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Things I've read

a collection by Xandra · last updated 2022-11-08 21:17:16
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Added 21 days ago by Xandra

If you REALLY use your imagination maybe you can jerk off to this

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Added May 25, 2022 by Xandra

It's their personal manifesto for wanting to create, but not wanting to work in a group. I respect their opinion and think that solo art should also be supported as group collaborations are, but I'm still a firm believer in what more can be done as a group than by oneself. Also Higurashi is bomb, and it's wild to think that one person wrote THAT much (considering they also wrote Umineko and the sequel)

Added May 06, 2022 by Xandra

I think the concept of old sex games are fascinating. This was a very interesting read because it was about something so specific. I like that the Mojon Twins have been making games in the spirit of 80's sex games, only obviously not being made in the 80's.

Added Jun 13, 2021 by Xandra

Short and cute, I didn't learn anything but I liked looking at it <3

Added Jun 13, 2021 by Xandra

I don't agree with the content very much, but it was a unique take for sure. It makes me wonder what separates queer and not-queer people. I subscribe to literally nothing except for the lived experiences, but this zine makes me think.

Added May 25, 2021 by Xandra

Adorable little story about turning into cats. The ending was cute, but like I got really frustrated with the main character insisting on being a cat. I know they were a cat and didn't quite understand what was happening, but it was stressful as someone who was reading it

Added May 16, 2021 by Xandra

a funny little read

Added May 13, 2021 by Xandra

The zine was cute, silly, and sexy. It was so fun to hear someone talk about how much they loved their sex lives, and the cards throughout the story were adorable. Bonus points for Carta being hot as hell :P

Added May 06, 2021 by Xandra

A cute little book about trans people turning into catgirls. It's shameless wish fulfillment but like I'm okay with that! :)