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PR VNs Played/Reviewed

a collection by PRationality · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:12
posted 2016-01-24T04:46:11 by PRationality

Still in demo mode 1/23/16

posted 2016-01-24T04:45:04 by PRationality
posted 2015-08-22T01:06:50 by PRationality

At this point I've now gotten two of the four demons (and got the "nope don't want sex let's instead just hang out" option) so I feel pretty secure in speaking about it.

This is by far the cutest, most amusing game I've yet to play. While this is unabashedly PWP that's part of the charm really. Girl is lonely during spring break, somewhat clueless over eager succubus comes along with some incubi to cue her lonely blues and fun ensues!

Generaly Orias was my favorite with Akki my second favorite (total sucker for redheads). You can either spend lots of time with the demon of your choosing (you get 3 chances to spend one-on-one time with them) or you can choose whoever every time and completely shock them with your choice.

Unlike most otome/sim games I've played there isn't a "bad end". Unless you count not having sex, but since the main character (and by default you the player) get to choose how slow or fast the courtship goes its all on you if you decide to stick with just kissing, or heavy petting or going all the way.

Their all easily distinguishable from each other and you can clear a session in under 20 minutes depending on how you do things. The graphics are fun and bright and cheerful, with decent backgrounds (the real draw is the very pretty pictures). You can choose whether or not you can see the nudity - choosing to see if gets you full frontal of the guys and gals while choosing to censor it gets you some perky hearts covering the naughty bits.

This isn't fully vocalized - usually just the beginning of each speech caption with very very few lines fully spoken and the music is more or less generic, but its not obtrusive and anyhow you can toggle it on or off as you like.

In all definitely recommendable!

posted 2015-08-22T00:04:01 by PRationality
Played - I enjoyed this, though it felt shallow in terms of emotions. It was going well until the guys came along then it became very PWP (plot what plot) with the characters all just doing/saying things that felt irrelevant at times. Additionally no matter how many times I played it seemed really only one or two choices became who I ended up with in the end. I've either mastered the ability to win a guy's heart in otome games or it was highly simplistic. You learn very little about them as individuals so all the choices I made in conversation could have been for any of them as they were best guesses most of the time. I'm not even sure there was a way to *not* have one of them fall into bed with you as all my choices were, more or less, common sense choices, not at all geared towards seducing them.
posted 2015-08-21T23:58:53 by PRationality

As a lover of the Hakuoki games (seriously I own all the domestically released ones) I was super excited to play this fan-game. Why? Because Yamazaki is my favorite character and it cheeses me off every single time I play the game(s) that he's not a playable route.

Where's the love guys?

It was a quick, straight forward story and it genuinely felt like a side story to the official games. The language was a bit too modern at times, but nothing that detracted. It would be a long-shot to call it a "game" though, since you make one decision and the rest is reading text through scenes of various things the MC and your chosen companion do at the fest. It took me maybe all of 15 minutes? Not even?

Still if you've ever wanted a little bit more time with Shinpachi or Yamazaki not a bad way to spend the time.

One gripe is that the audio didn't work? I assumed there was audio only because the preferences listed it as an option to mess with, but no matter how I turned my speakers up I couldn't hear anything.