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Free Assets?

a collection by balmut · last updated 2018-11-27 09:55:38
a platformer engine for gamemaker 1.4
Lighting Editor to create a lighting engine for GMS
Free 2D character sprite for your games.
SUPERDOPE Superscope. 16px starter pack.
A cute, retro 4x7 font - Crafted with ❤️
2D Platformer Pixel Art Pack
A flexible dialogue system for GameMaker
A tileset with animations to kickstart a dank, dark level in your sidecroller
Automatic screen capture tool designed for GameMaker users.
Generic platformer pack - Free assets for personal and commercial use.
Sprites, tiles, rpg icons... mostly PixelArt
Awesome pixel-art Jungle Asset Pack
Generate dithering for pixel art!
A free asset pack featuring a little knight stuck in his own helmet