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Heartwarder's Collection

a collection by Heartwarder · last updated 2017-05-12 20:33:31
A Really Short and Simple FREE Otome Game
A 17th-Century Negotiate 'Em Up
Hopefully Probably Mostly Completely Bug Free
help a boy become the world's greatest idol
Art, emotions, memories... What changes people's hearts and what is real forgiveness?
a short kinetic novel about two girls who go on a cave expedition searching for ghosts
Contemporary visual novel about being not quite ordinary
A kinetic thriller created for NaNo17
Make the doll Jeudille walk the virtual town of Lorgna...
a cute game about a painter named Rose.
a very light halloween-themed romance story
solving crimes... of passion!
a visual novel about a candy alchemist who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop
the canceled sequel to Romance Detective
Supercontinent Ltd is a narrative adventure about making phone calls in a distant future's rainy night.
2 friends go on adventures!
How will your Konbini Life unfold?
a story set in a flower shop
Take off your glasses and see the bigger picture
have you ever wanted to enter the world of a book... by sleeping on it?
A mystery VN set in 1980s Miami, featuring a softboiled detective with a heart of gold. Solve crimes, kiss ladies & men.
A RPGMaker Story about a Snowglobe and an Hourglass.
A visual novel about figuring out life with the help of an AI
A psychological otome visual novel told from two sides as two countries near the brink of war.
Cinderella Phenomenon is a free otome game that was inspired by various popular fairy tales.