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Jobs's Collection

a collection by Obiel · last updated 2018-05-05 08:06:26
Hard 2.0 the new harder
A game about numbers on floating islands.
A short comic about some friends, an unimportant story, and robots that look just like you.
A visual novel about a girl and an alien drinking tea and falling in love!
Visual Novel
A fantasy comic about a hero waking up after a deep slumber, a young villager, and a demon to kill.
A fantasy comic about a meeting, a stew, and a prophecy.
an alpha sapphire nuzlocke comic told thru post-it notes
A comic about a housewife, radio hosts, and killing monsters.
A comedic story about twitter, friendship, and drawing comics during alien invasions!
A slice-of-life comic about a ghost, a skeleton, and figuring out how to live when you're already dead.
A comic about video games, a princess in distress (of course), and game overs that happen over and over again.
Brute is a challenging arcade shooter with a vibrant, minimalist aesthetic.
Radiant Story is a 2D MMORPG Skill-Based
Role Playing
The game that breaks the 4th wall
A fantasy farming role playing game with visual novel elements.
Role Playing
Drive through levels that keep getting harder..
Relaxing Language Learning Hidden Object Game