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Spektrum Crush zine ppl

a collection by alpha_rats 路 last updated 2023-11-10 02:52:53

A collection of works by peeps featured in the Spektrum Crush zine

Enter the ruins of the last remaining de_dust2 server.
Float between wakefulness and sleep.
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The game takes place in the deep sea where you meet alien-looking fish that are afraid of a human invasion.
Proc-gen Hallucinatory Dungeon Crawler
An alternative digital reality of consciousness.



will Kazuki and Taichi escape Glassman Vox's trap?

Explore the supernatural landscapes of your ancestor's Memory World in this surreal, 3D adventure.
contemplative multiplayer game about death and acceptance
A utopian planetary system of nine worlds, a collective hallucination woven by AAA

Third video game collection by AAA collective

create lizard avatars for your characters!
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a collection of four short digital poems

Collection of game poems by Supr and rktkk

mystical experience at 7 chapters

Exploring game engine esoterics

We mutate the genepool. We mutate each other. Until we find a better solution.
Learn the language of Ancient Egyptian God

Face of god glyph generator

a desolate byproduct of the Data Mutations Jam
Discover a face as it was a planet in VR. A person outside of VR can control your world with her/his facial expressions.

Walk on a face in VR!

multimedia archipelago

a multimedia archipelago by artgames

permanent death radio
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a music experience made by druiker for the seconds issue's jam

Our digital life
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digital garbage submission for the second issue's jam by Bul Ikana

A place to rest.

womb cave by outlands (featured in 1st and 2nd issues)

altgames and digital garbage zine

the zine itself

Moteur de Recherche is a poetic webzine about the digital-self created by artists Kirikoo Des and Coeur Net

webzine by coeur net and koodes_k (featured in the 2nd issue)

Trip the Mush 鉁煃勨湪

VR dugs by vladstorm (fatured in 1st and 2nd issues)

A colorful journey through your mind

by jack perkins (featured in the 1st issue)

Virtual psychonaut geometry trip

VR drugs by OCTA (featured in the 2nd issue)

A dark and bucolic world begging to be explored.

a music game by mattias brunacci (featured in the 2nd issue)

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