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Shared Worldbuilding

The core theme of our work is decentralising the GM as the main arbiter of canon and authority. Anti-canon is the way.

a rose-tinted spectacle dungeon generator
A group-focused random encounter generator.
Remember what happened. Make it true. Burn the other truths.
You know, ghosts and spooky shit.
Journeys are joyous. Journeys are atmospheric. Journeys are adventures.
While we wait for death to arrive, we tell stories about when they didn't show up.
A droptable lootcrawl generator. Loot. Hexmaps. Lootmaps.
A worldbuilding tool of grave importance.
We go where the maps are but tales, and tales are as tall as the masts of the ships they come from
I heard it had horns as along as your arm and teeth like daggers.