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Games we made on Unplaytested!

a collection by FractalDragon · last updated 2023-11-10 03:06:39
Animorphs, the roleplaying game
Jacked Shirtless Animal Gods
Swordfish or Hackers style hacking based rpg that doesn't use a f***ing block tower
Everyone say the last video game you played. Combine them all into an RPG.
A game where you start at the end and then work backwards, scene-by-scene, to the beginning.
A Game in Which You Draw on Yourself, a Lot
Knife-based resolution mechanics. Make it work.
Home Alone the RPG
A game in the golden age of piracy, set on the heads of water-dwelling kaiju
NASCAR but with giant robots
Write a game in which the PCs are aliens in the process of invading (modern-day) Earth.
Write an RPG about what you think "Naruto" is probably like.