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Solo Games

a collection by battlepoet · last updated 2024-01-20 16:00:58
A lost adventure game from 1980
A sandbox adventure game in a harsh winterland with a pinch of fairy tale flavor
a solo LARP about a wizard shedding their skin and living their old life behind
A high-octane single page RPG in which you must save Jesus via black magic and punching
Kiss a beautiful orc boy while the world burns.
a one page solo game of avoiding work at the paranormal institute
An evocative coin-based solo journaling TTRPG about thoughts you have once you are dead
A solo journaling game about Medusa walking in her garden of statues.
A mech drawing RPG for one player
A solo ttrpg about map making and discovery
A Lost & Found game of anti-colonialism and historiography
Inspire a legend to save the world. A solo journaling/sketching RPG. Create your own Illuminated Manuscript!
a Lost & Found game about a Magical Teapot and its journey across the eras!
A solo game about running a tea shop on the border of the living and the dead.
A story-driven sci-fi platformer
A solo journaling game about wandering in the woods and finding a companion along the way.
a pilgrimage as the king is born
The faerie royal extends a proposal to you: come and stay at their faerie court and act the part of their consort.
A micro/trailer version of the DOOM PILGRIM board game
Document your hunt for evil... if it exists at all.
A solo journaling game of perseverance in the face of certain doom.
A solo playlist building game about being a lone voice in the dark.
A solo, woodland animal hexcrawl.
A solo-hexcrawl where you try and survive as a group of shipwrecked whalers. Based on historical events.
A quick solo rpg of scavenging for high scores!
Role Playing
A freaky dungeon crawler that fits in a wallet
Mountain adventure for one player / Górska przygoda dla jednej graczki
A solo soulslike TTRPG
Solo dice and card quest game over a cup of coffee.
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