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Consent Games

Just in time for school: learn about consent!

Please share these games about consent with the students in your life.

These prosocial video games were intentionally designed to teach the meaning & importance of consent. All are free, contain no ads, and respect your privacy.

Appropriate for a variety of ages.

Some are appropriate for all ages, most for middle or high school students, and a few have content warnings.

All can be played in your web browser and most can be downloaded from an app store.

More information about consent and these consent games is available on our consent games blog.

About us

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. We believe in the power of games to engage, educate, and empower young people about important issues.

Since 2008 we have produced dozens of prosocial video games through our Gaming Against Violence program. Topics include consent, gaslighting, healthy relationships, media literacy, resilience, and teen dating violence prevention.

Our annual Life.Love Game Design Challenge has published games from developers in over 20 countries. Our program has been featured by Wired, The Hollywood Reporter, Kotaku, NPR, Austin-American Statesman, FastCo, Polygon, HuffPo, and more.

In Winter 2023 we will be publishing critical thinking games and the theme for 2024 will be connectedness games.

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Added Jun 18, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

ADRIFT is appropriate for all ages.

In ADRIFT the player controls a member of an interstellar salvage crew exploring an abandoned spaceship. The player is tasked with rescuing the ship's AI. They can succeed, but only if they follow the simple rules of consent.

FYI: ADRIFT was featured at the MOD. museum in Australia! A life-size version of the game was created for an exhibition called 'Hedonism'.

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Added Jun 18, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

How to Blorrble-Blobble is appropriate for middle school and up.

This upbeat game teaches about consent through the framework of learning about how to dance. Not all games about consent need to talk about sex and How to Blorrble-Blobble is proof of that!

FYI: This game was the basis for the game Rispek Danis, a game about consent developed for youth living in Vanuatu.

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Added Jun 18, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

Crossing Boundaries is appropriate for high school and up.

This fun travel game addresses consent in various ways -- including consent in situations not involving dating relationships. Crossing Boundaries follows the adventures of three students who have just graduated and are travelling around the world. As they travel, their adventures lead to many encounters involving consent and the variety of ways that it applies in everyday situations.

Crossing Boundaries also includes the in-game Snog a Frog where the player will play against the other characters to see who can win at this short, but fun mini-game!

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Added Jun 18, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

Rispek Danis (meaning "the Respect Dance" in English) is a game in Bislama developed for ni-Vanuatu youth. The game is culturally appropriate with characters, scenes, and dialogue reflecting life on Vanuatu. Rispek Danis was developed in collaboration with World Vision Vanuatu.

Rispek Danis was a 2019 Games for Change Awards finalist in the category of Most Significant Impact!

(This game is also available in English as 'The Respect Dance' but for those who speak Bislama this original version is much more authentic. The English version was only created to share with attendees at the 2019 Games for Change Festival.)

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Added Jun 18, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

This English-language game is based on Rispek Danis which is only available in Bislama.

This version was created to share with attendees at the 2019 Games for Change Festival where Rispek Danis was featured as a finalist for Most Significant Impact.

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Added Jun 18, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

Content Warning: Stuck in a Dark Place is not appropriate for all ages or all players. It includes some potentially upsetting scenes. The OPTIONS menu allows players to skip these scenes if they prefer. It is generally intended for mature high school students and up.

Stuck in a Dark Place covers many scenarios where consent applies. The game does so by following one person's story as they reflect on their past from a prison cell.

Stuck in a Dark Place also includes an Educator's Mode which allows teachers & students to begin the game at a specific chapter for classroom discussions. Note: *It is advised that the entire game first be played through from beginning to end in order to fully appreciate the context of the individual scenes.*

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Added Dec 31, 2021 by Jennifer Ann's Group

Content Warning: this game contains descriptions of sexual violence and mature language. It is generally appropriate for mature high school students and college students.

A Thousand Cuts is a provocative, well-written, texting game about finding justice on a college campus. The player advances the story by deciding how to respond to text messages. As they navigate through the story they find themselves also navigating the Title IX process and campus culture.

Writer and game designer Elizabeth Ballou has this to say about the game she created:

"'A Thousand Cuts' is a game about finding justice for on-campus sexual assault. When two students realize they've been assaulted by the same person, they connect over text messages. As Rosa, pick and choose your responses to a cast of characters who each play a role in holding Duane accountable - or not."