hookup, menu click refactor: Chris DeLeon

Cassidy Noble, Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez, Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte), Michael Monty: Playtesting

Puzzle, Stealth, Retro
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Developed Nov 28-Feb 27, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, level design, player sprite, decoration tiles, enemy AI, hazards, UI, music (intro / title screen), Flyer and Leaper enemies, collision code, tutorial, cutscenes, asset integration, electric wall fix, pathfinding, level menu, speedrun mode, volume sliders, title screen art, additional sound effects (menus, shots, destruction, pickups, leaper), tuning, transition effects, bug fixes, team internal documentation: Michael Monty

Hunter bot (art and code), Blocker enemy art, blocker bullet, background sound, courtyard music, ending music, turret sound, assorted bug fixing: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Music (prison, processing, armory), tile destruction effects (window, prototype for wall), editor undo/redo: Cooper Willis

Enemy explosions, gamepad support, additional key controls, test level generation: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Options menu, credits screen: Raik Gunnar Bradley

Music track, alternate player movement prototype: Brian J. Boucher

Sounds for electronic wall and window break: Ryan Kevin Atienza

Fixed Linux compatibility issue: Kevin Rangel

3 Powerful Hover Mechs with an objective to obliterate hostile entities on Mars.
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Developed July 18 - Oct 10, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, main mech development (models and functionality), level design, portal weapon, building models, enemy mech AI, night mode, minimap, Mars textures, muzzle flash, emissions effects, lighting, in-game cursor, camera functionality, projectile pooling, orthographic setup, shield bar, additional weapon sounds, assorted bug fixes, culling optimization, low shield warning, quality settings: Bilal A. Cheema

Gameplay music, menu music, forcefields shader, explosion effect, aim improvements, laser shaders, editor script bug fix, explosion pooling, hitpoints system, crater models, fire and smoke effects, additional building, music manager: Will McKay

Boost feature functionality, UI, AI waypoints support, sound manager, initial sound integration, start menu, assorted code/warnings cleanup, menu fade, menu colors:

Laser fence, grid wall, additional rock model, shield pickup, power pickup, pick up rotation, building repair, Calamity homing rockets, sound and music toggles, controller settings menu: Filipe Dottori

Initial prototype functionality, original design co-lead for weapons and mechs, trigger and camera design, spaceship model, aim functionality: Nouman Waheed

Sounds (shield pickup, low shield warning, ion cannon, EMP, power pickup, rifle, rocket, bomb, portal, building destruction, enemy cannon), several rock models: Patrick McKeown

Calamity rockets sound: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Selection sound: Philip Greene

A peaceful town puzzle game with a bit of animal crossing vibe. A HomeTeam GameDev project.
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Developed July 4 - Nov 21, 2021

Core gameplay, project lead, AI behaviors, main artist, primary writer, tutorial, UI framework and primitives, performance optimizations, environment design, building/furniture art, NPC and object interactions, pathfinding, fairy/gnome sprites, custom editor, particles, input handling, asset management, hints system: Tylor Allison

Bar assets (including game cards), floor rune relay, rock relay integration, runes, vendor house flower pot update, spark flower animations, mute refactor, stairs, assorted beach shells, electric zap sound, plants (fern, wild flowers, large leaf plant, shrubs), door open/close sounds, rocks: Vince McKeown

Tree, flower pot (including animation), sounds (fairy wings, wind chimes, silver and gold bells, gnome grumbling variations, cheers, sparks), additional sprite integration, gnome chatter, gloom and enlightened walk states, various scenery decoration improvements (vendor, plant variations, seashells, palm tree): Patrick McKeown

Music: Alan Zaring

Initial main menu functionality, options state, button sounds, music and sound volume sliders, door opening sound, additional level editing: Vaan Hope Khani

Pillar activation sound, vendor sounds, gnome sweeping animation, action UI icons: Chris DeLeon

Title screen decoration, minor tutorial editing, lamp post sound hookup: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Story and dialog work (incl. Ciara, the barkeeper), updates to map areas for vendor and tower: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

