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a collection by Mlg_Duck · last updated 2018-03-08 11:03:30
Added May 11, 2017 by Mlg_Duck

"It's A Cute Little Fighting Game That Is Kinda Addicting For Some People Like Me Who Likes A Kind of Wide World-Enhanced-Minecraft.. Uhmm.. Quality. I Like The Way The Developers Made This Game. There's Just Something Innit' That Kept Me For Hours Playing, I Am Totally Going To Buy This Game If I Can Afford It, The Price Is Just A Lil' Bit Too Much. But For The Gameplay And All? I Know Its Going To Be Worth It." - Duck #Help

Added May 11, 2017 by Mlg_Duck

"I Can Say That This Game Has A Potential To Be Famous And Successful In The Future, Cause' One Of Them Is That.. The Graphics Isn't Bad, The Gameplay Is Just Like Another But Kind Of Different Crafty-Surviving Game. Also, Some YouTubers Kinda Enjoy Playing This Game Because Of Its Soothing Atmosphere That Will Make You Want To Waste Hours Just By Playing A Very Cute Lil' Indie Game. Hoping That Developers Will Keep This Game Free, I Wanna Put Some Money On It But, My Life Is Like On The Edge And Just Wanna Keep The Money For The Goodies, But If This Out On Steam And If Its Cheap? I Will Immediately Buy It." - Duck #Help