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Something lurks in the ruins of the cliffside fortress.
A catastrophic storm has taken its horrible toll.
Atop the windy mountain peak, the soldiers' quiet routine has been terminated forcefully.
If you look closely, you can see the portals leading to Azeroth.
This gloomy cave holds dark secrets.
The murderer is always the gardener.
Is it safe to take a refreshing bath in the swirling waters?
Your perilous ascent has brought you to a tranquil cave in the mountains.
Hectically running around and gathering supplies, soldiers are preparing for something big to happen
Venture out into the lizardfolk lair!
3 Complete taverns to pick up on rumors, start trouble and drink grog
3 Maps for the adventure The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
Sail to Firewatch Island and unveil its gruesome fate!
Explore the secrets of the mysterious pirate ship!
Dive into the sahuagin fortress to gather their secrets