NPC morale and like/dislike indicators, indicators sprite sheet: Philip Greene

Tinkerer shop sprites: Gonzalo Delgado

Mine Planets for Resources
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Developed Feb 27-May 1, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, level design, planet earth, shield ring, laser textures, glow and shake effects, background art, health UI, pointer animation, reward particles, countdown timer, assorted bug fixes, ship explosion sprite, tutorial: Gabriel Cornish

Dialog avatar, speech bubbles, dialog animation, dialog system, player score reset, main menu, pause menu, start of level screen, game over arrow input, level transition: Simon Donohoe

Art (red planet, frozen planet, ship, blue ship, green ship), animation (fog, thrust, intro): Luis Montaña

Music (main menu, win, loss, stage), sounds (player shoot, reward collect): Rob Tunstall

Player portrait with animated: Gonzalo Delgado

Level reload functionality: Ian Cherabier

Dynamic planet clouds, red cloudy planet: Tyler Funk

Shield orbs (particle, beam, orb), explosion (sound, particles), healthpack pickups: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Play this narrative driven puzzle adventure RPG as Amánü to decide human's and Eden's fate.
Role Playing

Updates coming soon!

Developed Jan 16 - June 5, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, player gliding,  models (keys, tower), puzzle levels design and related functionality, block pushing, writing, tablet story system, tower elevator controls and related cinematic system, rings platforms, camera behavior, debug functionality, completed inventory screen, monolith, progress save, tutorial area, controls screen, ending, assorted bug fixing: Simon J Hoffiz

Deer model/texture, player model and animations (plus related walk/run/glide movement integration), wings, clouds, tree sapling, water shaders, rock colliders, river, waterfall, day and night sky effects, ground detection fix: Tyler Funk

Models (ruin pillars x3, obelisk console, mirror, chalice, hammer, level 3 parts), key system, level tower selection, mirror laser functionality, mirror controls, level 3 exit platform animation, level 3 environment: Armando Navarrete

Models (crystals, obelisk stand, rune stone, rocks, hills, rune pillars, coffee cup, wrench, book), skyboxes, grass, rune textures, rune tablets, glow materials and related particles, sandstone materials, brick mesh, grass rendering issue fix, title screen effects, additional puzzle scene 1 decoration: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player run, models (rock, spoon, flute, pencil), bush placement: Ian Cherabier

Stone lantern, flowers, bush, puzzle and ring 2 environment decoration: Luis Montaña

Collectibles inventory tracker and related UI, inventory animation, game pause, in-world dialog box: Will McKay

Path shader, nebula skybox materials: Andy King

Platform smooth movement, player recovery after fall: Barış Köklü

Music manager: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Collision fix for pushable boxes, puzzle 4 bug fixes: Grygoriy Kulesko

Looping ambient sounds: Rob Tunstall

Smooth fall recovery experiments (not in release): Brandon Hillig

Player returns to last portal pillar used, minor camera bug fix: Chris DeLeon

A more browser compatible version of Final Entropy (Potentially at the cost of performance)
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Developed Jan 16-Jun 19, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, main level and enemy design (including orb phaser, tanker bot), collision system, boss, enemy AI, portals, dash, asset integration, Menu BGM, Combat BGM, music cycling, assorted sounds (enemy, mechanical), rocket gun, tuning, bug fixes: Kyle Black

Multiple models (technomancer, tanker bot, Roll-E Poll-E,  liquid tank, terminal), UI theme, world tiles, terminal, explosion effect, dashboard UI, health/shield bar, powerup models (heal, speed, rate of fire), pause menu improvement: Rohit "n4rwal" Kumar

Save system, debug overlay (including level selector, adjustable game speed), mute toggle, room loading fix, pause indicator: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Bullet pattern shooter (with multiple pattern definitions and angle randomization), player targeting, new bullet and enemy type, player and enemy health, movement controls made more responsive, pause toggle: Bilal A. Cheema

Level generation (including branching and boss room placement): Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Shot size powerup with related model, Sounds (background whoosh, mechanical ambience), additional room design: Patrick McKeown

Healthbar animation, sounds and related integration (player hit, bullet firing), UI layout touch up, additional main menu decoration: Gabriel Cornish

Flying enemy model and texture: Ashleigh M.

