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Tables & Generators

A MOSAIC Strict Graffiti Oracle

Three themed tables (Focus, Action and Modifier) of oracles for modern fantasy TTRPG settings. Roll 2D6 on one or all of these tables to know the wisdom of the streets.

Sci-Fi TTRPG random tables

Random tables can greatly facilitate the Game Master's work. It's easy to associate statistics with a character, but we often run out of names, locations, and events during games. This collection of random tables is designed to help with that. It simplifies your work as a game master. Just print out the sheets and use them for adventure planning or during the game.

Weird and wild cities
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This generator creates cities, strange and peculiar places, set in bizarre landscapes and filled with people living strangely mundane lives. Cities are a perpetual feature in human history and will no doubt continue to do so, with increasing numbers of people living in them, but often get glossed over or taken for granted in fantasy media. Contains not only the city generator, which will get you its geography, architecture, current situation, and more, but also generators for the government, law, economy, and culture of your city.

A tool to help you make more fleshed out characters.

Lifepath Generator is a few sheets of tables to help you fully flesh out your role-playing characters. This simple system uses six-sided dice to randomly generate ambiguous life events from childhood all the way to where your character starts. Lifepath is a great addition to any game system where you feel your character needs more depth and development.

a hybrid tarot/d4 TTRPG generator and system

OR4CLE is not a game. It is a bag of seeds (ideas) that you can plant into flowers (one-shots or campaigns). Using this system, you can draw tarot cards to determine a one-shot or campaign: the hook, the plot twist, the group’s patron, the antagonist(s), and the reward. You can also use tarot cards to create a character: their personality, their imperfection, their upbringing, their ambition, and their secret.

A Space Station Generator Using Dice

Station Trappings is a space station generator. A series of dice rolls on random tables provides a generalized theme and location such as, "Infested Research Station within an Asteroid Belt" as well as a full layout and room themes.

A Trifold Pamphlet for a quick, unique dungeon experience.

The Dungeon Builder Tri-fold Pamphlet is a 2 page .pdf download, in which you will receive everything needed to create a fast and unique dungeon experience.

Generates a portrait and details for an NPC in an oldschool low-magic fantasy setting.
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This is an NPC Generator for oldschool low-magic fantasy settings. This generator was made from scratch over a couple of days for the #DreamJam to experiment with different random generation techniques and coding, and is still being developed and will be heavily refined over the coming weeks. However, I'm happy to have a basic framework complete. :) Feedback is welcome appreciated.

A tool that generates a story rich place.
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This play-in-browser tool will help you make a story rich place in one click. It is just specific enough to guide creation and vague enough for you to craft the place into something better. This tool is also made in html and you can download the file if you would like to add content that would better suit your needs. Totally free.

Generate a character
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Created as an aid to a project in my game design class. Here's the project: Create an explorable, interactive space that uses narrative and visual "clues" to communicate the identity of the resident. The class was taught using Bitsy.

Generate a themed dungeon with a series of dice rolls

This dungeon generator will help create a themed dungeon, complete with challenges and adversaries using a series of dice rolls. Dungeon Trappings does this by combining a generic location with a descriptor such as “Illusionary Catacombs”. The generator digs further in, creating a quick dungeon layout and then giving a description to each room and challenge. The pdf includes all the tables needed for the generator and a full example of the system at work.

Supplement for Speculative Fictions of Ecological Crisis

A set of tables for procedurally generating settings for speculative fictions of ecological crisis.

Includes tables for:

  • ecological crises and their possible results
  • speculative modes (extrapolation, intensification, mutation)
  • forces and institutions

PDF version designed as single page layout. HTML and ePub written in Markdown.

The structure and many of the words are drawn from Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer's Theory for the World to Come: Speculative Fiction and Apocalyptic Anthropology. Wolf-Meyer's full text is open access here.

A simple name generator.

This is the Horoscope Zine name generator. You can use it to create character names, points of interest, or anything else you want. Use your creativity to combine different names. Swap vowels or consonants to create something unique and distinct.


Este é o gerador de nomes do Horoscope Zine. Você pode usá-lo para criar nomes de personagens, pontos de interesse ou qualquer outra coisa que desejar. Use sua criatividade para combinar nomes diferentes. Troque as vogais ou as consoantes para criar algo único e distinto.

Cutups for ecocentric justice
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Still a work in progress. Perhaps it'll turn into something interesting. Mostly just for fun though.
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As an illustrator, I like to look at drawing prompts for inspiration. Also monsters are cool. Also, there are a lot of monsters out there with their own lore and a dedicated fanbase that knows exactly what they look like, which is nice, but sometimes a girl needs a little mystery in her life.

I just wanted to be able to generate drawing prompts without a preexisting canon to influence the look of the design. Is this monster going to be something plausible? Who knows! Will it be something new? The chances are very high!

A Half-Dozen Random Tables for the Cairn Forest Jam

Here we have a Half-Dozen Random Tables pertaining to Forests. Expository VignettesHelpful HappenstancesHarmful Hinderances, as well as some potential results for attempts at Foraging for Plants or Hunting for Game within those wild Woodlands.

A supplement for making the journey as memorable as the destination.
Generates plausible-enough names for megacorps.
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Or 4d20 other ways to 
name your weapon
A 4d20 table for creating heel-face heroes with sketchy pasts to aid your party.
Role Playing
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A 4d20 table for creating plucky dimension hoppers, cartoon heroes, and scrappy adventurers
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A 4d20 generator for dragon encounters
a 4d20 table for generating dungeons (slowed + reverb)
Random tables for making a great exciting sword for your TTRPG
a 4d20 table for generating unusual jewels
A 4d20 table for generating tragic/cosmic/whimsical characters, inspired by Kate Bush
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A 4d20 table for creating big bads, looming antagonists, and god-entities that flout the laws of physics
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