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PUNKCAKE games! 🥞

Cute & Relaxing Mushroom Settler

A relaxing creative game where you care for your shroomies and make them a cozy little home in a big mushroom and take nice pictures!

Match-3 Trash Pile Defender

Defend your pile of trash in a match-3 game where every tile has its own rules!

Shoot-em-up with a tactical twist! 🛫

Make up your squads out of 9 unique ships and save 3 planets from hordes of robots in this colorful horizontal multi-ship shoot-em-up!

Radical 12-min roguelite action shooter

A radical roguelite top-down shooter where every run takes 12 minutes. No matter how many times you die, no matter how good or bad you are, the run ends only after the 720 seconds went out.

Roguelike Dungeon Builder and Defender

Dig out a proper dungeon, grow your little villainous society, set up defences against heroes, and survive long enough to retrieve the Orbs of Infinite Power.

Cellular Minesweeper Shooter 🔬

Develop the ultimate vaccine in Metavaxx, the world's first minesweeper shooter!

single-stick arena shooter on mankind's last hard drive

Shoot corrupting monsters and save mankind's last hard-drive in this tight single-stick laserbeam-em-up!