Ambient sounds, flying enemy model, boss death sounds: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Player collision fix, rocket weapon and projectile: Patrick Moffett

Ambient music: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Boss music: Jeremy Kesten

Cheat codes panel UI: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Power-up selector debug tool: Nick O'Connell

Play a sentient computer "glitch" that must escape the computer before being erased! (classic roguelike)
Role Playing
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Developed May 17 - Oct 11, 2020

(Updated Dec 2021!)

Project lead, core gameplay functionality, level generation, turn system, animation code, agents/actors system, FSM v2, actions framework, in-game editor, input handling, UI, optimizations, asset integration, menus, original placeholder art, event debug display, NPCs behavior (LifeForms, Virus, Anti-Virus, Programs, etc.), game end, spawn code, actions (jump, pull, swap, void, take item, repair, copy, others), fog of war, field of view, shadows, camera logic, main palette, many crash fixes and tuning tweaks, inventory, crypto key authoring, loading screen, help text: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Particle systems (glitch, trace, scan, portal, spawn, missile, color, spark, repair, wait, hex spin, lightning jump, fade, explosion swirl, blip edge pathing), procedural tile selection and wall generation, FX randomization, wall tiles art, decrypt/triangle animations, mock ups (tile bg, walls, void, experimentation with negative space/holes, perspective, color tests), color adjustments, moving wall v2, level design concepts art, floor art, NPC wait animation, warm and cool level themes, lots of asset and code cleanup, additional tile type rules, seam fix, take/drop animations, move animations, highlights art v2, laser walls, tile overlay, title screen background: Tylor Allison

Soundtrack (in-game, levels, victory, game over, transitions), all sound effects (jump, gameplay, UI, movement, explosions, decrypt, editor), audio normalization, assorted sound integration: Roc Lee

Description animation and related background, level transitions, character art mock ups and final (virus sprite, slime, life-forms, glitches, program, microcode, anti-virus, virus, additional animations), detailed playtesting, palette tweaks, font selection, texts: Ashleigh M.

Crypto key and crypto file art, items art, Assorted docs images, action and item icons, additional UI and menu art, color corrections, highlight art v1, moving wall art v1: Cassidy Noble

Vector/math code improvements, audio system, one shot audio integration, music stream support, poositional audio, volume controls, mute toggle: Andrew Mushel

Cursor art, including variants and hand icons: Andy King

State machine v1: Allan Regush

Pause menu options: Jonathan Peterson

Patrick McKeown: Item sprites (Memory Trasher, Zip, Thread-Pool, Computer Cluster, Cloner), tool to check items sprites against levels contrasts

Special thanks (practice commit - welcome!), playtesting: Antonio Malafronte

Side scrolling SHMUP
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Developed Feb 6 -July 17, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, story writing/illustrations, player control (including robot transformation), scrolling planet background art, player/enemy/boss art, environment art, level designs, music, support drones powerup, assorted sounds, asteroid functionality, level transitions, audio integration, explosion sprites, tuning and bug fixes: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Parallax background stars, space nebula clouds, player shield, improved boundary checking, enemy shot tweaks, debug cheats: Cooper Willis

Powerup art and implementation (speed boost item, triple shot upgrade), narrator sound added to dialog: Fahad Muntaz

Assorted level fixes (ship damage issue, missing pause menu), pause menu improvements, main menu volume options, audio bug fix, improved mothership collision, score reset issue, alternate spawning time of enemies & bug fixes: Colton Henderson

Sounds (large laser, astroid explosion), red ship scoring, ignimbrite boss healthbar, enemy laser culling: Michael Monty

Bird AI and art (including metallic version), additional asteroid variation: Drew Beardall

Player boundary checking (initial implementation), asteroid explosion effect, asteroid collision, large laser graphic: cookieoverflow

Tank mech art, jungle boss tighter fit collider, jungle sun rays, light text editing: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Ashleigh M.: Lives icon

Player lives implementation: Patrick Moffett

Playtesting: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Cats, Asteroids, and Orbital Mechanics
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Developed Feb 20-Apr 24, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay and mission flow, dialog and menu system, lead writer, AI system and related behaviors, player controls, game management scripting, kitty tug and orbital purrtrol models, multiplayer camera handling, scene lighting, title and credit scenes, game UI, save data system, pause functionality, tutorial, mission initialization, gameplay tuning, asset integration, play testing, and bug fixing: Evan Sklarski

