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My jam games - Prototypes

a collection by komehara · last updated 2024-03-02 18:58:15

Games I've developed for a jam, that are considered incomplete in features or content.

Follow a game programmer for one day at a AAA developer
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Turn-based battle with time powers
Role Playing

Made for Magical Girl Game Jam #6 (Aug-Sep 2022)

Scrolling shmup in a mech

Made for MechJam III (July 2022)

Novel writing simulator

Made for GGJ 2021

Forensic Reconstruction System
Play in browser

Made for Community Jam (May 2020)

Draft of terminal-based single-word text adventure about exploring memories
Interactive Fiction

Originally developed during commuting in public transports, but submitted for Fragment Jam (June 2019)

Shopkeeping simulator
Play in browser

Made for LD 44 (Apr 2019)

Revitalize a business with the nostalgia of classics, or the pursuit of modernity?
Visual Novel

Made for NaNoRenO 2018

Multiplayer rpg game in Lab Made at Scientific Gamejam CRI Paris 2017
Role Playing

Made for Scientific Gamejam CRI Paris 2017