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Scrap Wood - Small games

a collection by Kirk Lindsay · last updated 2023-11-10 02:52:47

Small games. A note: The name 'scrap wood,' in this case, refers to the stray ideas that these games spring to life from. I love these small games dearly, and I hope you enjoy them.

Added Jan 02, 2021 by Kirk Lindsay

Made over the course of a month and four days for the 2020 Secret Santa Jam. Sparked by the wish of my giftee Aarush. Help the sick yetis by blasting 'em with hot chocolate!

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Added Nov 17, 2019 by Kirk Lindsay

Made in 24 hours during the 'GMU Jamfest' event. The theme was 'Koalas." I wanted to make a koala fighting game, because fighting games are often thought as 'fast' games. Koalas are very slow animals, so I took this as an opportunity to create a 'slow' fighting game. Special hint: The 'eucalyptus blast' move is the key to getting big combos.

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Added Nov 01, 2019 by Kirk Lindsay

2019 web remaster of 'Femur Fever' (2016.) This game may seem quite frightful, but I think it is more 'treat' than 'trick.' I hope you enjoy this look into this digital interpretation of the sport famous among the skeleton folk.

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Added Mar 29, 2017 by Kirk Lindsay

2017 action game. It emerged over a week in January... Take control of an arrow shaped laser cannon and blast ethereal skulls to banish them. This game can be difficult to behold, so please be careful.