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17T1 - Studio 2 - Art Game

a collection by Brendan Keogh · last updated 2017-05-26 05:09:17

Games made over a week by the Studio 2 Game Designer students at SAE Brisbane. Students visited an art gallery (GOMA) and then had to adapt an artwork into a videogame experience.

An experience inspired by the artwork of L.N. Tallur.
Inspired by Shane Cotton's "Red Shift"
A virtual interpretation of Sandra Selig's art piece, mid-air.
Explore a magic candy land and collect all the jelly beans along the way.
Explore three-dimensional virtual objects
A game where you rub grass.
A video game adaptation of Shane Cotton's piece Red Shift
procedurally-generated versions of Sandra Selig's 'mid-air'
Based off of Anthony McCall's 'Crossing', this game focuses on how human bodies are always in motion and change.
A short experimental artgame about exploring an Apocalyptic landscape .

One week project where students had to 'adapt' an art work found at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).