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Spektrum Crush zine ppl

a collection by alpha_rats · last updated 2020-04-13 02:05:06

A collection of works by peeps featured in the Spektrum Crush zine

A utopian planetary system of nine worlds, a collective hallucination woven by AAA

Third video game collection by AAA collective

a collection of short art games

Collection of game poems by Supr and rktkk

mystical experience at 7 chapters
We mutate the genepool. We mutate each other. Until we find a better solution.
Learn the language of Ancient Egyptian God

Face of god glyph generator

a desolate byproduct of the Data Mutations Jam
Discover a face as it was a planet in VR. A person outside of VR can control your world with her/his facial expressions.

Walk on a face in VR!

multimedia archipelago

a multimedia archipelago by artgames

permanent death radio
Play in browser

a music experience made by druiker for the seconds issue's jam

Our digital life
Play in browser

digital garbage submission for the second issue's jam by Bul Ikana

A place to rest.
Visual Novel

womb cave by outlands (featured in 1st and 2nd issues)

altgames and digital garbage zine

the zine itself

Moteur de Recherche is a poetic webzine about the digital-self created by artists Kirikoo Des and Coeur Net

webzine by coeur net and koodes_k (featured in the 2nd issue)

Trip the Mush ✨🍄✨

VR dugs by vladstorm (fatured in 1st and 2nd issues)

A colorful journey through your mind

by jack perkins (featured in the 1st issue)

Virtual psychonaut geometry trip

VR drugs by OCTA (featured in the 2nd issue)

A dark and bucolic world begging to be explored.

a music game by mattias brunacci (featured in the 2nd issue)

LDJAM38 toy, altgame

jam game by wasdswag (fatured in the 2nd issue)

A monster friendship adventure
Role Playing

monster firendship by william zack wood (fatured in 1st issue)

purple orange yellow

made by mr.a for the second issue's game jam

Dreams of a better internet // an interactive music videogame for the HTC Vive (additional compatibility without VR)

VR music video painted in Tiltbrush by troyduguid (featured in the 1st issue)

a small demo with orthographic camera and antique sculptures

experimental game by Supr (featured in 2nd issue)