Realistic orbital mechanics, asteroid ring particle duality system, barge interaction and UI, barge model and textures (mafia, and commercial), character portraits (tug captain, dispatcher), cuborg ship, ambient, pursuit, mission success loops  and credits song AI state machine, delivery window, ship thrusters, siren light, dust ring shader, minimap, smooth fade for audio, star tuning, asteroid normal map, gamepad controls, many bug fixes: Johan Östling

Fridge debris model and materials, bump sound, thruster audio with variations, sound integration: Grygoriy Kulesko

Satellite model, asteroid debris models, pirate frigate model and material, HUD ship indicators: Liyi Zhang

Starfield and nebulas, sun, collision dust effects, code review: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Voice meow sounds: Justin Chin

Floating icons implementation: Farah R

Writing for some voice barks, script proofing: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Typo fixes: Patrick McKeown

Playtesting: Patrick McKeown, Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte), Michael Monty, Rodrigo Bonzerr S. Lopez

A multiplayer adventure from HomeTeam GameDev

Developed Dec 5 - Apr 24, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, network code, player models (including materials and animations for both turtle and hippo), spider enemy, follow AI, stone and brick wall materials, level layouts, torch model, pickup orbs, lighting (baking and volumetric), health/mana functionality, trees, avatar switching, animation blending, water shader, UI, spellcasting, sword, rocks, grass, assorted bug fixing: Tyler Funk

Crate with texture, player control fix, goblin enemy, in-game menus, options menu, menu color adjustments, pause menu: Patrick J Thompson

Portal jet effects (with variations), torch flames, shockwave effect with distortion: Andy King

Dungeon pillars and stone walls, spiderwebs, menu and logo improvements, chains, stair fix, crystals, candles with related flame effects, footstep integration: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Barrel (model, materials, and two broken variations): Luis Montaña

Heal sound, magic attack sound, melee attack sound: Rob Tunstall

Dungeon music: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Mute toggle, stone step sound: Stebs

Use parkour and guns to fight back against the Martian Robot Uprising in this FPS. Free Mars!!!

Developed Nov 7-Mar 13, 2022

Core gameplay, weapon system, market level design, player movement (including wall running, dash, grapple), main enemy AI code (pathfinding, use of cover points, attacks), civilian crowd waypoint, enemy grenades w/ indicator, health, UI, basic walls/doors, weapon switching, sonic gun functionality and effect, audio manager, sound integration, powerup float effect, gravity flipping, artillery mech jump turn, scene transitions, end menu, sci fi door integrated, assorted bug fixes: Jeremiah Franczyk

Models (sonic gun, grenade, grenade launcher, hover robot enemy, rocket artillery enemy, rocket, laser gun, ammo pickups, grenade box, health item, pickup pad, sci-fi display), laser gun effect and related implementation, laser sound, artillery mech initial AI, enemy muzzle flash: Armando Navarrete

Dark alley level, environment textures, assorted decorative decals (rivets, pipes, office windows), gauss cannon model, alien plant, bullet tracer, fire escape stairs model, bush models, grass texture, air conditioner, street light, greebles, tiling roads and sidewalks: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Wall run bug fix, player muzzleflash, light and color grading, gravity warp grapple effect, grapple beam, models (animated civilian astronaut, trees, sci-fi crate), market level decoration, light baking, triplanar shader: Tyler Funk

Main menu warp drive effect, tutorial level design, tutorial scene buildings and decoration pass, Mars skybox, shipping container model, main gun model: Gabriel Cornish

Market chase scene music: Simon J Hoffiz

Rock model and texture: Ashleigh M.

Nature level: Luis Montaña

Start menu and original menu background effect: Samuel Axon

Pause menu, tutorial prompts, player reset after fall: Stebs

Click and mouse hover UI sounds: Rob Tunstall

Texture compression to optimize build size: Andy King

Gun rendered on separate camera layer: Batu Aytemiz

Dome cage model: Chris DeLeon

Twin-Engine Danger Racing
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Developed July 4 to Sept 12, 2021 

Project lead, core gameplay, AI, checkpoint system, track design, minimap, audio integration, hover movement, models (cockpit, cactus, additional rocks), skybox, menus, lap counter UI, fir and spark effects, rock and ground textures, drifting, results screen: Brian J. Boucher

Engine model, collision improvements, environment structures, engine break sound, checkpoint system fixes, boost feature, engine rotation, race music: Fahad Muntaz

Victory and loss music: Ashleigh M.

