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absolute favorites

a collection by adriene · last updated 2019-09-11 15:57:48

the things that resonated or tickled my fancy the most.

Visual Novel
Added 69 days ago by adriene

A beautiful visual novel about morality in tech, the convergence of tech and mental health, and healing from loss, Eliza touches on so many important, hard themes and gives so much to think about. It also has gorgeous artwork and a wonderful soundtrack.

One of my absolute favorite visual novels.

Added Jul 11, 2019 by adriene

Utterly engrossing, amusing, devastating, and incredibly gay in equal parts. One of my highest recommended games on itch, and can't wait for season 2. 

Added May 15, 2019 by adriene

Probably my favorite game narrative of all time. Deals with themes of choice and agency, has a fantastically developed main character, and tons of emotional nuance. I still figure out new things about it. Killer art and soundtrack to boot.

Added May 15, 2019 by adriene

Relaxing and with a wonderful artstyle, this is Strangethink's best work. Make weird art with procedurally generated brushes to please polygonal overlords.

Added May 15, 2019 by adriene

A wonderful narrative experience about online moderation and corporate irresponsibility. Explores the human elements of Online, while joyfully satirizing it. Disclaimer: Steam version will have Workshop support.

Added May 15, 2019 by adriene

Amazing little puzzle game that can be seen a little bit akin to a game like The Magic Circle. Push blocks around to form rules that change the very nature of the mechanics. Disclaimer: Steam version has Workshop support.

Added May 21, 2017 by adriene

A simple, short puzzle game with a very simple artstyle and a genuinely interesting and different puzzle mechanic. Would love a full game.