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a collection by Gila RPGs · last updated 2022-05-24 22:28:24
Futuristic Fantasy Roleplay, Illuminated by LUMEN
An action-exploration roadtrip RPG inspired by Metroid and Persona 5 Strikers. Illuminated by LUMEN.
Play fallen Gods striving to reclaim old powers, recraft mythic weapons, and strike back at the one who saw you undone.
Survive the Watcher's Game in this illuminated by LUMEN tabletop role-playing game
Waltz with Dracula
Nature's post-apocalyptic heroes battle scary faeries in a tactical, rules-light tabletop RPG.
Gunfucks mechanic to fight for your life.
low-tech + anti-capitalist + power fantasy; illuminated ttrpg
a genre-agnostic, tokusatsu, monster-hunting, LUMEN game
Bug knights fighting against the odds
TTRPG Starfighter pilot adventures illuminated by LUMEN
A funkilicious RPG of taggin' and tricks
The first season pass for APOCALYPSE FRAME. Explore a ruined world.
A Super Hero RPG Illuminated by Lumen
A Surreal Action Adventure RPG
Children of the Nanite
A High-Acton Zombie Splatter RPG, illuminated by Lumen
A rules-light, combat heavy TTRPG inspired by Tom Clancy's The Division.
Climb a fantastical tree in search of adventure and develop your powers the longer you stay climbing.
A tabletop RPG about unraveling mysteries in The Great Abyss.
A Role-Playing Game of Immortal Warriors
Light up the night, kill the dawn, become an IDOL
A card-based Fantasy TTRPG all about choosing your fate and deciding what heroism means to you.
A medieval action ttrpg about animalfolk warriors travelling to violent duels. Illuminated by LUMEN.
Real Revenue Release
A Skyward Role-Playing Game
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