Chase cameras, UI layout, speedometer, damage meter, scene change refactor: Kyle Black

Title music, checkpoint reset functionality: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Rocks modeling and integration: Justin Davis

Engine loop and acceleration sound: Andrew Hind

Compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Arena Shooter with weapon modifications. A collaborative project for HomeTeam GameDev.
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Developed May 2 - July 18, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, main controls, weapon bob, step sounds, low health heartbeat feedback, teleport sound, main weapon features (scattershot, ricochet, rapid fire), store UI, outline shader effect, hub scene, occlusion culling, player death, settings persistence, menu font selection, gamepad support, custom sliders, assorted integration, html5/webGL related support fixes, minor optimizations: Tyler Funk

Charger enemy AI, navmesh integration, AI wander behavior, AI line of sight and facing limitation, enemy, destruction effect, ranged enemy support, enemy spawn fix, explosion and laser sound, player hurt sound, damage feedback effect: Ian Cherabier

In-game health and other stylized HUD, healthpack functionality, player health system, mousewheel weapon change, different reticle per weapon, dash recharge, UI-related bug fix, healthbar animation: Anna Rossetti

Skullboom arena level, baked lighting, material palette, low poly environment primitives, floorboards/trim/beams, player speed tuning, jump pad zones, input refactor, coin/click/tick sounds, shot trails, main menu polish, screenshake: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Small enemy models (charger and second ranged), robot skull decoration, ice elemental gun, portal model: Gabriel Cornish

Facing Portals level, fire element sound, jump tuning, jump sound hookup: Jeremiah Franczyk

Soundtrack (Arena and Dubstep): Simon J Hoffiz

Ice projectiles with trail, fire gun, fire bullet: Charlene A.

Player gun model, large enemy robot model: Cassidy Noble

Player jump, currency system, save/load functionality: Barış Köklü

Main menu UI, camera alignment improvement: Ben Stone

Portal (including ripple effect and teleport functionality): Audrey Margolis

Health pick up model: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Basic projectile sounds, audio manager, gunshot integration: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Pause menu with immortal mode and fire delay options: Luis Montaña

Escape the castle through the caves
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Developed Jan 16 - May 15, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, warrior animations, ghost and skeleton sprite facings, level design (shared), assorted environment art (yellow), statue, spider webs, collision handling, projectiles art/code, lock and key, pathfinding, art integration, tuning: Vince McKeown

Tile atlas, level design (shared), dungeon music, whisp particle fix, room optimization (enemies/particles), hit flash, sword swish animation and damage, spike trap functionality, game over handling, ghost enemy refactor, pixel scaling css, room bug fix: Ryan Malm

Art (wall sword, wall shield, skeleton portrait, zombie with pearl earring, torch sprite, plaques, cave floors/walls), floor tile variations, spikes, tile randomization functionality, wall shadows, stair down tweak, level system: Tylor Allison

Octo golem enemy (with behavior), carpet tiles, move diagonal input support, particles (torch, red, sparkle, sword, dust), splash screen with logo, double door functionality, painting eyes follow layer, assorted sound effects (including sword swings), audio integration, scrollbars fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Table art, room decoration placement (furniture, pottery, desk) pottery room, pause feature, readability improvements, font size fix, debug counter: Patrick McKeown

Wood box, rug art, minimap, health UI, main menu functionality: Vaan Hope Khani

Ghost animation, ghost death, ghost bobbing, table sprite, barred dungeon window, player idle animation: Gonzalo Delgado

Floor and ceiling tile layer support, two additional rooms, tile system refactor, shadow fix: H Trayford

Desk, chain wall, enemy ram: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Mute toggle, health and related properties: Evan Sklarski

Broken prison wall variations: Philip Greene

Broken brick tile integration, enemy dialog test: Justin Chin

Sword animation fix: Johan Östling

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