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Crazy Chimp Collective Games

posted 2017-04-14T12:28:53 by Bizarre Monkey

The Game that started them all! This game is the defining staple of the Crazy Chimp Collective, filled to burst with absurd comical shenanigans, and hiding thinly a barrage of dark existential themes-- Intelligence is a Saturday morning cartoon transformed into a full blown RPG Epic.

posted 2017-04-15T18:42:24 by Bizarre Monkey

A primitive but functional shooter with secrets, crazy weapons, items and characters and two hectic bosses!

posted 2017-04-14T12:31:55 by Bizarre Monkey

The magnum opus of the Crazy Chimp Collective's team efforts, Menagerie is a sci-fi fantasy RPG about survival, invasion and four odd heroes whom together are coined the "Menagerie", they are destined to bring about the end of the Galaxion Empire's universal stranglehold, as foretells the buttseat of prophecy.

With eight hours of gameplay and another seven hours worth of optional content, Menagerie is the most ambitious and open-world game by the CCC thus far.

posted 2017-04-14T12:34:38 by Bizarre Monkey

While only a 15 minute to hour long Demo, Exile is polished and filled to the brim with charming characters, comical scenarios and many optional exploration ventures! Based on the adventures of the Galaxion Exile Lyza, the game is about making a place in a world that isn't your own, making a home where you are not among family.

posted 2017-06-17T19:51:17 by Bizarre Monkey

Perseverance Full Clearance is an intense action-combat parkour shooter with a top down view released in August 2017. It delves into the backstory of Pep Cookiedoe and his time as the Impetus of the Perseverance Union, as well as his childhood and the events which grew him into the deep charismatic and quirky character we know today.

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posted 2017-04-14T12:35:55 by Bizarre Monkey

Beginning and ending as a comical high school project, the game centres around King Richard's quest to bring his "charitable maiden" some Deathly Ichor for a feast, as the usual courier is bogged down, with only the MILDEST COLD one could imagine!

posted 2017-04-14T12:26:30 by Bizarre Monkey

An absurd, comical JRPG set in a world of perpetual moonlight. While it's only an hour-ish long demo now, updates may happen in the future!

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posted 2017-04-14T12:37:40 by Bizarre Monkey

A proof of concept project, mostly that RPG Maker MV isn't equipped to deliver an action RPG in browser html-5 format, but also that this story has no where to really go.

It was essentially just a show-off project for a contest that sadly, I couldn't compete in because of reasons.

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posted 2017-04-14T12:39:26 by Bizarre Monkey

A very silly project about me and my friends that I made as an earnest attempt for a contest. However due to time restraints I couldn't even make stakes or the first battle.

However it does provide some interesting insights to the Crazy Chimp Collective's elite members.

I MAY add onto it in the future.